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Chapter 61- Kakkaiyya Rejects Swami’s Teachings as - Fake

Swami addressed Siddhaiyya as ‘son’ and asked, “Son! Have you understood the ‘Shat Chakra’ concepts completely? If not, you can express yourself without any hesitation; I will repeat it for you”.

Siddhaiyya said, “Swami! Yes, I could grasp it but not properly. I would be glad if you could kindly explain me again”. While Swami was repeating the important aspects ‘Kakkaiyya’ constantly started interrupting as follows.

Swami: In ‘Mooladhara Chakra’ which has 4 petals, Lord ‘Ganesha’ resides

Kakkaiyya: This is a baseless statement

Swami: In ‘Swadhisthana Chakra’ within the 6 petals Lord ‘Brahma’ resides

Kakkaiyya: This is even bigger lie

Swami: In ‘Manipooorakam’ at the center of the 10 petals ‘Lord Vishnu’ resides

Kakkaiyya: The truth in this statement is null and void

Swami: In ‘Anahata Chakram’ within the 12 petals Lord ‘Rudra’ resides

Kakkaiyya: Fake statement. Not even an iota of truth in it

Swami: In ‘Vishuddha Chakram’ ‘Jeevatma’ remains seated in the center of the 16 petals

Kakkaiyya: This is a cock and bull story. No Truth in that

Swami: In ‘Agneya Chakra’ between 2 petals the ‘Swayam Prakasha Eswara’ (Eshwara who shines by his own light) resides

Kakkaiyya: This is even bigger lie

Swami: In ‘Sahasrara Chakra’ ‘Sri Guru Murty Sada Shiva’ resides having an aura greater than the light of 10 billion suns together

Kakkaiyya: This is a straightforward lie. An absurd and baseless statement

Swami: Siddha! Did you understand this properly? Visualize those great Lords in the respective chakras and worship them with devotion

Kakkaiyya: He can worship only when those Lords reside there right? They never reside in human body. All these chakras and related theory is false and deceitful. When they can’t be seen in our Body how can he worship them? Useless teachings!

Swami was listening to all the negations what were coming from the other side of the wall. Swami thought, “Who is this person who is constantly cutting my words with negative remarks on my statements”.

Swami in a loud voice said, “Hey! Who are you? Who is there behind the wall? Why are you cutting my statements with negative remarks by hiding behind the wall? Who are you? Come and stand before me, and tell me the reason behind your unhappiness”.

Kakkaiyya came in front of Swami, with a sorrowful face saluted him and said, “Swami! I am the one who listened to all the teaching you gave to Siddhaiyya on ‘Shat Chakra’, believed your words as truth, and got deceived”. Saying those words he burst into tears and sat on the ground.

Swami asked him, “Son! What wrong did I teach which duped you? Please elaborate how did these teachings became the reason for your sorrow. And what is this blood in your hands?”

Kakkaiyya with tears in his eyes replied, “Swami! I considered you as the divine incarnation and hence believed each and every word of yours. Whatever facts you told to Siddhaiyya I wanted to see them practically but found all your statements to be untrue”.

Swami said, “Tell me quickly how you planned to see those facts practically?”

Kakkaiyya cried and replied, “With these blood stained hands of mine, I have vertically cut off my wife from belly to head in order to see the deities present in the ‘Shat Chakras’, but all your statements were found to be fake. Your teachings duped me. I killed my beloved loving and caring wife with my own hands. Whatever you taught to Siddhaiyya are also theoretical statements there is no truth in them”. Explaining the reason for his sorrow he fell on his knees and started lamenting.

Swami seeing his ‘Moodha Bhakti’ (devotion as it comes, without any second thought or without applying intelligence) thought in his mind, “Aha! He is a pure devotee. I should protect him right now and bring him out of all the sorrows” and said, “Son! Tell me fast, where did you kill your wife?”

Kakkaiyya, “I killed her in my own home. I considered you as a divine personality and since I am a common man who doesn’t know yogic methods to see the Gods in the body, I had no other option than to cut open her belly and see. But your fake teachings deceived me and I lost my dear wife”.

Swami said, “Kakka! If you are so keen to see the great Gods, take me to your home quickly. As per your own wish itself I will show all the deities in her body to you and also to Siddhaiyya. Come let’s go!”

Swami, Kakkaiyya and Siddhaiyya all three went together to the hut inside which Kakkaiyya’s wife was lying dead.


Kakkaiyya’s Bhakti (Devotion) is termed in Sanskrit as ‘Moodha Bhakti’ which means, a person who devotes himself towards God without applying his thought process at all. Such devotees remain cleansed at their heart and remain highly gullible by their nature. God usually answers to such clean hearted souls quickly.

We have a Puranic story of ‘Kannappa’ who was a hunter. He found a ‘Shiva linga’ (Emblem of Lord Shiva) in a forest, and saw that it had two eyes and one of them was dripping blood. He plucked his own eye and replaced the faulty eye of Lord Shiva. Then he found another eye dripping blood, he put his foot on that eye to have a perception of location, and plucked his own second eye and replaced Shiva’s second damaged eye. This made Shiva extremely pleased and that Lord gave him instant salvation. Shiva got moved by his devotion so much that he placed Kannappa’s idol on top of the hill and Shiva himself sat at the bottom implying that such pure devotees would be valued greater than his own status of Lordship.


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