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Chapter 62- Swami Gives Life to Kakkaiyya’s Wife

After reaching Kakaiyya’s house Sri Swami sat on a ‘Peetham’ and spoke to them, “Children! Whatever I’m going to tell and show you now is such a secret that even the ‘Indra’ and other Gods do not know how to realize these things/gain self realization”.

Swami started showing practically everything in the body of ‘Kakkaiyya’s’ wife and said, “See this ‘backbone’, which is spread from the Brain to the Anus, and is called the path to ‘Mukti’ (salvation). It has many names in spiritual words like, ‘Mukti Kanta’, ‘Meru’, and ‘Brahmadandi’”.
  1. Attaching itself to this backbone ‘Mooladhara’ chakra remains with ‘Red’ color
  2. White colored chakra representing ‘Jala Sthana’ is called ‘Svadhishthana’
  3. In blue color becoming the place of fire, stays the ‘Manipooraka’ chakra
  4. In ‘Yellow’ hue the ‘Anahata’ Chakram’ remains as the place of air (‘Vayu Sthana’)
  5. In ‘Jyoti Varnam’ (color of a flame) being the place of sky shines the ‘Vishuddha Chakra’
  6. ‘Agneya Chakra’ shines in the ‘Shuddha varnam’ (White or Crystal color) and remains as the place of ‘Anthahkaranam’ (conscience)
“Now I would show you the Lords who govern these chakras. See carefully!. Look carefully at the ‘Mooladhara’ and see the lord ‘Sri Vinayaka’ who is seated among the four petals of the chakra. See here, within the lotus chakra of 6 petals, how the lord ‘Brahma’ is shining. There you can see the ‘Manipooraka’ where within the 10 petals see how the lord ‘Vishnu’ is seated and shining blissfully. There is ‘Anahata’ chakra of 12 petals where you can see the brilliantly shining lord ‘Rudra’. See here is the ‘Visuddha’ chakra of 16 petals where the ‘Soul’ (Jeeva’) is shining. Look here, this is ‘Agneya’ chakra of 2petals where the lord ‘Eswara’ is seated blissfully. Finally, here you go with the ‘Sahasrara’ chakra; see the brilliance of this thousand petal chakra and observe the great lord, teacher of the universe ‘Sri Guru-Sadashiva’ who is shining with such brilliance as if it were the radiance of a billion suns”.

After seeing the great lords whom even great saints can’t see so easily even after performing penances for thousands of years; Siddhaiyya and Kakkaiyya became so much elated that they remained in bliss with eyes closed recollecting everything for a while, and again gained their senses back, opened their eyes, turned towards their Guru and expressed their gratitude saying, “Swami! Hey Sadguru! Due to your grace today we could get the divine glimpses of the great lords, due to your grace we could get the vision of the great lord ‘Sri Gurumurty Sadashiva’, we can’t express our thanks to you”. Saying those words then touched the feet of their Guru and offered their prostrations to Swami.

When they stood up, Swami said, “Children! You both are pious souls; that is the reason why you could see those divine and sacred lords”.

Kakkaiyya said to Swami, “Father! By showing the divine forms of these lords you have made both of us pious. But how can I forget how big sinner I am? I have done the heinous sin of killing a woman. I have killed this lady who was a devoted, chaste and loving wife of mine. I can’t escape from ‘Stree Hatya Maha Patakam (Sin of killing a woman)”. Having said those words Kakkaiyya expressed his grief of committing assassination and repented for his actions.
Swami said to Kakaiiya, “Son! You are a great devotee, you had a passion to see the Lords, you are a pure soul, you know nothing except devotion; hence, ‘Stree Hatya’ sin wouldn’t touch you. I will bring your wife back to life”.

Swami took some water from his ‘Kamandal’ (pot) and sprinkled over the dead body. Then he took some ‘Vibhuti’ (sacred ash) in his hands and sprinkled it over the body. But to Kakkaiyya’s astonishment his wife was still lying dead. He looked at Swami and prayed, “Swami! She hasn’t become alive. She is still dead”.

Swami said, “Wait for a moment Kakaiiya!” and then took a sheet of cloth and covered the lady and asked Kakkaiyya and others to come out of that room and wait for a while. They all waited for a moment when Kakaiyya’s wife got up and sat as if someone gets up from sleep and thought within herself, “How come I got into such a deep sleep?” and looked around. She got up and came out of the room and found 3 persons including her husband standing like the ‘Trimurtis’ (Trinity Gods). She found Swami standing and out of extreme devotion said, “Father! How fortunate we both are that you have stepped in our house. With the touch of your feet we and our entire dynasty have become purified of all sins”.

Swami smiled and replied, “Mother! You are a chaste and pious lady with all good qualities. You are sinless and full of virtues that’s why you could be brought back to life again. Now, no worries, you and KakKaiyya would lead a happy life”.

Swami blessed her and turned towards Kakaiyya and said, “Kakka! You are a great devotee, you should come regularly to my place, get all your spiritual doubts clarified and lead a great life attaching yourself to the divine. Now get inside your home. “

After that Swami and Siddhaiyya left for their Mutt. Kakkaiyya and his wife thereafter started living a happy life by becoming the devotees of Swami and shared a blissful life that day onwards.


Visualizing the ruling deities of the chakras is only possible through the Yogic eye in meditation. Physically if a doctor cuts and opens a patient’s body to do research on Chakras he wouldn’t find anything. Here because Kakkaiyya was a pious and gullible human having a cleansed heart, Swami shows him the presence of Gods to his naked eye itself. It was possible only because Swami wasn’t an ordinary human, and Kakaiyya’s ‘Moodha Bhakti’ demanded such high results.

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