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Chapter 63- Swami Drinks Hot Molten Iron

Sri Swami decided to visit ‘Nandyala’ village and its nearby places and set himself for that journey taking his disciples along with him. On the way they decide to stay in ‘Diguvametta’ village to take rest.

When they reached that place, Swami’s disciples started looking for food arrangements but Swami felt thirsty. In order to quench his thirst Swami started looking for water when he found a blacksmith of ‘Viswa Brahmin’ caste working in front of his house. Swami requested him to give some water to drink when the ‘Viswa Brahmin’ who was melting the iron in the furnace replied in a haughty way, “There is no one inside to give you water, go there, see, there is a well, you can drink water and quench your thirst”.

To that arrogant reply, Siddhaiyya interfered and said, “Sir! In this entire village, you are the only person from ‘Viswa Bharmin’ caste. Aren’t you aware of the fact that your caste people wouldn’t drink others’ water? Hardly it would take a minute to get water from inside, how much of work can you complete within that time? Kindly get some water for my Swami and then you can proceed with your work”.

That ‘Viswa Brahmin’ with a sense of disgust said, “I don’t know where from these people crash at my house. For such nomads who do not have their own house, who live like parasites on us, I am fed up of feeding them with food and water. In this entire village only my house is visible to you all, for quenching your thirst? I’m tired of accepting your requests”.

Saying such words in anger he stood up, took a pliers kind of equipment and with its help held a metal container firmly. He dipped that metal vessel in the molten Iron and brought that vessel with the boiling liquid iron outside the furnace and spoke to Swami sarcastically, “Sir! You look like some divine personality. You kind of Swamis always preach saying that you are impartial, see no difference between things, and you consider all the things of this world as the form of the Supreme God. Am I correct? In that case you should not see any difference between this liquid and water. Consider this as the form of the Lord and quench your thirst with this”.

With an arrogant tone full of anger and sarcasm he lifted the container in the air with the help of pliers to hand it over to Swami.
Swami said, “Hey fool! What is this arrogance all about? In this entire world is there anyone who gives molten hot iron to someone for quenching his thirst? Anyway, I will drink it as per your desire”.

Swami took that hot container in his open hands and held it firmly. Lifted it in the air and tilted it. To everyone’s surprise Swami drank that boiling liquid Iron as like as someone drinks water. Swami emptied the container but still his thrist was not quenched.
Swami said in a loud voice, “My thirst is not yet quenched, give me some more molten iron to drink if you have”.

Seeing this unnatural miracle, that ‘Viswa Brahmin’ lost his senses, and started shivering with fear. He came running with folded hands to Swami and fell on Swami’s feet. For a while words didn’t come from his mouth and his body got drenched with sweat. Slowly he gained some courage and spoke, “Swami! I have offended you. Just out of my pride I tried to mock at you and asked you whether you would drink that boiled liquid iron. I didn’t have even the slightest clue that you would really do that. But you drank it as like as someone drinks water. Sire! Hey great lord! I’m a disgusting person, I’m a sinner. Since I’m very greedy and selfish, I did this kind of sin. Otherwise I wouldn’t have behaved like this. Swami! Kindly forgive my sin with your fatherly love.” Speaking such words he held Swami’s feet firmly and started shivering.
Swami with a serene face said, “Son! You have done no offense to me. People, who realize me, become my favorite. Don’t be afraid of any danger from me. Get up, Son!”

Swami’s words of compassion soothed him and erased his fear of retribution. He requested, “Father! I request you to stay in my house this night and kindly be pleased to have dinner tonight at this poor man’s house”.

Swami accepted his request with all his magnanimity and asked Siddhaiyya to go and call back all the disciples to that ‘Viswa Brahmin’s’ house. That night Swami and team prepared food in that blacksmith’s house offered by him. Swami preached some thoughts of wisedom to that ‘Viswa Brahmin’ and everyone slept there that night.

The next day Swami and his disciples got up early, and moved on. They reached ‘Mahanandi’ village, bathed in the sacred temple pond’s water, worshipped lord ‘Mahanandeeshwara’ and slept that night in that village.

Again the next day all of them set themselves towards ‘Nandyala’ village.


Drinking hot liquid iron can only be done by a divine personality. This saint ‘Veerabrahmendra’ sets examples of his divinity in many places indirectly telling that he’s the precursor of Kalki. He announces formally in the later chapters revealing details about his next arrival as Kalki.

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