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Chapter 64- Smiths of Nandyala Village Insult Swami

In ‘Nandyala’ village, ‘Panchananam’ people who were a sect of ‘Viswabrahmins’ used to live. Due to excessive wealth and position they were blindfolded by ego, pride and arrogance. Their lifestyle was filled with so much of egoism that they used to criticize every saint who passed by their village. In such a village, ‘Veera Brahmendra Swami’ and his team happened to passed by.
The ‘Panchananam’ people didn’t care to look after these guests. They didn’t provide food to Swami’s team at proper time and also didn’t speak to them. Those ‘Panchananam’ people considered Swami and his disciples as fake saints who wander every village just for filling their belly. None of them went near Swami and team for discussing spiritual topics and they kept insulting Swami and his disciples.

But some good hearted people of that village came forward and arranged food and shelter for Swami and his disciples. They also came near Swami and took his blessings. But even after seeing these good people’s hospitality those ‘Panchananam’ people cared a straw for them.

Swami understood their motives and he himself went near that group where ‘Panchananam’ people were flocked together and said, “Children! What wrong did I do with you that you people seem to be angry with me? Even if you didn’t come to see me then also In order to fulfill my belly’s appetite I have come near you. We are poor saints who wander here and there for food, whereas you all are rich and your houses are abundant with wealth, food, and cattle. You are an ocean and i'm just a small fry. Why to hunt a rabbit with a Brahma weapon? Is it justified for you kind of rich people to get angry on my kind of poor saint?”

Those ‘Panchananam’ people looked at each other and with a sarcastic smile one of them spoke saying, “Sir! There is a true saying which suits you which is, ‘Udara Poshanardham Bahukruta Veshaha’ (man plays many acts only for the sake of stomach). You all left your traditional work and considered begging as the best and easiest job to earn food with little efforts. Instead, had you been following your traditional job like us, by this time you would also have become rich like us”. Thus spoke that man throwing insulting remarks of sarcasm without any hesitation.

Swami replied, “Children! We are very poor people who do not have proper food to eat, proper clothes to cover our bodies. We keep wandering in every village in the form of saints just to fill our stomach. But you people are very rich, with all kinds of wealth in enormous proportion in your homes. You are very learned people who have no match. We don’t see any other who can satisfy our hunger. We have seen many villages but nowhere could we see any person as wealthy as you.” Swami praised them to the skies and then one of them spoke sarcastically, “Swami! You all seem to be very hungry. Tell me how much of food should we prepare for satisfying your hunger?”

Swami replied, “Son! As much as you all can. We all are so hungry that whatever quantity of food you prepare we would happily eat that. Here many people offered food to us but our hunger is in such a high proportion that their offerings couldn’t satisfy our belly”.
They smiled looking at each other and said, “Alright! Seeing your hunger, you seem like you can eat one quintal rice, isn’t it?”

Swami replied, “Son! Whatever amount of food you can prepare please do so, we are too hungry to measure and eat. We would eat everything without leaving traces of even a single morsel”.
They went away and cooked 100 Kilograms (1 quintal) of rice, related curries and other food stuff. Then they came near Swami and said, “Swami! Everything is ready. You all are very hungry hence we regret the delay caused during cooking. Please come and eat whatever we cooked for you people.”

Swami called his disciples and all went near the place where one quintal cooked rice was kept as a heap. It looked like a mini hill. Swami and his disciples sat near the food hill, and Swami called Siddhaiyya to come and sit near him.

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