Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 65- Siddhaiyya Eats One Quintal of Rice at Once

Swami asked Siddhaiyya, “Siddha! Can you eat this entire heap of rice in no time?”
Siddhaiyya replied, “Swami! If your grace remains on me, would this heap be sufficient for me? But as per your instruction, I will eat this within a minute”. Swami made him seated in front of the heap and asked him to proceed. Siddhaiyya touched Swami’s feet and said, “Gurudeva! Have you blessed me? Shall I start?”

Swami smiled and placed his palm on his head and then Swami took handful of rice from the heap and said, “Go ahead! What is the delay for?”

With Swami’s instruction Siddhaiyya consumed that mini hill of rice within a minute’s time and started roaring”Haa! Haa! Give me more food” like a hungry lion. His eyes were red and he was so hungry that given a chance he would eat the entire village.

‘Panchananam’ people started shivering with fear and realized their mistake. They talked with each other, “We have become blind with the power of wealth hence couldn’t recognize the divinity and greatness of this saint. We have done a great sin by offending Swami. What should we do now?”

One person who was little wiser compared to others advised them saying, “We can’t do anything now. We have only one option left now. Accept our mistake and take refuge of the Swami by falling on his feet”. Everyone followed his advice and all of them came running towards Swami and fell on his feet all at once crying, “Protect us! O Swami! Protect us!”

Swami smiled and said, “Children! Get up! See my disciple ‘Siddhaiyya’ is still hungry. See how he has made his eyes red with anger and he is looking at me and you all as if would swallow us up if food is not provided. You all are wealthy. Please go and get more food prepared this time and satisfy the hunger of this poor lad. Why are you all displaying a blank expression as if you all are poor like us?”

To Swami’s words those ‘Panchananam’ people didn’t have any answer and they pleaded, “Gurusarvabhouma! Hey Sad Guru! We all are like your children. We have done not even a single good dead to you. All the time we offended you with our sarcasm. Now we have no other refuge other than you. It’s your wish now whether you would protect us with your father like affection or take revenge for our mistakes you decide, we have no other escape, we surrender ourselves to you”. That way with immense repentance they pleaded Swami. Swami who was extremely compassionate to the people who leave their ego and surrender themselves accepting their faults, went near Siddhaiyya and whatever fistful rice he had taken with him from the heap before Siddhaiyya started eating; that rice he put in the mouth of Siddhaiyya. As soon as Siddhaiyya swallowed that fistful rice from Swami’s hands; his hunger became satisfied and he became normal as usual.

After seeing the miracle by Swami, those ‘Panchananam’ people prayed to Swami and said, “Swami! Please consider us as your own children and kindly preach us the way to reach salvation”.

To their request Swami gave his consent and gave them ‘Brahmopadesam’. The next morning Swami called up all those ‘Panchananam’ people to preach them ‘Tattvopadesam’.


Siddhaiyya sometimes reminds me of Lord Hanuman who always exhibited extraordinary feats but always attributed the credits to his Lord Rama. The same way Siddhaiyya being an ideal disciple exhibited uncanny feats but always offered the credits at the feet of his Guru. That’s how a human should be. Humble nature and humility makes a human always on the path of Dharma. People who become egoistic with self praise and high opinion about self, they usually fall to the ground. Siddhaiyya’s life remains a role model for us following him we can rise to glory and simultaneously remain on the path of Dharma.

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