Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 66- Tattvopadesam to Panchananam People

Swami addressed the ‘Panchananam’ people as children and said, “Dear children! One of you who is wise, come and sit near me. I’ll ask that person few questions and he should give his answer”.

One of them who were comparatively wiser than others approached Swami and sat near him. Swami started the following conversation in the form of question and answer. Q: “Son! Whose clothes are these which you are wearing?” A: “It is mine”. Q: “Then my son, are you and this cloth not different?” A: “Yes we are two different things”. Q: “Then is it not that your body is also separate?” A: “Yes!” Q: “Then these ‘Karmendrias’(organs of actions) and ‘Gyandendriyas’ (sense organs) belong to whom?” A: “They are mine.” Q: “How do you know that these organs belong to you?” A: “I know it by my mind.” Q: “Then how do you come to know that the mind is ‘Chanchal’ instable?” A: “There is something called as ‘wisdom’ which rules over the mind, body and all organs. That tells me about the nature of our mind and body.” Q: “That’s correct! But how do you know that your wisdom tells about your mind?”A: “There is another thing called as ‘Atma (Soul)’ which is me and I rule over the wisdom.” Q: “Then how do you know that you are a soul?” A: “Since soul is ‘Swayamprakasham’ (shines with its own light, implies depends on none) there is nothing above me (soul), hence I can understand about the soul”. Q: “Then till now you were talking about two things ‘this is mine’, ‘that is mine’. And now you have come with the right conclusion that you are the only one who exists everywhere as a self sustaining, self illuminating soul. Now whatever you said is it not the true form of yourself?” A: “Yes, Sir! I’m self illuminating, the witnesser. There is no doubt in this.”

Swami got satisfied after extracting the truth from his own mouth through his questionnaire and said, “Son! This universe is illusion and soul is the supreme ‘Brahman’. This truth had been propounded and preached by ‘Sri Adi Shankaracharya Swami’ to his disciples. Hence you all should always remember the statement ‘Jagammidhya Brahmam Satyam’ and always remain immersed in ‘Atmananda’ (bliss of soul).”

Then Swami preached them some more secrets of realizing the soul and made them happy.


It pains me when I think about the world where we stand today. Such great Yogis are rare today. We find hundreds of Gurus nowadays, but hardly there is anyone who is truly self-realized one.

Every saffron cloth wearer who has a white long beard isn’t a true Guru. Unfortunately today in India many gullible men and women are falling prey to false Gurus and are becoming victimized in many ways.

Thanks to God that at least we have stories of the great saints in the form of Books, biographies, CDs, Films, and Videos through which we can influence ourselves and set our spiritual journey under their guidance instead of knocking at the door of a trecherous Guru of today’s world.

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