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Chapter 68- Panchakrutyam – The Five Celestial Tasks

Swami said, “Children! The ‘Pancha Krutyams’ happens at various levels, viz., at the Macrocosm level and also at the Microcosm level. At cosmic range these Krutyams are done by that lord Sada Shiva through his forms at an astronomical scale. That lord himself creates universes like "Bhu", "Bhuvar', "Suvar" kind of upper Lokas (abodes), hence this Srushti (creation) is called as "Rudra Srushti" or "Eswara Srushti" in scriptures. After creating the upper abodes he creates life in them through his form of ‘Brahma’. After creation is done, he protects and maintains the balance of the universe through his Vishnu form. Once he feels that universe has got dilapidated and time for recreation has arisen; that time is called as the time for universal destruction (Maha Pralaya), that auspicious lord Sadashiva manifests himself into a terrible form called as "Rudra" (also called as Maha Rudra). This lord accompanied with the 'Ekadasha Rudras' (eleven Rudras), start the process of dissolution. First the universe is incinerated into ashes by his terrible “Samvartaka” fire also known as “Pralayahuti”. Then water element crosses all its limits and covers the earth element completely. Then this water element is also swallowed up by that Yuga fire. Subsequently the element Air (of tremendous energy) puts off the fire and then when this task of unveiling is completed, and ether element gulps the Air element. Then the lord Sadashiva withdraws the ether, time, Vidya, Avidya, Chetana, Existence and Non-Existence everything into himself and finally that Supreme Para Brahman (Para Shiva) alone stays. He is not ephemeral. He is ever lasting, indestructible Parameshwara! Children! Again at the Kalpa time he recreates the universes and maintains. This is Pancha Krutyam at astronomical level in brief.

He withdraws the universe to himself in his night. Again at the time of regeneration (beginning of Maha Kalpa / Daytime), he recreates them and this process continues. This process is at Cosmo level.

(Readers please note that, Modern Space theories do suggest the possible ending of the physical universe through the expansion of a gigantic black hole after some billions of years consuming the matter from endless galaxies. Perhaps “Sada Shiva” would be the black hole performing this task).

"However, let me explain how he does the five tasks called as ‘Pancha krutyam’ at the micro levels”.

Srishti Krutyam (Task of Creation):-

Swami said, “Children! Due to ‘Bhoosaara Bhootaswabhavam’ (earthly essence and nature) ‘Devatas’ (Gods), humans, birds, insects, animals, and all creatures were born from materials ‘Pancha Bhutas’ and ‘Sapta Dhatu’ (seven kinds of metals). They were segregated as ‘Stree’ and ‘Purusha’ ‘Jaatis’ (male and female categories).

As a banyan tree grows out from a small seed, similarly all those creatures were born from them. In this manner whatever was generated is ‘Prudhvi krutam’ kind of ‘Srushti’. The ‘Brahmam’ who generated (created) the universe is ‘Brahma’. He taught chanting of ‘Rigveda’ and ‘Upasana’ methods in ‘Rigvedic’ manner using triangular ‘Homagundam’ (‘Havankund’, a small pit used for sacrificial fire ‘Yagnya’).

This creation (‘Srushti’) gave him the name ‘Srushti Karta’ (Creator) and is called as ‘Brahma Srushti’. This ‘Brahma Srushti’ is further enhanced by Lord Brahma who is also called ‘Hiranyagarbha’. He created ‘Prajapatis’, sages, ‘Sanat Kumaras’ etc. many divine beings. From the Prajapatis further generations started which multiples as flora and fauna and filled the universe with life”.

Sthiti krutyam (task of Preservation):-

Swami said, “Now I’ll explain the second ‘Krutyam’ (task), which is called ‘Sthiti Krutyam’ (task of preservation). Listen! This ‘Sthiti krutyam’ is of the form of water (‘Jalaansham=Jala + Ansham’). This ‘Sthiti’ maintains the balance of the ‘Prudhvi Krutyam’ by surrounding it from all around. In this process of ‘Sthiti’ one of the tasks is to generate passion (‘Kamam’) in the life originated out of ‘Prudhvi Krutyam’ and protect them. Due to the passion, living beings multiple themselves and the life continues. In this way ‘Stithi’ (maintenance) of life happens which supports the task of creation further.This is called as ‘Apovaivishnu’ and this task is executed and maintained by ‘Vishnu’.

He taught us the ‘Yajur Veda’ chanting; it’s rituals in the ‘Yajur Vedic’ manner using quadrangular ‘Homagundam’ (for sacrificial fire). This entire creation is known by the name of ‘Sthira Karta’ (preserver / maintainer) ‘as ‘Vishnu Srushti’.

For the protection aspect, this Vishnu also facilitates the sustenance of all lives by blessing with life sustaining materials like food, water and materials for shelter. When a new mother cow delivers a calf, without someone telling, how does the calf makes hey way towards the udder of the mother and suckles? Who tells the calf that there is food for her? That’s divine intervention! That’s called as “Sthiti” (preservation of life), and that’s the beauty of Vishnu’s protection at Micro level.

Whenever imbalance happens in nature, he comes to the rescue in his true form or by the means of incarnations and uplifts the righteousness to stabilize the balance of the universe. This mode of protection of all lives is ‘Vishnu Krutyam’ as testified by ‘Yajurveda’ and ‘Vishnu’ is the presiding deity for this task”.

Samhara krutyam (task of Destruction):-

“Now I’ll explain the ‘Samhara krutyam’, listen! This third aspect or task is called ‘Samhara krutyam’ (task of Destruction). This ‘krutyam’ (task) is of ‘Tejomayansham=Tejam + mayam + Ansham’, means; it is of the form of Fire. This ‘tejonsham’ prevents ‘Jalansha Krutyam’ from exceeding its limits and whatever life is created as a part of ‘Prudhvi krutyam’, to take them towards death at the end of their life span, is called ‘Samhara Krutyam’.

If this ‘Samhara krutyam’ is absent then there would be total havoc due to over-production of lives because the previous two tasks support and maintain creation. Hence ‘Rudra’ gives pleasures and pains based on the Karmas of the living beings. The presiding deity for this is ‘Rudra’. This job is also called as ‘Tamasa Srushti’. This Lord created the rituals of ‘Atharva Veda Parayanam’ taught the methods of ‘Upasanam’ using a ‘Vartulakara Homagundam’; This ‘Srushti’ is also sometimes called as ‘Rudra Srushti’.

Rudra is not the “Destroyer” as the common belief goes. He should be known as “re-Creator”. One who takes the creatures towards newer life by removing them out of their old and painful bodies by freeing them from all agonies! When people grow old, when they suffer from diseases, when their sight becomes poor, sense of hearing becomes weak, when their body becomes weak and susceptible to all kinds of diseases easily, when they await for death desperately; who gives solace to such souls? Who takes them out of that rotten body and gives a new body? It’s Rudra who does "destruction" for the sake of "recreation".

Rudra is the deity who also preside the ‘Yagnya Shala’ (rooms where ‘Yagnya’ are performed), ‘Paaka Shala’ (Kitchen) and ‘Devalayam’ (Temples). This Rudra is the ‘Karta’ (doer) of this ‘Samhara Krutyam’.”

Tirodhana krutyam (task of Obscuration):-

“Fourth task is known as ‘Tirodhaana Krutyam’ which I’ll explain now. This ‘Tirodhaana Krutyam’ is ‘Vayu Ansham’, means it is of the form of air. This ‘Vayuansham’ pervades everywhere and prevents the ‘tejonsham’ from exceeding its defined limits, in the universe or in the living beings which originated from ‘Prudhvi Tatwam’.

Here the primary deity is again the Lord ‘Virat Sada Shiva’ by the name ‘Maheshwara’, who blankets the universe and humans under his Maya (Illusion). This hiding/veiling/curtaining/obscuring is called as ‘Tirodhana’. This is basically a ‘Testing’ phase for the creatures where they have to show their desire for liberation instead of material wants. In this stage of obscuration called ‘Tirodhana’ under the Maya, humans usually forget their primary objective of attaining salvation. However, only when people try to overcome their bad qualities for devotion or self realization, then the phenomenon which the Lord uses to increase their ‘Tattwa and Satva Guna’ (good qualities) and takes them towards the unveiling stage (which gives them liberation) is the next stage, ‘Anugraham (Grace)’.

For the protection and betterment of human beings in order to facilitate them towards the path to ‘Moksha’ (liberation), this lord created, 66 idols, established 6 cults, (‘Shanmata Sthapanam’), Preached the recital of ‘Sama Veda’ and usage of ‘Panchakona Homagundam’ for Homams (sacrificial fire), taught the rituals of ‘Aagama’, ‘Baaja’, ‘Aavahana’, ‘Japa’, ‘Aahuti’, ‘Anusthanam’ etc ‘Ashtadasa Kriyam’ (18 tasks), ‘Shodasa Kala Nyasa’, and revealed methods of doing ‘Asthanga Yoga’ to facilitate the humans towards Salvation.

This ‘Maheshwara’ is the presiding deity of ‘Tirodhana Krutyam’. However, only few people try to overcome his Maya to gain his Grace (Anugraham)”.

Anugraha krutyam (Task of bestowing Grace and Salvation):-

“Children! The fifth task is ‘Anugraha Krutyam’ which I’ll explain now. This ‘Krutyam’ (job) is of ‘Akashansham’ (of the form of ether/sky). This ‘krutyam’ derives the light from the ‘Pranavam’ (Omkar) of ‘Virat Vishwakarma Sadashiva’) and prevents the ‘Vayuansham’ from exceeding its defined boundaries by covering it from all over.

When the ‘Satva Gunam’ of living beings which is gifted by ‘Vayuansham’ becomes prominent and the humans dedicate them to the divinity by all means, they are un-curtained; means they are blessed with knowledge of the divine or devotion for the divinity. With this gift of the God, people engage themselves in the path of ‘Dharma’ (righteousness) and constantly strive to achieve the lotus feet of the God. This desire of liberation when sprouts in the hearts of the creatures, they are unveiled and are given ‘Moksham’ (liberation) by merging of Jiva with the Supreme Para Brahma (Shiva).

This liberation called ‘Anugraham’ (Grace) is given by the Lord ‘SadaShiva’. This lord Shiva is the God who gives liberation”.

“These are the five types of jobs “Pancha Krutyam”) which create (Srushti), protect (Sthiti), dissolve (Samhaara), veil (Tirodhana), and liberate (Anugraha)".

"Yajurveda tells us that there are no other types of creation and jobs apart from these five types which we discussed. “

Swami continued further, “This ‘Panchamukhi’ (of five faces) lord Sada Shiva is the essence of Vedas. But neither Vedas, nor the ‘Brahmas’ (lords) who emerged from him can ever fully describe or understand him. This ‘Virat Sadashiva’ can only be perceived within one’s heart (for devotees) as well as in the Sahasrara Chakra (for realized souls) where he sits in every living being”.

“People who pray to him using his ‘Panchakshari Mahamantram’, ‘ Namah Shivaya’ get the grace of that great lord and get liberated. Through these five tasks and through his forms Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, and he himself as Maheshwara and Sadashiva; he rules over the ‘Chaturdasha Bhuvanam’ (Fourteen worlds)”.

Creation of Panchangam:-

When Swami stopped one of the members from the audience asked, “Swami! What is ‘Panchangam’? Who was the first creator of that? Please explain!”

Swami replied, “Children! Listen! ‘Tithi’ (date), ‘Vaara’ (day), ‘Nakshatra’ (star), ‘Yoga’ and ‘Karanam’’ are the five things together called as ‘Panchangam’. Vedas say that:

‘Tithi’ (dates) were created by ‘Rudra’, ‘Vaaram’ (days) were created by ‘Vishnu’, ‘Nakshatram’ (stars) were created by ‘Brahma’, ‘Yogam’ was created by ‘Maheshwara’, and ‘Karanam’ was created by ‘Sada Shiva”.

Swami continued, “These lords created these five ‘Angas’ (parts) which they put together as “Panchangam’. These lords are the presiding deities for the respective portions what they created”.

Swami’s words and explanation filled everyone’s heart with happiness and started singing the glories of Swami in various ways. They all touched Swami’s feet and took his blessings, gave Swami ‘Dakshina’ (remuneration) as per their capabilities, and got spiritual suggestions for their lives and remained happily thereafter.


Lord Brahma is such an unparalleled artist, architect, and scientist that the entire world is filled with his beautiful creations. The beauty of Brahma's creation is such that every fetus gets the shape and inherits qualities right within the womb. When the infant is born, we find him/her resembling the parents. Isn't that a great artist who does all these?

No two human beings on this earth can ever have identical finger prints. How is it possible? There are trillions / Quadrillions of humans around the world, but still no two fingerprints (of two people, even if they are biological brothers and identical twins) are ever seen matching. This beauty of that great artist (Brahma) is utilized by modern security experts to design devices which read/scan finger prints, for security and accessibility purposes. The same is the case with Retina related biometrics. This science is called as Biometrics and is the modern technology for preventing the humans from identity theft, and secure password access to mission critical areas.

How great that divine artist / architect is; who stands above all the earthly geniuses! But unfortunately we don't see any Hindu scripture / human praying, praising, remembering or being thankful to this great Lord

How beautifully Lord Vishnu protects us, is already depicted in the example given by Swami. He teaches us the path of righteousness by incarnating as Sri Rama, and preaches us the divine knowledge as Geeta in the form of Sri Krishna; he protects us in every age whenever there is increase in atrocities on the righteous people by directly descending down on Earth as an incarnation.

This way that great Lord Vishnu who is our father, gives us a chance to see him, touch him, play with him, listen to him, hug him, through his various incarnations. Otherwise who on this earth can ever touch that Narayana who is of the form of the universe? Who can see him completely? Who can touch him, or hug him or play with him in his true form which is so vast that it pervades entire universe? Through his consorts Lakshmi and Bhudevi he sustains and nourishes us. What a compassionate father he is for all of us!

Rudra's beautiful way of tasks execution has already been discussed by Swami. He is the 'Kala'. Such a great Lord is always an object of our adoration!

It is that Maheshwara who is the Tatpurusha, the Supreme Brahman's perceivable form. It is under his Maya (Illusion) every living being remains blanketed. Shiva Geeta tells us that it is Shiva's Maya under which entire cosmos, every God, and all creatures function and only through his grace the deserving candidates get the realization of the Para Brahma. This Maheshwara unveils his Maya from our sight when we strive hard towards attaining him. Once unveiled we experience the divine bliss of that super conciousness which is indescribable

Finally that Supreme Lord, who is the original cause of all causes, "Para Shiva" (Sadashiva) delivers us from all the illusions and bestows liberation which is a state that once attained, makes us eternally blissful and frees us from the cycle of births and deaths

Adi Shankara in his poem 'Shivananda Lahari' writes about the Supreme Lord as:-

किं ब्रूमस्थ्व साहसं पशुपते कस्यस्थि शब्भो भव-

धैर्ये चेदस–मथ्मन स्तिथि–रियं चान्यै कदाहं लभ्यते

ब्रस्यद्देव गणं त्रासन मुनि गणं नश्यत प्रपञ्चं लयं

पश्यन निर्भया एक एव विहरथ्यनन्द संध्रो भवन

(P. R. Ramachander tranalsated it as: -Who can ever estimate thine valour, Pasupathe? Who has the courage that you have, Oh Shambhu? How can any one else attain thine state of mind? While all devas loose their stability, While all the crowd of sages tremble, When the world is destroyed. At the end of all-the great deluge, You in solitude, fearlessly carry on thine play, In intense rapture and pleasure.)

Mahabharata’s Anusasana Parva confirms that this lord Sadashiva who alone stays after the great deluge as changeless Supreme Para-Brahman for thousands of years. Again before the time of recreation Sadashiva becomes the "Cause", and Narayana becomes the "Effect" of it. As an effect, first Sadashiva manifests himself as a small child sleeping on a banyan tree leaf (Vata Patra Shayi). He is Narayana. As Swami revealed the secrets of Para Shiva's manifestations in the previous chapter, we should understand that the Narayana who sleeps as a small infant on the Banyan Tree leaf after deluge just before the start of new creation, is none other than the manifestation of lord Sadashiva himself. That Sadashiva is himself the "Kaala (Rudra)" who gulps everything into his stomach and then appears as a baby by the name Narayana where from he recreates the universes again through Brahma and as Narayana sustains them. And again when the time of dissolution comes, Sadashiva manifests himself as Rudra and annihilates everything. And this process continues for ever!

In the Shat Chakra Yoga and self realization topic also we can see these five tasks happening. Mooladhara is the initiation (hence Ganapati is the presiding deity), when the Kundalini energizes Swadhishthana chakra, it makes the sexual health and life great and gives related benefits. Hence it supports in "Creation" (Srushti) of good quality progeny, hence the presiding deity of this chakra is "Brahma".

In Manipooraka the Lord of maintenance Vishnu resides and this chakra when starts functioning fully, it maintains all digestive and intestinal health preserving the body by maintaining a good health. Hence this represents the task of "Preservation / Maintenance". Then we have the "Anahata" chakra which is seated right at the place of our heart. The presiding deity being "Rudra", when this chakra gets initiated it destroys all evils from our "self" along with fear and makes the person fearless, compassionate for all the fellow beings. Thereby he attains godly nature within the same human body after getting the vices destroyed. This is the task of Destruction within our own self.

When the Kundalini awakens the "Vishuddha" chakra, the Yogi becomes a great Orator and his speech becomes divine which not only helps him towards speaking good and pious words of wisdom, but also motivates others. This takes him towards the eligibility for unveiling himself from Maya. In the Agyan chakra Lord "Maheshwara" remains seated, and reveals the true form of the "Self" to the Yogi.

With this divine knowledge his illusion gets broken into Pieces, and he becomes all eligible for the "Grace". Finally when Kundali pierces the "Sahasrara Chakra" it gives the Yogi with the divine vision of the Supreme Lord "Sadashiva" and the Yogi attains that Lord and gets liberated from all the cycle of births and rebirths. So, essentially the "Pancha Krutyams" happen in our own body as well.

By this analysis we have seen that ‘Panchakrutyam’ (five tasks) are done in various levels and it is an ongoing process.

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