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Chapter 7- Atri’s Yogic Vision Reveals a Secret

Sage Atri perceived through his Yogic eye a divine incident as follows. One day in ‘Vaikuntham’ which is the abode of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, when there was a pleasant atmosphere all around, entire Vaikuntha was dazzling with decked gems and precious stones, when all the dwellers of Vaikuntha were merrily moving around and singing praises of the great Lord, the Divine Serpent ‘Sesha’ who was shining with the aura equal to the Sun God, on that Snake Bed Lord Sri Maha Vishnu having four arms holding conch, Sudarshana discus, Mace and Lotus was sleeping. Garuda and other prime attendants were singing his stotras; then suddenly Mother earth, ‘Bhudevi’ came crying, out of extreme pain due to the ‘Paapa-bhaara’ (burden of sins) of humans which she could no more tolerate.

She folded her hands and started praying to Lord Vishnu by praising his various attributes saying, “Hey consort of Lakshmi! Hey, foremost being! Hey leader of all the worlds! Protect me!” She called him by various names and praising his various attributes knelt down in front of him with folded hands crying.

Lord enquired, “O Devi! What’s the reason behind your tears? What for you have approached me?”

She said, “After your Krishna Incarnation was over, after Pandavas’ rule got completed, King Parikshit ruled the earth. Due to the influence of the age of kali, god of Dharma as bull stood on one leg and was experiencing immense pain due to this. At that time Kali purusha in the form of Shudra came and started beating him. This was seen by Parikshit and he realized that it was Kali dharma and he immediately with his efforts made the god of dharma stand on few more legs by establishing dharma. After him his son Janmanjeya ruled righteously. After him his descendants ruled righteously for some more years. By that time it was already 300 years over in kaliyuga.”

She continued, “Then King Vikramaditya, after him Salivahanas ruled the country with righteousness. By that time it was year 1258”.

This way she narrated the names of all the rulers and the period for which they ruled. Then she narrated the reason of her sadness this way, “O Lord, after all those kings who ruled righteously; people became sinners, they deviated away from the path of dharma. They started consuming intoxicating drinks and ill behaved with everyone. Cruelty prevailed everywhere. People lost their wisdom and became ignorant of the divine knowledge. People lost their moral values. Even the saints and gyanis couldn’t tolerate the ill happenings and started praying you for help asking you to save everyone out of the Mlechcha Rule and their practices.”

“Divinity and devotion started fading away, what is actually right, seems wrong to the people, what is incorrect is adopted as dharma by the people. Atma Gyana (Self realization) is not at all practiced by them. People stopped doing Yagyas and started utilizing Yagya dravya for their household needs. Respect for Atithi (guests) declined, and everyone became self-centered. Ladies started becoming mothers in their childhood itself… Like this there are innumerable sins which people are committing and dharma got nearly annihilated.”

With tears rolling down she said, “I carry seven mountains and seven oceans but never felt them as burden, but; this burden of upholding the sinners on me is increasingly becoming intolerable. Please help reduce my burden O Lord Vishnu. I can’t endure this pain till you come in your tenth incarnation as ‘Kalki’. I urge you to reduce my pain soon, lest I should collapse!” Thus she spoke like that and burst into tears.

At this, Sri Maha Vishnu addressed Bhudevi and said, “O Devi, stay calm. I’m thinking of some plan to solve your problem. Please be composed and sit here”.

Lord Vishnu then remembered Lord Shiva in his mind, prayed and praised Lord Shiva with various stutis within his mind and summoned him to Vaikuntha. He also summoned Lord Brahma, Indra and Surya. All four of them appeared in Vaikuntha and seated themselves around him.

Vishnu addressing all of them spoke like this, “Hey! Lord Shiva, Brahma, and everyone, for the sake of protecting dharma (dharma sansthapanardhaya) we have been incarnating in various forms on earth in every Yuga. After Kruta, Treta, Dwapara yugas have ended, in the first quarter of the ‘Askhando Yugam’ Kaliyugam’s fourth quarter is running. This yugam is of 'Pancha Maha-patakam’ (five greatest sins). I have a plan! In this Yuga let’s not incarnate as divine beings. Instead, we need to take human kind of births.”

“O Shiva! You please take birth as ‘Ananda Bhairava Yogi’ to the King ‘Vijaya Singh’ of Kashi. O Brahma! You take birth as the son of ‘Viswatma’ and his devoted wife, ‘Mayameya’ who are from the caste of Viswa Brahmins in South India. Your name would be ‘Brahmananda Annajaiyya’. You need to become a sanyasi and uplift the people by preaching dharma to them. Coming to myself; I would be born as a son to ‘Paripoornacharya’ and his devoted wife ‘Prakrutamba’ who are from Viswa Brahmin caste and live in ‘Brahmandapuram’ village. I would be known by three names viz., ‘Veerambotlayya’, ‘Veerappayya’, and ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra’, in three places where I would wander to establish dharma!”

Vishnu assigned some tasks to Indra and Surya to help the Trinity in their mission by remaining in their own abodes only. All the four Gods went back to their own abodes. Then Vishnu addressing Bhudevi said, “Devi! You need not fear now. Rest assured, we three would take incarnations and would mitigate your pain.” With his assurance Bhudevi got pacified and requested him to incarnate soon and went away.

Atri opened his eyes and came out of that divine trance. He took that infant closely in his hands and felt happy for having become an instrument in Lord’s hands who gave him a chance to rear that infant, who rears and sustains the entire universe.

He looked at the face of that baby and slowly a sense of smile ran across Atri’s face.


In Chapter – 5 we read Lord Shiva promising ‘Prakrutamba’, saying that he would be born as her son. In fact ‘Prakrutamba’ desired Shiva to become her son. But in this chapter we see that Lord Vishnu says that he would be born to that lady, and actually it’s Lord Vishnu who takes birth as ‘Veerabrahmendra’. Does that mean Lord Shiva lied? No! There Lord Shiva had taught us the fact of Non-Dualism (Advaita). As the Rig Veda says, “एकं सत विप्रः बहुधा वदन्ति (Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudha Vadanti)”, which means, “There is only one God who is depicted in many forms by the scholars”.

Hence in Chapter - 5, Shiva taught us the simple truth that Lord Shiva himself is Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha. There is no difference between Shiva and Hari.

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