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Chapter 69- Swami’s Encounter with an Ogress

Swami along with his disciples left ‘Nandyala’ village and started for their journey again. On the way they passed through many villages where they would stay for a while and Swami would preach those villagers about ‘Advaita Bodhana’ (discourse on Non-Dualism).

Like this they travelled through many dense forests wherein they saw many strange animals and behaviors, and each time the disciples had any question, Swami would clarify their doubts. This way they spent their time throughout their journey.

Finally they reached ‘Ahobilam’. This place was also called as ‘Chinnavobulam’ and ‘Peddavobulam’ also where amidst the beautiful stone carvings there stands a temple of lord ‘Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami’. That place was so beautiful that it was beggared description. Only the beauty could be cherished by the eyes of the visitor but otherwise if someone tried describing it in words, it would have been next to impossible to encompass the divine glimpse in alphabet. This beautiful temple was built by someone called ‘Pratapa Rudra’. In this temple every year from ‘Maagha Suddha Tadiya’ (means 3rd day after full moon day of February month) to ‘Bahula Vidiya’ (means 2nd day after new moon day of February month) a holy festival / procession of ‘Lord Narasimha Swami’ called ‘Tirunaala’ is celebrated. From this Temple at a distance of approximately 1 mile there was a hill on top of which there was another temple of lord ‘Sri Narasimha’. The entire story of the ‘Narasimha’ incarnation of Lord Vishnu is carved /depicted here.

The Lord who was present below the hill is called ‘Chinnavobuleswara Swami’ and the Lord on the hilltop is called by the name of ‘Peddavobuleswara’. There’s a small rock in this temple where if someone says, “Narayana” with folded hands and claps, small raindrops kind of water droplets fall on him.

Swami ‘Sri Veera Brahmendra’ and his disciples visited the ‘Chinavobuleswara Swami’ and spent that night in the same temple. Next day they got up early, went up the hill and visited ‘Peddavobuleswara Swami’ temple. From there Swami and his disciples climbed a nearby hill which was around 2 miles in height.where they visited the pillar where kings men attempted to punish ‘Prahalada’ (who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu). Nearby they also found small pond which was reddish in appearance and was believed to be the area where the demon ‘Hiranyakashyap’ was killed. They bathed in that pond and then walked down the hill. On the way they found many strange wild animals since that area was located in the heart of a dense forest. Finally they came back to ‘Chinavobuleswara Swami’ temple rested there that night and checked out the next morning. They travelled through that dense forest for few hours and then under a huge banyan tree they settled down for lunch. On top of that tree for many years a ‘Brahma Rakshasi’ (an Ogress) lived. She used to trouble the passengers in various ways and many a times used to kill them for her food. Later on people stopped taking that dangerous route. But Swami, who was omniscient, took his disciples through that abandoned route and halted under the same banyan tree to take rest.

Those disciples arranged for food items, cooked and everyone was ready for the lunch. But since they didn’t have any plates (containers) where they could serve the food, Swami asked one of his disciples to climb that banyan tree and drop some leaves, so that on the leaves they would serve their food for lunch. After that Swami went to bathe at a nearby well. That poor disciple climbed the tree gladly. But when he climbed the tree he saw an ogress with red eyes which started increasing her form. On seeing her he lost his senses and fell down the tree unconsciously. On seeing him fallen unconscious another devotee attempted to climb and pluck the leaves of that tree. Same situation repeated for him. This way one by one all the disciples who climbed the tree fell on the ground and became unconscious.

‘Siddhaiyya’, who was observing this strange and repetitive incident; thought to enquire about the reason, He went to the place where Swami went for bathing. He saw that Swami was sitting in meditation after taking bath. Siddhaiyya sat in front of his Guru and thought not to disturb him until he comes out of meditation. When Swami opened his eyes, he saw Siddhaiyya sitting in front of him. Siddhaiyya narrated the entire story about that strange experience and then enquired the reason which made all those disciples fall unconscious.

Swami smiled and replied, “Siddha! All these so called disciples fall under that category of disciples who chant the name of their Guru just from their mouth, not from their heart. Hence this was the result of their diluted devotion. There is an ogress on top of this tree whose appearance is terrible. On seeing her, these disciples became scared and fell on the ground. The day of her ‘Garva Bhangam’ (subduing her ego) has come and that is the reason why I came through this path which is not chosen by the passengers usually”.

Swami instructed, “Son! Here is my hand stick. Hold it firmly in your hands, climb the tree. There the ogress would become extremely frightened to see this divine stick of mine, and would start shivering with fear. In order to escape from that stick she would show many illusions to you and may also ask you to throw it away by telling that she is a female and you shouldn’t hurt her. But you should not come into her illusionary words. Keep this stick firmly held, sit on a branch and then with another hand hold her hair and pull her down the tree. But remember that you should not leave or drop the stick in any situation”.

Siddhaiyya touched his Swami’s feet, took the stick given by Swami, kept his mind meditating on his Guru and climbed the tree. He sat on a branch just in parallel to that terrible ogress. That ogress started shivering with fear after seeing that stick. She immediately changed her form to a beautiful fairy kind of lady and tried many illusionary tricks on Siddhaiyya. But he was ‘Siddhaiyya’ the devoted and true disciple of Swami, how could he get enchanted with those illusions of her? He sat there firmly and coolly. She gave up and saluted him with folded hands, when Siddhaiyya clasped her hair with his hand and brought her down the tree. Siddhaiyya submitted that ogress at the feet of his Guru.

Swami took his stick from Siddhaiyya’s hands and touched the head of that Ogress 3 times with it, then he took some sacred ash (‘Vibhooti’) chanted some mantra and sprinkled on her. With that, she lost all her strength and became like a fang less snake.

Swami ordered, “Hey Ogress! You have been tormenting the passengers who passed by this route. Because of your troubles they have abandoned this route. Now hold my feet and promise me that even if a small kid happens to walk by this path you would not do any harm to him. Promise me!”
Ogress said, “Swami! I have been living on this tree for hundreds of years and tormenting people who happened to pass by this way. I ruled this forest like an empress. But when you sprinkled your sacred ash on me, i lost all my might, all my strengths, illusionary powers and capabilities. Now what can I do? How can I trouble anyone after becoming so weak? Now whatever number of promises you want me to give you, I am ready to do”.

Ogress continued, “Swami! You seem to be a divine incarnation otherwise for a common man it was impossible to bring this kind of condition to me. Hence hey lord! I request you to teach me a way to get out of this unfortunate condition and get salvation”.

Swami said angrily, “Hey Ogress! Till the moment you had your powers with you, you enjoyed all pleasures like an empress and when now you were deprived of your strength and powers you have become filled with sense of renunciation? You want salvation now? The way you ruled this place as an empress without knowing any kind of pain or fear, I shall make you fall in such a condition that you would repent for all your mistakes every second”.

Ogress fell on Swami’s feet and asked him to pardon all her sins. Swami said, “Ogress! Because of your innumerable ‘Dush karma’ (sinful deeds) you have to undergo a period of punishment. For you there is no other way to escape from them. It’s written in your fortune to experience the fruits of your sins. However, after some years a divine Guru, a woman called ‘Eshwaramma’ who is none other than the incarnation of goddess Mahadevi (Parvati), would happen to pass through this forest via this way. She would sit under this banyan tree along with his disciples to have lunch. That time she would take notice of you and she would give you salvation. Till she comes, till that time, you have to stay here suffering from the fruits of your sins. This is a predefined thing and a decision of the divine. But the only way I would help you out is by making you free of hunger and thirst. You would not feel hungry or thirsty and hence you need not bother about food and water”.

Having told her the secret of her salvation, Swami asked her to open her mouth. When she opened her mouth he sprinkled the sacred ash inside her mouth after chanting a mantra. With that she lost her voice, she became dumb. Swami again sprinkled some ash on her hands and legs, with which she became paralyzed.

Swami said, “Hey Ogress! I have deprived you of all the remaining strengths, with your hands now you can’t attack on anyone, with your legs, now you can’t walk, and you can’t even roar and scare someone. You just need to stay here waiting for ‘Eswaramma’. After that you would get liberated”.

Then Swami went near all those disciples who lay unconscious on the ground. Swami touched their heads with his divine stick and all of them got up and sat as if they got up from a deep sleep. Siddhaiyya narrated all the incidents entirely and they all saluted their Swami.
Swami saif to the Ogress, “Hey ogress! You be here under this tree and wait for some years here. We all have to move on”.

Swami and his disciples left that place and after walking for a while reached ‘Cuddappah” village. They informed the ‘Nawab’ (ruler) of ‘Cuddappah’ about their arrival.


  1. ‘Eshwaramma’ was a divine incarnation of goddess ‘Parvati’ (consort of lord Shiva) who took birth as the granddaughter of ‘Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami’. This grandchild of ‘Sri Veera Brahmendra’ was also like him in many aspects. She also authored many events of ‘Kalagyana’ (future calamities and predictions) and created awareness of the divinity among many people. She too had many disciples and she also finally went into Samadhi. There is a separate life history on her available in ‘Telugu’ language. However this book would not cover her life in detail
  2. Swami’s visit to ‘Cuddappah’ village has a reason. If you remember the incident where ‘Siddhaiyya’ blasts a huge rock with his salutation, and then when nawab requests him to take him to Swami’s place so that he could become a disciple of him. Siddhaiyya assured him to bring Swami himself to his palce and asked him to rule the place as a King instead of becoming a renunciant. So, by this we can know the greatness of the divine personalities that they would never break any promises and would hear / accept the true wishes of the honest people.


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