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Chapter 70- Swami Reads the Mind of Cuddappa Nawab

As soona s the Nawab of Cuddappa got informed by his servants about Swami’s arrival in his village; Nawab got filled with immense happiness and devotion. Without wasting even a second, together with his family members he started and reached the area where Swami was preent.
On seeing Swami, Nawab came running and with folded hands expressed his extreme devotion towards him and fell on his feet in reverence. Again he did the same with Siddhaiyya also (Since he had experienced Siddhaiyya’s divinity earlier).

He made Swami sit in a beautiful palanquin and they took a procession of the entire Cuddappa by plaing various kinds of instruments in reverence to Swami. On reaching Nawab’s palace, he gave them a warm welcome and took them inside the palace where he arranged for a Golden ‘Peetham’ (seat) for Swami. Nawab performed various kinds of Puja (worship) to Swami by offering im flowers, and fruits. After worshipping Swami, Nawab said, “Swami! With the touch of your holy feet in this palace, my entire dynasty has become sanctified, I’m delighted and thankful. ‘O Mahatma’ (O high souled one!), you please stay here in this palace and kindly allow me to serve you. Let me quickly arrange for food”.

Saying those words with gratitude, Nawab went inside to monitor and supervise carefully all the arrangements. Meanwhile Siddhaiyya who was pressing Swami’s feet with devotion, told to Swami, “Swami! Couple of months back, my father had complained about me and you, in the court of a Nawaba. He is ths same Nawab who had ordered you to appear in his court for judgement”. Then Siddhaiyya narrated entire story and events which had taken place between Siddhaiyya and Nawab and reminded Swami about that incident.

Nawab made all the arrangements for dinner and sleep, came back to Swami and said, “It’s already the time to dine. After having dinner, you all can take proper rest in this palace. I have made all the arrangements for all of you. Kindly bless me by accepting the dinner with us”. Swami and his disciples went inside the dining room, Swami took bathe, then did his regular duties of worship like ‘Sandhya Vandanam’ and then all of them assembled together for the dinner. After having dinner they all went for sleep.

While lying on bed Nawab mind was busy in some kind of thought process. Many ripples of thoughts were getting generated in his mind. Nawab thought within himself, “last time when Siddhaiyya came here alone, he showed his miraculous powers. He also told me that his Swami is a divine personality, an embodiment of the supreme Brahman. I am desirous of seeing his divinity. How should I test him?” While he was thinking rigorously on this question he finally got a thought, “Yes! I have a mare which is pregnant. Tomorrow I shall call all villagers in my court and there itself I would bring that mare. I will ask Swami to tell me what would be the gender of the unborn foal. That way I would be able to witness Swami’s greatness through the way he answers”.

Another question raised immediately in Nawab’s mind. He thought, “If I ask Swami to tell the gender of the-‘to be born’ foal, he would definitely tell me one of the two-male/female. However still there is two months time for the mare to deliver that baby. So, this is not the efficient way to test Swami’s divinity. I would do one thing. Whatever gender Swami predicts for the foal, I will ask Swami to show me in reality. That is correct! I’ll do this!”

Having decided his next plan of action, Nawab went into sleep. When he got up from sleep, he went directly to Swami’s palce and greeted him with devotion and folded hands, received Swami’s blessings and then requested him saying, “Swami! Tomorrow evening I have arranged something in the ground which is in front of my court. I request you to come there for sure”.
Swami said, “Son! I will definitely come to whichever place you want me to. Last night whatever you thought and planned, everything is known to me. I’ll surely fulfill whatever desires you have in your mind. Do not fear”.

Nawab remained stupefied for a while, and then again thought within himself, “When his disciple Siddhaiyya himself is so miraculous in everything, there is no doubt if his Guru is omniscient. Swami is definitely not a human being; he seems to be the divine incarnation of that Lord of Vaikuntha who descended in this form for some divine mission. He is the lord in human form”.
Having thought such words of praise for the Swami in his heart, Nawab took leave of the Swami and went to his court. In order to make the entire village aware of Swami’s stay in Cuddappa, he got a message written on a letter and ordered his messenger to announce that message in the village all around. The message read, “To the people of Cuddappa: This is to inform you that the lord of the lords, protector of the universe, the great god in the form of Srimad Virat Potuloori Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami who is the Guru of Sri Siddendra (Siddhaiyya) has blessed all of us by visiting our village. Whosoever is desirous to see this great saint can please make it to the court ground tomorrow evening, so that we you all would witness the divinity of that Swami. It’s a great opportunity for all of us because we can hear to the discourses of that divine personality and also see his great deeds live. Hence I would request each interested villager to assemble at the venue tomorrow – Well wisher of all the people, Nawab of cuddappa”

Then the Nawab started sending his men all over for making all the arrangements in a grand way. His message was announced in the whole village by his messenger, and by noon time every street in the village was decorated with mango leaves, flowers and garlands in a traditional manner. Everywhere people started playing various kinds of musical instruments in honour of the Swami. In another two hours time, Nawab arranged for an elegant palanquin and a band consisting of various musical instruments. Swami was made to sit inside the palanquin and Nawab requested Siddhaiyya also to sit in the palanquin. Siddhaiyya sat near the feet of his Guru. Then with music and dance, they all went through all the streets of that village like a procession. All the villagers were pronouncing ‘Jai Jai’ (Victory) for the Swami. Many villagers showered flowers on the Swami’s palanquin and others were showering flowers in front of the palanquin on the way it was moving. People and children moved beside and behind Swami’s palanquin offering him their obeisances, salutations, and greetings in various gestures and ways.
When Swami’s palanquin with his followers including nawab arrived at the ground where Nawab had arranged the meet on a huge ‘Mandapam’ (altar). They found that entire place was crowded with the villagers who flocked together to have the glimpses of that great saint-‘Brahmam Garu’.
Then Nawab welcomed Swami on to the dais and made him seated on a golden throne.

Subsequently, Nawab instructed the villagers to maintain silence. Following Nawab’s directions, entire crowd became pin drop silent within few moments. Then Nawab turned towards Swami & Siddhaiyya, touched their feet with devotion & humility, got up and prayed, “O Lord of the Lords! O high souled saints! You both have incarnated to liberate the ignorant ones like me. I and allmy folks have become cleansed by having your presence in our place.”

Likewise Nawab praised Swami and Siddhaiyya in many ways, then Siddhaiyya stood up and offered his prayers to Swami. Siddhaiyya expressed his humble devotion towards his Guru by mentioning that, it was due to the grace of Swami that he was on the right path. Whatever praises Nawab offered to Siddhaiyya; he dedicated everything on the lotus feet of his Guru and didn’t keep any praises for himself. (And that’s the quality which speaks about him being an idal disciple).

Swami calmly looked at Siddhaiyya and Nawab and then asked them to take their seats.

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