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Chapter 71- Swami Predicts and Proves the Gender of a Mare’s Foetus

Sri Swami explained many concepts of Advaita (non dualism) to the audience and when Swami stopped, Nawab came and stood near Swami with folded hands and requested, “Swami! I’m blessed to listen to your discourses on Advaita. However I have a small request for you. I’ve full faith on you and hence I am sure that you would definitely accept my request and clear all doubts of my mind. Swami! Kindly accept a request from this servant of yours”.

Nawab continued, “Swami! I’ve a mare in my stable who is pregnant. If you could tell me the gender of foal who is yet to be born; that would please me”.

Swami smiled and replied, “So be it, my son! I’ll fulfill your desire. Let someone bring that pregnant mare to this place. After that I’ll tell you the gender of the embryo”.

Within no time, on Nawab’s orders, his servants brought that pregnant mare to that place and brought her on to the dais. Swami looked at the mare with a happy face as like as a father sees his child when they meet after a long time of separation. Swami in his sweet words said, “Son! This mare would deliver a foal of white complexion. Inside the womb of this mare there is a small foal having four legs, white complexion, has a mark on the forehead, and a flower kind of small tail. That foal is male by gender. Know that, my words are never untrue. You would realize all I said after she gives birth to the foal. Do not feel doubtful on my words”.

Nawab said, “O high souled Saint! This mare would deliver her baby after two months. And this body of mine which is made up of the five elements (pancha Bhuta) is ephemeral. This body is made of Maya which is like a bubble on the surface of water. Hence desiring to see a future incident is something which doesn’t satisfy my heart. O controller of the whole universe! Kindly clarify my doubt and pacify my heart”.

Swami smiled and replied, “Son! Believe me. People who have faith in my words and believe them to be true, such people would never fall. Not only in their life, but in the life after death also, they would attain to glories. It is common that a soul in human life would have many agonies. And many a times the high souled devotees encounter many hurdles in their life. But those men of righteous conduct who consider their pains as pleasures and live their spiritual life with faith and love for me; they would never have to be born again. But those humans who do not follow the path of righteousness, who indulges in wrong deeds would enter the vicious circle births and rebirths.”

Swami continued, “Son! Get someone screen the mare from all the four corners with a cloth. I’ll show the foal to everyone”.

Nawab’s servants fixed four long poles around the mare and wrapped them with a screen all around. Within that quadrangular room made of cloth, the mare stood silently. Nawab came nead Swami, folded his hands with devotion and with a sense of repentance said, “Swami! Pardon my ignorance. You are a divine incarnation of the almighty, and hence I should have believed your words. It doesn’t matter even if I’ve to wait till the mare gives birth. I would prefer to see your statement as true after the mare delivers, but kindly don’t kill this mare. You said you would make us see the foal, for which if you take that foal out of her womb at this premature stage, this mare may die. It’s all because of my ignorant words that you decided to take this action. I’m not desirous to see this mare’s death. I believe your words as true, and I would be happy to wait for another two months to see them in reality”.

Nawab pleaded Swami in many ways requesting him not to kill the mare. Swami said smilingly, “Dear Son! You’re a wise person, you’re very well aware of my teur nature. It doesn’t suit you to lament under illusion like this. Nothing would happen to your mare. I am the one who gives life and I’m the one who takes that away. I’ll give your mare to you intact within no time, do not worry!”

Then Swami entered that curtained room and within five minutes came out with a small foal in his hands. As per Swami’s prediction everyone sighted his divine words coming true. That foal was white in complexsion, had a small mark on his forehead, had a small bush kind of tail and was a male child. Everyone remained dumbstruck to see that incident through their own eyes. For some time entire crowd remained speechless including the Nawab.

After certain period of silence, Nawab’s words broke the ice. Nawab said, “Swami! You are the ‘Paramatma!’ Your words are never false. Whatever you had predicted, those words have become alive in front of our eyes. I’m happy with this miracle of yours. But I request you to restore the life of that mare again”.

Swami smilingly said, “So be it!” and took that foal in his hands, took his silver stick with him and entered the curtain again. After a while Swami touched that mare with his silver stick on her forehead and said, “My dear child! Get up!”. That’s it! To everybody’s amazement Swami came out of the curtained room alongwith the mare who was cheerful and stood in front of everyone neighing happily.

All the villagers were mesmerized with this miracle of Swami and with a happy heart they uttered “Jai” (Victory) to Swami. All of them became enriched with the divinity of the Swami and everyone returned to their homes happily.

Nawab’s servants carried Swami back to the palace in the same palanquin. That night after having dinner at Nawab’s place. After having dinner, Nawab came near Swami and sat near his feet with humility. Nawab said, “Swami! I would be the happiest person in this world if you can stay in my place for ever, but you told me that you would go back to your place tomorrow morning. When would I get this opportunity to have tour glimpses again?”

Seeing Nawab’s devotion Swami said, “Son! Looks like your mind is still not stable. Your mind is like that ‘deepam’ (lamp) which is lit and kept in a windy place. Do not worry. Always keep your mind firmly focused on me. Tie your soul with me. Leave all the worries of yourlife on me, I’ll take care of everything. Keep yourself focused on me with faith, and then whenever and wherever you want to see me, you would be able to find me there itself. Keep your wandering mind fixed on me and then you would remain in bliss always”.

Swami continued, “Son! There are few more divine things which I want to teach you. You come to my mutt and stay there for few days, I would clarify all your doubts and would preach you the divine wisdom”.

Nawab felt glad to hear those words of Swami and with immense happiness said, “Swami! I am blessed to hear those words of yours. Surely I would come to your place, but for tonight if you could kindly be graceful on me and preach me the future predictions, I would be obliged to you”.

Swami happily accepted his request and said, “As you wish, my child! I’ll tell you the ‘Kalagyana’”. And Swami started narrating the incidents of the future (Kalagyana) to the Nawab.


This story again reflects the divinity of Swami indicating that he wasn’t an ordinary saint. It proves that he was a divine incarnation.
A human who can take life for a reason and again breathe life in a dead body, whether he needs to be called a God or not is left to the faith of the individual.

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