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Chapter 72- Kalagyana Discourse to the Nawab of Cuddappa

Swami asked the Nawab to sit nearby and said, “Son! I would do a ‘Divya Mantropadesam’ to you. You should make your mind firm on this Mantra and with full devotion listen to the ‘Kalagyana’ which I would narrate in a while.There are no restrictions to chant my mantra. People who burn all their desires with the fire called the feeling of renunciation, people who chant my mantra - without fearing of any trifles, those who chant any day of the month irrespective of the cycle of menses, those who chant irrespective of thinking about any purity or impurity, who chant without worrying about right place or appropriateness of time, who chant without any fear of rituals; such high souled people on whose lips my mantra remains always, they are destined to have my divine vision in their life. Because of the Yogini Shaktis, whatever calamities are destined in the future, they can’t harm those people who remain devoted to me. I’m going to protect them from all calamities and even the calamities created by my Kalagyana also would not do any harm to such high souled devotees”.

Swami continued, “Hence if you always chant the ‘Maha Mantram’ --- Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Shivaya Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamine Namah, you and your dynasty would remain prosperous, would attain to glories, would remain protected always, would gain wealth and prosperity, and finally liberation also. Now I would tell you the Kalagyana. Listen to me carefully!

1. By the time I come as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’, numerous calamities would happen in this world. After 5000 years passes in the age of Kali, I would walk on this earth for eliminating the sinners and for protecting the people of righteous conduct. For sweeping away the sinners from the surface of this Earth, I’ll create some calamities and cataclysms

2. In a place called ‘Uppukondooru’ there would arise a catastrophe from inside the deeper regions of a river. Due to that heavy quake and flood, many businessmen would die. It would also gobble up fourteen cities within its ferocious flow. With that calamity loss of lives would be seen in myriads. That should indicate the nearing time of my arrival

3. Monks of ‘Mundlapaadu’ place would get looted

4. People of all the four ‘Varnas’ would aberrate from their specified way of living and duties

5. 5972nd year in the ‘Kaliyuga’ called by the name ‘Dhata’, on ‘Magha Suddha Budhavaram’ (Means Wednesday of February month in the fortnight between newmoon day to fullmoon day), eighteen cities would get demolished in the day time itself. (N.B:- 5972 is not the year no. like the years of our English calendar 2010, 2012 etc. He says, after 5971 years of the age of Kali on the 5972nd year which carries the name “Dhata” as per Indian calendar; in that year such a disaster would happen. Now it requires good astrologers to translate and map the corresponding English calendar year number to arrive at the exact date of Christian calendar.)

6. In ‘RaachaPalem’ village near a rock called by the name ‘Raachabanda’ many cows would be slaughtered by few people

7. In ‘Kotadoopaati’ village in an area called ‘Koccherla Kota’ a hen would converse with the people in human language

8. People would take loans from others and would not pay them back. Credibility would vanish from the world

9. Widowed women would participate in all Vedic rituals which are supposed to be performed by women having husbands. Such women would also reach ‘Yaganti Kshetram’ (a place of pilgrimage)

10. In the caste of ‘Vaishyas’ (businessmen) truly devoted devotees of 25 Gotrams only would remain alive.

11. In the north India one ‘Uttama Vaishya’ (good spiritual man from Vaishya caste) would rise to glory and would remain pious

12. Entire world would tremble and panic due to many disasters scheduled across all the countries. In the entire world among the people of all the castes and creed only the righteous, and serene natured ones would gain respect and live peacefully

13. Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai city would converse directly with people

14. Virtuous people would reach ‘Banagana Palle’ village

15. The post of “Nawab” would last only for few more years and after that others would rule. Ruling systems would undergo changes

16. Virtuous men from “Kaarampoodi’ village would reach ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’ village of mine. Others who are of ill conduct would get demolished

17. Goddess ‘Nancharamma’ of ‘Addanki’ village would talk to people, and due to that many people would die

18. Many strange miracles would happen near ‘Mahanandi’ area of pilgrimage.

19. By the time I arrive again on this earth, one miracle would be seen. People who would recognize that strange happening as the symbol of my arrival and act virtuously thereafter, I would protect them

20. Tall and huge fake humans would come and would claim themselves as the ‘Veera Bhoga vasantarayas’ but my devotees would not fall into such kinds of traps. My devotees would never believe them. Fools would believe them

21. Another strange thing would happen. People having ‘Vinjamara’ (royal hand fans) on their back and having lotuses under their feet would come. Do not think that they are my incarnations. My real devotees would never fall prey to such false claims

22. The indication of my arrival is the time when ‘Kandimallaiyya palle’ would become a big city and there would be a ‘Mandapam’ (altar) build with Navaratnas (nine kinds of gems). That small village would become so elegant that it would seem like a second Kailasa

23. In the day time from the sky some high energy lightening skrikes would be seen and also fire would shower from the sky. That would kill many people

24. Divine knowledge would diminish from the sacred place of Sri Sailam Mountain

25. Red ant would be seen of the size of an elephant. That is another indication that my arrival time is near

26. ‘Maya Shakti’ would talk with people

27. A female Pig would give birth to a baby elephant

28. Hen would scream like a human

29. A female goat would give birth to a male goat having five heads

30. In ‘Banaganapalle’ Village the Tamarind tree which is present over the ‘Kalagyana vessel’ would bloom with jasmine flowers

31. Quarrels would rage around the banks of ‘Kaveri’ river and many women would become widowed (N.B:- This perhaps indicates at the conflicts between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states over the Kaveri river issue. These conflicts may give birth to serious quarrels and wars leading to the loss of lives from both the parties which is indirectly stated as women becoming widows)

32. Myriads of beetles would fall dead at the same time at one place and their dead bodies would form a pile which would measure 7 feet high. (N.B:- This may be a poetic method of pointing at a mass killing of humans)

33. Sun would seem to be shaking. All such strange things would be seen before the arrival of ‘Sri Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya’

34. In the western region of ‘Kanchi’ city in the house of ‘Gaandla’ people, ‘Kamadhenu’ (wish fulfilling cow) would be born

35. From the eyes of the idol of goddess Kamakshi of ‘Kanchi’ city tears would roll down in streams. Due to that many people would die

36. Some ‘Jyotiswaroopa’ Vaishnava devotees of ‘Hari’ would arrive

37. Idol of Lord ‘Kaalahastiswara’ of ‘Kaala Hasti’ place would lose its charm. It would be brought to ‘Kandimallayya’ place

38. Devotees and followers of ‘Ramanuja’ cult would forget & discard all their rituals and become sinners. Such sinners would become paupers

39. Infants would talk

40. A cow’s embryo would be seen transparently

41. People of ‘Palanati Seema’ area would earn wealth by becoming parasite on the fellow villagers and would remain highly egoistic

42. People of all the four ‘varnas’ would remain untruthful

43. Infertile widows who can’t produce offsprings due to their barrenness and also due to being widows; such women would give birth to children

44. Near the pond in ‘Kambham’ village a hen would speak like a human

45. Many rulers would lose their positions and would become smashed. This is another indication of my arrival.”

Swami said, “Son! Whatever I told will surely happen. There is no doubt in that. My Kalagyana is infallible. Those who do not have faith in it and think it’s fake and wouldn’t happen; such people would face ill fate. People who are righteous and are true devotees would remain protected. All my devotees would surely be protected under any circumstances, from any calamity. Nothing can harm them. I’ll protect them, this is true!”

After hearing Swami’s words of Kalagyana, Nawab got up from his seat and stood in front of Swami with folded hands in devotion, paid his obeisances to Swami and said, “Swami! Veera Brahmendra Guru Saarvabhouma! With your divine grace I could listen to your Kalagyana today. I have become blessed today.”

Like that Nawab expressed his thankfulness and offered his tribute & devotion to Swami in various ways, expressions and gestures. Subsequently everyone dispersed to their respective rooms to sleep.

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  1. 5. 5972nd year in the ‘Kaliyuga’
    .........means 900 years more to go for the arrival of kalki