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Chapter 73- Nine robbers attack Swami’s troop

The next day Swami and his disciples got up very early in the morning and left Cudappa. After travelling for few hours, they reached a place called ‘Proddulooru’ where they decided to halt for that day. The villagers of ‘Proddulooru’ welcomed them and showed great levels of hospitality.

Swami preached them many things related to spirituality and blessed them. One of them was a cart puller, who showed keen interest in spiritual discources, asked many queries and learnt many divine secrets of Yoga and spiritualism from Swami. In fact that cart puller was a Gyani (wise) himself, since he used to gain spiritual knowledge from all Swamis whosoever used to visit that place, and this day he quenched his spiritual thirst to the maximum and got highly benefitted from Swami’s presence. The next day Swami and team left that village and reached ‘Arlaata Palle’ village after walking for few hours. That village had a temple of Lord Sri Veera Bhadra who was the favorite deity of Swami. Swami decided to stay in that temple for that day.

After reaching that temple, Swami and his disciples went to the nearby river and bathed. Subsequently they visited the temple where Swami worshipped his favorite Lord Veerabhadra with his 108 names. After that everyone had their lunch and spend that day in that temple premises.

Next day early in the morning itself, everyone left that place and Swami decided to visit nearby village called ‘Pushpagiri’. Swami boarded a bullock cart and his disciples came behind the cart on foot. There was a forest through which they had to travel. But in that forest nine robbers used to live. They used to capture the travelers and used to rob them after breaking their heads with their sticks. That was the way of earning their livelihood. Seeing this trend of killings and robbery people abandoned that particular path. Only once in a while ignorant ones used to travel through that path to meet their ill fate.

Swami asked his bullock cart driver to drive through that forbidden path only. On their way they saw a person running. That man was actually a victim of the robbers who had a close shave from them and managed to escape somehow. While running, he saw these people heading towards that place. He stopped and asked Swami, “Hey! Where are you heading towards? That area is dangerous. There are nine robbers there who would kill the travelers and take their belongings. Why are you going through this path?”

Swami replied, “I’ve chosen to travel through this path. Why am I going - is none of your business. I have controlled thirteen powerful thieves present inside my body, and then what can these nine petty thieves do to me? Don’t worry on that part. You may leave safely”. That person thought Swami was a rude fellow and left that place.

When Swami’s cart entered few more yards inside the forest, Siddhaiyya asked Swami, “Gurudeva! Yesterday night we stayed in the temple of Lord ‘Sri veera Bhadra’, could you please tell us his stories and his glorious activities?” Not even Siddhaiyya completed his question when nine thieves jumped and blocked their way. They asked the cart puller to stop the cart. Those nine thieves were huge with fearful faces and hand long sticks in their hands.

On seeing them the cart driver said to them, “Sirs! Kindly spare my life. You would not get any benefit in killing me, since I am a poor driver and don’t have any valuables with me. I’m driving them through this path based on their instructions, and that’s how I earn my living by driving carts. By the charges I earn from them I run my family. Apart from that I have nothing with me which you can rob me for”.

Cart driver continued, “Sirs! However inside the cart there is the ruler of the entire universe. He has accumulated unmeasurable amount of wealth of ‘Gyana’ (divine wisdom). He has safely wrapped his wealth of wisdom in a cloth called ignorance and safely hid that in an ‘Ashtakona’ (octagonal) box at its centre. Then he placed that octangular box inside a dirty and filthy home called ‘Deham’. Then to ensure more safety to his wealth he has appointed you kind of thirteen powerful thieves who safeguard that wealth of wisdom from being taken out by someone. On top of this, he has ensured much more safety by letting three dogs called “Eshana Triyam” guard them as extra vigilance. But this person who is the owner of that wealth of wisdom secretly moves in and out of his home 21600 times everyday. He always remains hidden from you kind of fools but for the people of righteous conduct who try to seek the truth he becomes visible and distributes his immense wealth of knowledge to them. So, see that person, who is the wealthiest on this world but see how he looks like a mad man.

Look at that person who is the ‘Arkha’ (sun) who takes a person out of ‘Timirandhakara’ (darkness of ignorance), see how crazy his looks are! If you happen to seek his refuge, he would rob you of your dilapidated garments called as ‘Durgunam’ (vices) and would gift you new silky garments called ‘Sadgunam’ (virtues) and would also give you unmeasurable amount of wealth of wisdom. If you do so, he would take you out of this poverty and would make you the dwellers of that richest kingdom of salvation where from you would never have to come to this ‘Samsaara’ which is the cause of this condition called poverty.”

Those golden words of that wise cart puller didn’t cast any spell on those rogues. Robbers shouted angrily on the cart puller, “Stop it! Enough of your Vedanta! We aren’t here to listen to Vedanta preachings.” Speaking those words angrily those thieves went towards the backside of the cart where Swami was sitting inside. All other disciples of Swami ran away and hid themselves behind bushes and trees to save their own lives. Only Siddhaiyya stood firmly on the ground near the Swami’s cart.

Those robbers shouted in an angry tone and ordered Swami to get down the cart. Seeing Swami turning a deaf ear to their orders they thought, “This person would not listen to words, he seems to understand only the language of the stick”. All of them at once raised their hands high up in the air holding the sticks firmly to hit on Swami’s head with full force.

Alas! Their hands remained lifted in the air as it is and didn’t come down. Their bodies seemed like statues and even they lost their power of speech.

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  1. if you don't mine, change this name 'Arlaata Palle’ to 'Allada Palle'(Allada palle devalalu). May be earliar that's the name but now it is allada palle and also proddulooru to proddutooru.