Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 74- Robbers Get Punished

Swami turned his head towards Siddhaiyya and said, “Siddha! My son! Bring those nine robbers in front of me”. To Swami’s orders Siddhaiyya went and pulled them one by one and made them stand in front of Swami. Swami addressed them saying, “What happened, my dear children? Why your raised hands are still in the air? Why your shouts have stopped? Talk to me. Am I such a fallen soul that I am not eligible to hear your heavenly voice also? Come hit me with those sticks and take away all the riches whatever you want. Everything is kept in this cart only, come on hurry up! Don’t delay. Your family might be waiting for you, even our lunch time is nearing so do not waste time. Come rob me!”

Like that whatever ways Swami criticized them everything were being watched by the other disciples who were hiding behind the bushes and trees. They repented and talked to each other, “What a kind of fools we all are! Instead of having faith on that lord who has incarnated as a human and is moving with us; we ran away to save our own lives by throwing all faith and devotion away from our hearts? Truly, we’re not even close to 100th part of Siddhaiyya and his devotion.” With that feeling of remorse those disciples came out of bushes and gathered around the bullock cart silently.

Swami stepped out of the cart and with his own hands touched the raised hands of the robbers and brought them down. Their hands recovered from their temporary paralysis. And then Swami ordered them to open their mouths. When they did, Swami put some Vibhuti (Sacred ash) inside their mouth with which they regained their power of speech. However, their heads were still down. They couldn’t lift up their heads. Those poor fellows couldn’t even get the chance to see Swami’s divine face.

They all put their hands together and prayed to Swami saying, “Swami! We have been robbing all the travelers whosoever happened to pass by this area. We were cruel to innocent people. Not only with common men but with Saints also we have been behaving cruelly. Not even once we ever felt this sense of regret what we are feeling now. We’re sinners for which it’s the right punishment you have given. We have understood our faults. Kindly shower your grace one more time and make our heads lifted up as usual. We’re not able to lift them up. Please be graceful on us”.

Swami smiles and said, “Children! Your heads are destined to remain stooping down for your entire lifetime. Based on the few virtues which you had accumulated over the past many births, I’ve made your hands and mouth recover from paralysis. Now you may go back to your homes”.
Hearing those words from Swami those robbers broke down into tears at once like small children. They said, “Swami! We’ve seen so many saints but you seem to be none other that that lord of Vaikuntha, that Sriman Narayana himself. But unfortunately we’re not even able to see your face”.

Swami said, “Children! This is the fate which is destined for your lifetime. It’s becoming late for both of us. We’re getting late for lunch and your families also must be waiting eagerly. So go home now”.

That way Swami made them realize their ill fate and then preached them some spiritual things so that they may cleanse themselves thereafter. And then Swami and his troop left that place and moved on.

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