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Chapter 75- Scholars of Pushpagiri Village insult Swami

After teaching a lesson to the robbers and taking leave of them, Swami entered his bullock cart again and all of them started their journey towards ‘Pushpagiri’ village. The beauty of their troop can’t be described in words. While Swami was seated inside the cart, Siddhaiyya was walking behind the cart holding a hand fan and constantly waving it to comfort his Guru. What an awesome devotion even while walking on the roads! Then if we come to the front side of the cart; some disciples were walking ahead of the cart by chanting Vedas, some of them were carrying in their hands Swami’s thirty two awards and related documents (certificates in modern language). With the Vedic chants the processions looked as though that Lord Shiva himself is coming on his bull along with his associates. Such was the aura of Swami Veera Brahmendra!
But they were still at the outskirts of the village when a group of Brahmins who were sitting nearby, sighted them coming and stopped them. One of them asked Siddhaiyya, “Who are you? And who is sitting inside that cart?”

Siddhaiyya replied humbly, “I’m a Muslim by birth, my name is Siddhaiyya. The person who is sitting inside the cart is the Guru of the universe ‘Srimat Virat Potuloori Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami’. He is our guru and we all are his disciples.”

On hearing his words those Brahmins outraged and said, “What! You’re a Muslim! Then how dare you wear saffron clothes, apply sacred ask on your body, hold rudraksha rosary in your hand and look like a Hindu! He is your guru, huh! A goldsmith guru and a Muslim disciple; what a combination!”

And everybody burst into laughter. They repeatedly mocked at them and further pinched them saying, “Have you all decided to criticize the Vedic rituals that you thought to visit our village? You don’t even qualify to recite Vedas but I see you are taking out a procession by chanting Vedas and your Guru is seated in that cart as though he himself is next to Lord Shiva!” Then again made mockery of Swami and Siddhaiyya and laughed aloud.

Brahmin group once again burst on them saying, “Vedas are our property. Brahmins are born from the face of lord Brahma, Kings are born from his shoulders, businessmen are born from his thighs and ‘Shudras’ (untouchables) are born from his feet. Hence we being Brahmins, we’re of the highest caste, we are authorized to recite Vedas you aren’t!”

They continued further, “If you do not give proper explanation for your offense, then we won’t let you go. It’s an insult to us to see you all in such an appearance”. All the Brahmins surrounded the cart and the disciples standing in a circle.


From this chapter we understand that discrimination was a deep rooted disease with which the people were suffering from. In ancient days of Hindu history ‘Varna’ did exist, but it was totally based on the ‘Karma’ of an individual and was not at all based on birth.

Subsequent few chapters are interesting since there we find great thoughts from Swami when he debates with the scholars.

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