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Chapter 78- Pushpagiri Village Set Ablaze

When the village Brahmins surrounded Swami’s bullock cart from all sides and didn’t allow him to move, Swami sighed for a while and said, “O great scholars, you seem to be Brahmins for the namesake. You do not possess any qualities what a Brahmin should possess. Well, I have already explained you the truths in various ways. I’ve cited references from all the major Sruti and Smritiविनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धिः (When time is bad, we tend to go against our intelligence); you may have to face difficulties. Already we have wasted lot of time in discussion and debates which weren’t fruitful, so please let us go on our way”. based texts; but still all my efforts seem to have gone in vain. I would advise you all to leave this adamant nature and adopt a virtuous mode of living otherwise as the saying goes, ‘

Neither they cared to understand Swami’s words nor did they care to accept Swami’s request and let him go on his way. They again started showing their arrogance with abusive words. Swami became fed up but still he kept himself composed and said, “You all look very knowledgeable but your minds are filled with ignorance. To trouble someone on the middle of the road like this, without paying any heed to the words and requests of the other party, is neither a quality of wise men nor the sign of wisdom”.

Swami didn’t even complete his words when they interrupted him and said, “We know who we are and at least we aren’t a fake Guru like you. We don’t talk baseless topics and we don’t cite useless references”. Everyone looked at each other and started laughing at Swami.

Seeing no words of wisdom casting any spell on their minds, Swami got exasperated. He became silent for a while, closed his eyes for a second, then opened his eyes and casted his vision on the northern region of the Pushpagiri which was a market place. All of a sudden these haughty Brahmins found the houses present in that area to be burning. Those burning houses were the houses of these arrogant Brahmins. At once they understood Swami’s divinity and all of them at a time fell on his feet.

They prayed to Swami, “O high souled one! Hey teacher of the universe! All your words of wisdom were golden words but we had simply made our minds not to agree with any thought of yours. We wanted to insult you and your disciples. We all are fools that we couldn’t understand the divinity of yours, and acted foolishly”. That’s how they repented and cried for a while and then prayed him again with a guilty feeling as, “Swami! You seem to be like a divine incarnation that has come to mend our ways. You’ve visited this village to teach us the right way of living. O high souled one! We are in your refuge now. Please forgive all our sins by considering us like your own children. We have fallen on your feet, hence now it’s up to you whether you would protect us with your fatherly compassion or punish us further. Whatever you decide; would be acceptable for us”.

Swami, who was highly kind by nature, felt pity on them. He addressed them as ‘children’ and said, “Children! Your behavior looks like, you hold people by their hair and when situations turn averse, you tend to hold their feet! But anyway, you needn’t fear. Whosoever comes to my refuge, irrespective of one’s caste and creed, disregarding one’s past behavior I shall protect! People who have faith in me, I’ll take care of them as my children not only in their life but also I’ll ensure salvation for them. Children! Wipe your tears and don’t fear”.

Swami then looked at the burning houses of the market place. All the houses again became as usual. There were not even a small signs of any smoke or fire. Entire village looked as normal as it was sometime back.

Seeing that miracle the hearts of those Brahmins got filled with overwhelming amount of elation, and they immediately ordered a ‘Brahma Radham’ (a royal chariot) and made Swami seated on that chariot. With the sounds of “Jay” (victory) to Swami, they took a procession of Swami in the entire village, across the streets and the market place. They became so much attached with Swami that they didn’t allow Swami to go back so soon. Swami had to stay there for four consecutive days owing to the affection shown by the villagers and the Brahmins who turned over a new leaf and became wise.

One of the villagers, an old man, came near Swami and said, “O high souled one! I heard about your divinity from the fellow villagers. They also told me that you are a divine incarnation who knows everything. I would request you to kindly tells us about the future and bless us”.

Swami said, “So be it! I have authored ‘Kalagyana’, which is a text containing prophecies of the future. As per your wish, I’ll narrate the incidents destined to take place in future to all of you. Please visit me this evening, I’ll preach kalagyana to all of you then”.

Everyone felt glad and also were eager to know the future predictions from Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami. They all dispersed to their homes and started waiting eagerly for the sun to set.


In any place there would be mixed nature people. Here we have seen few Brahmins who were arrogant and proud on their scriptural knowledge. But if we remember the story of Chapter – 55, we would know that in that very same village called ‘Pushpagiri’ a pious Brahmin couple also stayed whom Swami found to be pious and cured the husband’s leprosy with his divine powers.

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