Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 8- Veera Papamamba’s Pilgrimage

Following the advice of that saint who asked them to go for pilgrimage, Veera Bhojayacharya and Veera Papamamba identified one auspicious day for the travel and set themselves for the pilgrimage.

They traversed all the divine places like Kashi, Gaya, and Prayaga. Everywhere they served the saints and monks who met them on their way. All the time they did not lose faith in Lord Parameshwara and believed that Parameshwara would give them a child who would be his own incarnation.

Finally they reached the banks of Saraswati River. There they cited a hermitage and went inside where they were welcomed by Sage Atri. Sage Atri was sitting surrounded by his pupils. He asked them their names, their Kula, their home place, reason for visiting that place and all other whereabouts.

They introduced themselves as, “Swami! We are from south India, we belong to Viswabrahmin caste. We are from Nandikonda village where I am the owner of Papaghni Mutt. My name is Veera Bhojayacharya. We don’t have a son that’s why we are visiting all sacred places and serving all saints. This night if you permit us to spend in your Ashrama we would be thankful to you and tomorrow we would again have to travel to some other places”.

Sage Atri accepted their request and allowed them to stay in his hermitage for that night.

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