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Chapter 79- Kalagyana Discourse to Pushpagiri Brahmins

The way cattle returns back to their shed at dusk, these Brahmins also gathered at the place where Swami and his disciples were staying. Swami asked everyone to take a seat. When entire gathering was properly settled, Swami started preaching them Kalagyana—the prophecies!

Swami said, “Children! I’m going to narrate the predictions. Listen to me carefully!

1. To protect virtuous people and to punish the sinners, to uplift the declining righteousness and to erase the wickedness from the earth, I’d come as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ after 5000 years of the age of Kali (Iron Age). The day when I would come, after taking boons and blessings from the Gods and Saints, there would be some indications of my arrival. In the month of December in the southern part of the sky, a huge comet would be sighted. As per astrological calculations let me explain when would that day be. In the year named ‘Krodhi’ on the ‘Suddha panchami’ day (5th day in the fortnight after new moon day) of the month of December which would be Monday, during the period of ‘Punarvasu’ star and ‘Karkataka Lagnam’, I would come as Veerabhoga Vasantaraya.

2. Before that time itself, people from all the castes would become addicted to drinking alcohol. Vedas would be practiced by the Low caste (Sudras), they would start perfoming all the rituals. Brahmins would decline in position and Sudras would rise to higher posts

3. Widowed ladies would be remarried, and Brahmins would do the jobs of public servants.

4. Virtues of Brahmins would decline; they would keep quarrelling with fellow Brahmins. They would dwell in the company of wrong people. Every Brahmin family would contain two widows.

5. During the ‘Meena Raasi’ (moon sign - Pieces), I would come to Sri Sailam as Veerabhoga Vasantaraya holding a blazing sword of four feet in length. There I would distribute wealth to people of virtuous deeds

6. in the year named ‘Vikrama’ on the ‘Chaitra Suddha Dasami’ (10th day of April’s fortnight after the newmoon day) which would be a Wednesday; I would visit the hill named ‘Indrakeeladri’. There I would visit the saints present there and then I would learn few vidyas (arts) from Lord Dattatreya. Subsequently, I would come back to Sri Sailam and worship the Lord Mallikarjuna. After that I would move to Mahanandi village. On the ‘Sravana SuddhaPournami’ day (full moon day in the month of august) I would reach a place called, ‘Veeranarayana Puram’. I would spend one complete fortnight in that village (15 days)

7. People who are blindfolded with the greed for wealth and wine, would get totally smashed

8. Creatures present under the ocean would also die

9. Quarrels would arise in the city of Kasi

10. Near the river called ‘Jurreru’ some great Yogis would appear

11. Lord Yaganteswara of Yaganti place would give salvation to virtuous devotees.

12. Men and women would involve in incestuous relationships

13. Intercaste marriages would become common

14. In the lake called ‘Rettala Cheruvu’ some great floods would be born

15. In the ‘Kochcherla Kota’ place, rabbits would talk with humans

16. Lord Vinayaka would cry aloud

17. I’ll create many calamities on earth. Patala Ganga River would dry up. Volcanic eruptions would be frequent

18. Whatever wealth is hidden under four oceans, would reach Sri Sailam Mountain

19. One hundred twenty Tirupatis would get demolished

20. Mahanandi would make sound which would create many strange happenings

21. All the sinners present on the earth would get wiped out of earth

22. Sringeri and Pushpagiri mutts would be run by people of Panchananam lineage

23. Northern countries would become extinct in population due to wars

24. Gold would vanish from earth

25. Eastern countries would get demolished

26. Due to lack of money, people would suffer a lot

27. Akashavani, Annapoorna Devi, Podilanimmavva Devi (local village deity) and Sri Saila Bhramarambika Devi; these four goddesses would sing ‘Mangala Aarati’ songs for goddess Kanaka Durga of indrakeeladri hill

28. Chaste women and virtuous men would not be seen

29. From Kasi city few people having faces turned backwards would come

30. Brahmakapalam temple would be ruled by a parrot

31. Few strange miracles would be seen happening in a Banyan tree in Haridwar

32. Haridwar temples would be closed

33. In Ahobilam village temple, Jasmine flowers would bloom from the pillar made of iron. That’s the indication that I’ve arrived”

Swami continued,”Apart from these, there would be many more calamities created by me to erase the sinners from the planet. However, whosoever would remain virtuous, and waiting eagerly for my arrival; such devotees would not only remain protected from the calamities, but also would remain in bills throughout their life”.

He revealed another important message as, “Children! Soon I’m going to leave this Earth. I’m going to enter Samadhi to do penance. So, keep faith in God, leave a virtuous and pious life. Keep me into your minds forever by chanting my mantra always. That way you all would remain happy throughout the life and also would attain to salvation at the end of your life. Learn my mantra which is “Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Sivaya Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamine Namah”. If you engage yourself in chanting this mantra, neither the calamities created by me nor any other suffering would ever dare to touch you. Rest assured!”

He concluded and said, “Dear children! Now you all can disperse for your homes, its already night. I would leave this place tomorrow early in the morning”.

Everyone saluted Swami and uttered “Jai” (victory) for him and left for their homes.


Here starts Kalagyana related to Kalki’s exploits. From this chapter onwards we would find Kalki in subsequent discources on Kalagyana Swami would reveal many more secrets of Kalki’s exploits.


  1. "Apart from these, there would be many more calamities created by me to erase the sinners from the planet. However, whosoever would remain virtuous, and waiting eagerly for my arrival; such devotees would not only remain protected from the calamities, but also would remain in bills throughout their life."
    What is the meaning of bills in the last line and isnt the mantra supposed to be Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Namah Sivaya Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamine Namah.

  2. "Bills" is a typo (typing error). Thanks for the correction. Please consider it as "BLISS". regarding your second question yes you are also right. However there are various versions of that mantra that swami preached to various people. if you read other chapters on this blog you would find a mantra exactly same as what you wrote.

  3. In the Sixth point..
    Chaitra Sudda DASAMI Means Tenth Day After Ugadi(chaitra sudda PADYAMI)
    That Day Sri Veera Bhoga VasantaCharya will Visit to Indrakiladri..

    which has to be Wednesday is that in Kalagnanam??

  4. did
    swami mentioned vaaram in his kalagnanam like , i will come
    in the year krodhi nama samvatsaram margashiram masam sukla
    paksha panchami somavaram ?.