Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 81- Ideal Ways of Living a Spiritual Life

Swami addressed Siddhaiyya and said, “Let me also tell you the ideal ways a human should follow for his spiritual life. The most pious souls who make it to their liberation possess these qualities which I would narrate to you now. One who doesn’t get carried away by the force of attractions, One whose heart remains filled with veneration for his preceptor, one who remains focused towards the service of his Guru, such a pious soul is called as ‘Bhaagawatottama’ (best among the devotees). They possess Satwa quality, kindness for all creatures, follow celibacy, and always remain submerged in the thoughts of the God. They are the best among all devotees. Another class of such people are the ones who always remain in the company of good people & saints, who never allow dirty thoughts to creep in their minds, who’re highly chivalric, who practice penance, silence & are merciful, who studies Vedas & other scriptures. All these are the qualities of the best human beings”.

“One who follows non violence, one who takes happiness and sorrow equally without getting moved or affected by either of these two feelings, one who surrenders himself thinking, ‘Lord is the final refuge’, one who remains satisfied with whatever his destiny gives him, one who neither has desires or craves for something, nor he complains if something is lost, one who always tells truth & follows the path of righteousness, one who is detached from all worldly infatuations; such a person is the best among the best pious souls. They can attain salvation easily, others cannot!”
Swami blessed Siddhaiyya saying, “May you also remain filled with such divine qualities and may you live a long life, Siddha!”

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