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Chapter 83- Burglary in Swami’s Mutt

During Swami’s visit to all the places within his state; devotees, Nawab and other rich people offered some valuables to Swami as a token of their devotion. Those valuables included vessels, ornaments,idols all made of gold and silver. Apart from that even in Swami’s Mutt the local village elders had been donating some amount of valuables in the form of idols, and other items used for worship. Swami utilized all those donations for the development of Mutt and got all the idols decorated with the gold and silver ornaments.

These were keenly monitored by few evil minded people. They got someone enquire when was Swami planning to go out for another trip again and got the information that Swami had decided to stay there forever. This news brought some disappointment to their desires. One evening all of them gathered in a place and their leader said, “Brothers! I heard Swami doesn’t have any plans to leave his Mutt hereafter, so of course this is a matter of disappointment for us, but we shouldn’t lose hope. We should steal all the gold and silver materials from Swami’s Mutt in his presence itself. There is no other alternative left with us. We usually remain scattered throughout the village but luckily today all ten of us could meet. Moreover, by god’s grace today is a new moon day, hence I would say, tonight itself we should execute our mission otherwise again for another two fortnights we would have to wait for the new moon day. Tonight’s darkness is a boon for us, which we should utilize correctly. So let’s all meet tonight for our mission”.

That leader of the thieves also chalked out a plan and explained it to everyone. One of those thieves entered Swami’s Mutt as a devotee and sat in the crowd listening to Swami’s discourses. He was actually monitoring Swami and waiting for the right time to signal his other nine members to break in. Swami completed his discourses and finally gave a hint to his disciples saying, “Children! Tonight some interesting thing is going to happen, we’ll see that tomorrow morning, now let’s disperse for worship”. By the time Swami completed his worship, came out of Mutt and locked it, It was almost ten in the night. Then Swami and all his disciples had their dinner. By the time everyone went to sleep, it was twelve in the night. This fake devotee who was monitoring their movements found that as the ideal moment and went out of the Mutt. Following his call and signal all the remaining nine thieves came near him. They were all equipped with weapons of thievery. They carfully dig a hole from the backside of the Mutt and carefully entered the Mutt. They found that the entire Mutt was radiant under the lamps lighted by Swami, and in that light the Golden ornaments, Silver idols & other valuable items were all dazzling with brilliance. They couldn’t believe their eyes and stood there like statues under the influence of overwhelming delight seeing their desires getting fulfilled. Without wasting any more time they took all the valuables, ornaments and even the idols from their altar and tied them in a big piece of cloth. Their leader was guarding outside the Mutt. One of the nine thieves went out and called his leader inside to show him their success. That team lead became very happy to see the successful execution of their project and appreciated the team’s skills.

Wasting no more time they all decided to flee from there. Their lead took the heavy bundle of stolen items and put on his head, and as soon as they tried to step out of the Mutt, everyone became blind. Out of panic they enquired among themselves if anyone of them is able to see properly and found that none of them had the power of sight. Moreover their leader who was carrying the bundle of stolen items on his head felt extreme ache in his head due to which he kept that bundle on the ground. But still his headache didn’t get cured. All of them couldn’t move out and sat on the ground.

Early in the morning hours Swami got up and completed his regular activities. After doing his morning worship (Sandhya Vandanam) he and his disciples came out of the home. Swami asked few of his disciples to call the village elders and high profiled people. Everyone gathered at Swami’s home on getting his message. Swami opened the front door of the Mutt and entered alongwith his disciples & the village elders. Everyone found ten strangers already sitting on the ground in despair. Swami enquired, “Children! Who’re you? And how did you come inside when the Mutt door was locked by me? Your faces depicts that you are all in some pain. What’s the matter?”

They unanimously narrated the cause of their suffering. On hearing the entire story from them, those villagers became infuriated and moved ahead to beat them. Swami being compassionate for all living beings stopped the villagers. The leader of that gang pleaded saying, “All of us have already got our punishment, we have lost our sight, and since I have done the great sin of carrying the idols on my head I’m punished with a severe headache additionally. We never knew that these idols are not just statues, they really had divine powers. Also we were fools to think Swami as just another saint. We failed to perceive his divinity although we had heard about his miracles many a times. We are sorry for having done such a sin”.

They all pleaded to Swami asking for his forgiveness. Swami being highly compassionate, he pardoned their sins. He then went inside the Mutt and brought some ‘Vibhuti’ (sacred ash) and smeared that on the eyes of all the ten thieves. He said, “Dear children! Keep your eyes closed for a while and then open slowly”. They followed his instructions and to their amazement they all received their vision back as normal. All nine of them felt happy, but their leader still showed the signs of agony. He requested Swami to take him out of the unbearable ache in his head. Swami smiled and accepting his request sprinkled some ash on his head. Immediately his headache vanished and he felt comfortable.

Everyone praised Swami’s kind nature and happily went back to their homes. Swami asked the ten thieves to stay in his Mutt for another five days, and preached them ‘Brahmagyanam’ (Divine knowledge of the supreme god). After the five days of stay in Swami’s Mutt, those ten thieves got transformed into wise men and lived a spiritual and peaceful life thereafter.

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