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Chapter 84- Discourse on Samsaraaranya Swaroopam

That Lord of the universe who walked on this earth as Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami enchanting this world with his divine Kalagyana; decided to enter into ‘Sajeeva Samadhi’ for uninterrupted meditation, and hence his wife and all his children near him and said, “Children! Please sit near me”. He addressed his wife and said, “Devi! You come and sit here.” Making a place towards his left side, in a philosophical manner swami said in a low tone, “I’m not desirous of staying in this world of illusion any more. Only few more days I would live on this earth. Devi! I’m thinking of coronating our eldest son ‘Govindayacharya’ as the owner of this Mutt in my place. You please tell me your opinion on this”.

That chaste lady Govindamamba’s eyes flooded with tears which rolled down her cheeks. She said, “Praneswara! I’m your soul and if you have decided to go into Samadhi, then what’s the purpose of I living on this earth? You’re the Lord who supports this world; you’re the Lord under whose shelter everyone takes refuge. Would there be any meaning of my life without you? Please take me also with you inside the Samadhi”. Those were the words of Govindamamba to which Swami replied, “Devi! You’re worrying as if I’m entering Samadhi today itself. We’ll think of it later. I’m still left with some more tasks of establishing righteousness on this earth. So, till that time I’ll not enter Samadhi. At present my immediate plan is to enthrone our son-Govindayya as the chief of this Mutt. But before that I want to preach some points of Dharma (righteousness) to our children”.

Swami addressing his children said, “Dear Son, Govindayacharya! I’ve decided to make you my replacement as a chief of this Mutt. If you have any doubts or queries, you can very well ask me now, I’ll clarify all your doubts”. Govindayya stood up and with devotion touched his father’s feet and said, “Father! Till date every time we have seen you repeating only the name ‘Siddha, and Siddha!’ always. By preaching him all the knowledge of Advaita (non-dualism), Yoga and Kalagyana you have made him equal to yourself. Many times you were so much involved in teaching him and other disciples that you didn’t even notice our presence around you. Now if you make me take your position, it would look like making Dhritarashtra the King, when Pandu kind of eligible Siddhaiyya is around. Siddhaiyya is totally eligible and capable. I don’t feel I’m fit for this position. When these innumerable devotees of yours who regularly get preached by you but still they haven’t been able to conquer the illusion and raise themselves towards the higher levels of realization, how can I handle such people? How would I be able to uplift the righteousness? I feel incompetent to manage this huge Mutt of yours the way you used to handle. Kindly don’t put this responsibility on my shoulders. I’m getting nervous, kindly give this responsibility to Siddhaiyya or someone else”.

Swami smiled and said, “Dear Govindayya! I’m glad to see your opinion and feedback on Siddha! Molten Gold is casted into many ornaments by the smiths. Some are called rings, some are referred to as necklaces, and some are known as bracelets. But when the casted figures are heated again, in its molten state it attains the initial state itself. When it remains in the form of ornaments, then also it doesn’t lose its property of being gold. Similarly, you have taken birth from me, hence I know about your potential very well. I am aware of your capabilities as well as weaknesses very well. Hence do not worry, you’ll be able to manage the Mutt operations. Siddhaiyya’s life has a different path to follow”.

Swami continued, “Son! First I’ll explain you ‘Samsara Maharanya Swaroopam’ and after that I’ll explain you ‘Hamsa Swaroopam’. Listen to me carefully! The Maha Aranya (dense forest) which is called as ‘Samsara’ (world) is built on the foundation called Prakriti (nature) and Prakriti is Maya (illusion). All sorts of happiness are the ‘Phalas’ (fruits). Its core or trunk is made up of Triguna (three qualities). Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama(enjoyment), Moksha (liberation) are the four kinds of essences or sap which nourishes the forest and its trees. Shadoorma (birth, infancy, youth, pain, disease, old age) are its climates, Saptadhatu (seven metals) are the seven layers of its atmosphere. Navarandhram are the bores in the bark of the trunk. Dasavidha Prana (ten types of air) are the leaves. Shabdadi Vishayam are the saplings. Raaga (love) and Dwesha (hatred) are the branches. Various types of Karmas are the flowers. Putra (son), Mitra (friends), Kalatra (wife), Bandhu(relatives), Jana (people) are the pointed prickles. Kama (desire), Krodhadi (anger etc.) six qualities are the thieves. Old age is the Pisacha (flesh eating vampire). Mrityu (death)and Bhayam (fear) are the fearsome lions and tigers. Sankata (hurdles)are the mountains, Swarga-Naraka (heaven-hell)are the ends of the swing. In such a dense, dark and scary forest Jeeva (soul) wanders everywhere. Even after roaming inside for unlimited time, when it finds no end to the vicious circle, it sits and repents. On looking behind it finds an infinite space of its past, whereas on looking forward it finds an infinite path to go. Knowing no other way to come out of that jungle it goes into deep sorrow”.
Govindayya enquired, “Father! When a soul wanders in the infinite vicious circle called forest, and doesn’t find a way to come out; what is the option for such a soul to get out of that Aranya (forest) and get liberation? Please explain!”

Swami replied, “Son! Due to the virtuous Karma (deeds) done over the past many births, when a soul accumulates good amount of virtuous results, it gets the desire for liberation n its heart. Then that soul should try to break from the shackles of attachments with wife, wealth, children, and property, . It should not bend its head in front of desires. It should also abandon the desire of earning material things. Only when it tries to earn the spiritual wealth and does all meritorious spiritual activities with devotion to the god. Offering or sacrificing all the virtues, vices and their respective merits or results to Parameswara. Such a soul succeeds to obtain ‘Brahmasakshaatkaara’ (realization of the supreme self) . Then he attains the state which is called Kaivalya (actual liberation). Hence whatever you do, you should offer that to Parameshwara and remain detached from the worldly possessions and desires”.

Swami said, “Son! Now I’ll explain “Hamsa Swaroopam’ which is also known as ‘Swara pareeksha’. Listen carefully!”

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