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Chapter 86- Swami Teaches Swara Pareeksha’s Usage

Swami said, “Son! Listen to the method of knowing your yearly, weekly and monthly good and bad future. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; these three days of the week belong to ‘Chandra Nadi’. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; these four days of the week belong to ‘Surya Nadi. However, based on the fortnights Thursday becomes a shared day. In the fortnight after the new moon day (Sukla Paksham) whatever number of Thursdays fall, all belong to ‘Chandra Nadi’. Likewise in the fortnight after the full moon day (Krushna Paksham) whatever number of Thursdays fall in that period, all belong to ‘Surya Nadi’. During the days which belong to ‘Surya Nadi’, early in the morning if you find your ‘Surya Nadi’ (right nostril) functioning; that means, that day would bring you victory, profit, and auspicious events and is called as ‘Poornam’ (Full). If the opposite nostril (Nadi) functions, it would bring opposite (bad) results for that day and is called as ‘Riktam’ (Empty). Similarly during the days of ‘Chandra Nadi’ if the left nostril functions early in the morning, (‘Purnam’) then it would give good results for that day, and if the breathing functions opposite, then that day would be the harbinger of bad luck”.

Swami explained further, “On the days when ‘Purnam’ (Full) match occurs, whatever task one would take up, he would succeed in that mission. Moreover, all the auspicious and good tasks would give success when done when ‘Chandra Nadi’ is in its ‘Purnam’ (means when Chandra Nadi maps correctly on Chandra days). Whereas all the quickly wanted tasks and inauspicious tasks would give success when they are performed during the ‘Surya Nadi’ days when ‘Surya Nadi’ functions”.

He continued, “Moreover, in the ‘Sukla Paksha’ (fortnight after the new-moon day) during the ‘Chandra’ days, if ‘Chandra Nadi’ functions, it would give special benefits. Similarly, in the ‘Krishna Paksha’ (fortnight after the full -moon day) during the ‘Surya’ days, if ‘Surya Nadi’ functions, it would give special benefits. These ‘Nadis’ function one after another, in sequence. Chandra Nadi functions for six ‘Ghatika’ (seconds) followed by ‘Surya Nadi’ for six ‘Ghatika’ (seconds). In this manner in a period of sixty ‘Ghadiya’, ‘Chandra Nadi’ functions five times, and ‘Surya Nadi’ functions five times. These ‘Nadis’ follow their rhythm based on the essence of; the five vital elements of the nature. First time it follows ‘Akasa Tatwam’ (Sky element), second time it follows ‘Vayu Tatwam’ (Air), third iteration it follows ‘Agni tatwam’ (Fire), fourth iteration is based on the ‘Jala Tatwam’ (Water), and finally on ‘Prudhvi Tatwam’ (Earth). For cleansed hearted pious humans these ‘nadis’ function positively and with correct synchronization of time. Others may have slight variations and thereby their by their luck differs with their actions”.

Swami addressed Siddhaiyya and said, “Siddha! I hope you are also following me. Listen children! That completes the menthod to know daily and weekly odds and favors of your life. Now, I’ll explain you the method using which you can identify long term luck which means you can know the ‘Samvatsara Phala’ (yearly favors and odds) of your life. Listen! One day before the ‘Ugadi’ day, means on the previous day of New Year which remains the ‘Amavasya day’ (new moon day). On that night ‘Surya Nadi’ should function. The next morning (‘Padyami’ which is the day after the new moon day) ‘Chandra Nadi’ should function. And the same evening ‘Surya Nadi’ should start functioning. On ‘Vidiya’ day (second day after the new moon day) in the morning ‘Chandra Nadi’ and in the evening ‘Surya Nadi’ should be functioning. Similarly on the ‘Tadiya’ day (third day after new moon day) in the morning ‘Chandra Nadi’ and in the evening ‘Surya Nadi’ should be functioning. If this is the patters for these three days, it means that year would be a harbinger of good fortune for oneself because if this pattern is seen then the ‘Chandra Nadi’ gains four months’ power per day and hence entire year remains fruitful for oneself. On the contrary, if on the ‘Padyami’ day (next day of new moon day) if in the morning time ‘Chandra Nadi’ doesn’t function, it indicates ‘Dhananaasam’ (loss or decrease of wealth in that year). On the ‘Tadiya’ morning if ‘Chandra nadi’ doesn’t function, it indicates fear and anxiety throughout the year for onself. On the ‘Chaviti’ day (fourth day after new moon day) if the rhythm doesn’t function as expected, then it indicates conflicts and fights with close friends and relatives. It would lead to a series of revenges. If on the ‘Panchami’ day (fifth day after new moon day) if the ‘Vaara swaram’ (rhythm) doesn’t function as expected, then it indicates some fear from the rulers (or govt.). On the ‘Shashti’ day (sixth day after new moon day) if the ‘Vaar Swaram’ (rhythm) doesn’t work well, t5hen it means one is going to suffer from some serious disease or illness that year. On the ‘Saptami’ day (seventh day) if rhythm runs opposite, it indicates ‘Putra Haani’ (means one is going to lose his son) in that year. On the ‘Ashtami’ day (eight day) if ‘Vaara Swaram’ doesn’t function correctly, it means definitely that year he would breathe his last (‘Praana Haani’)”.

Swami also taught them how to nullify the effects if opposite ‘nadis’ words on opposite days and said, “If on the ‘Surya’ days ‘Chandra Nadi’ functions, then one can nullify its effect by walking three steps in the direction of East or South by putting his left foot ahead first. Similarly if on the ‘Chandra’ days ‘Sudrya Nadi’ functions then if a person walks three steps Westwards or Northwards by putting his right foot ahead first, it would nullify the ill effects. Now I’ll explain you the predictions based on the ‘Tatwam’ (essence) of the ‘Ugadi’ day (New Year day). Listen carefully! On the ‘Ugadi’ day morning if the environment looks filled with ‘Tejotatwam’ (means hot and sunny), that indicates that in that year rains would be feeble. If found to be of ‘Vayu tatwam’ (windy morning), then that year would prevail with diseases and illness for everyone. If ‘Akasa Tatwam’ (neat sky) is seen on that morning, it indicates that there would be no diseases but many other calamities would come. If ‘Prudhvi Tatwam’ (Earth element) is found then that indicates that entire year would be harmonious, would bring prosperity and wealth for everyone. In case of ‘jala tatwam’ (water element), is seen it indicates that the entire year would bring happiness to one and everyone”.

“Now let me explain the monthly calculations of favors and odds based on the ‘Swara Nadis’. Listen! In any month if ‘Chandra nadi’ functions in the morning of the four days viz. ‘Amavasya (new moon day)’, ‘Vidiya (next day)’, ‘Tadiya (day two)’, and ‘Padyami(Day three)’ then till next new-moon day (means till next month) it would be lucky and victory giving period for oneself. In case in those days ‘Surya nadi’ works, then walking Eastwards three steps would give strength from ‘Surya (Sun)’ and would nullify the adverse effects. So, dear children! Always monitor your ‘Nadi Swaras’ and act as per their rhythm. That way you would be able to live a balanced life”.

Siddhaiyya asked a question, “Gurudev! You have explained about the indications of one’s death based on the yearly ‘Nadi’ calculations. But could you also explain me how would one be able to calculate his death in general please?”


Readers are not advised to practice these details on their own. A spiritual master (Guru) is required to teach these subjects, otherwise there could be some incorrect interpretations of the given text and reader may end up finding anomalous results.

It is always recommended to learn Yogic procedures directly from a Guru, and not by reading books and practicing them on our own.

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