Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 87- Discourse on Marana Soochaka Lakshanam

Swami replied, “Siddha! On the first day of Samvatsara (year), Maasa (month), and Paksham (fortnight) by examining the breath rhythm on the morning one can estimate one’s death time. I’ve already explained you that on the first day of year, month and fortnight if the ‘nadi’(breath) is in sync with its corresponding ‘vaaram’ (day), it would bring victory, auspiciousness etc. If the ‘Vaara Swaram’ is opposite it would bring opposite results. This is already known to you. Now listen to the method of estimating one’s death. If on the ‘Ugadi day’ (new year day) if the ‘Vaara Swaram’ is opposite, it means that person’s death is at three years distance from him. If the ‘Vaara Swaram’ is absent for two days, it indicates one’s death is at two years distance. Similarly if the ‘Vaara Swaram’ is absent for three days, it indicates one’s death is one year far from that individual”.

“Moreover, whichever ‘Nadi’ if found not functional for one complete day and night, it indicates that one has only three more years of life. If for fifteen days ‘Surya nadi’ doesn’t remain functional then that indicates that one is left with only two more years of life. If one’s breath runs through same nostril (Nadi) for three nights consecutively, it indicates that the life span of that individual has only one more year left. For many days if at night the ‘Chandra Nadi’ functions and in the morning ‘Surya Nadi’ runs then it indicates that one is left with only six more months of life”.

Govindayyacharya asked, “Father! Few days ago you were explaining ‘Chaya Purusha Lakshanam’ to a devotee. Could you kindly repeat that discourse for me?”

Swami replied, “I have been telling you all many times that one should make hay when the sun shines. And when I planned to enter Samadhi you wanted to learn such divine secrets now? Anyway better late than never! I’ll explain the same to you. Listen to the same carefully!”


  1. I couldn't Understand totally what swamy is saying

    But I am pretty much interested to learn & know it

    Please help me..

  2. It is a discourse about functionaing of nostrils. U would have observed that at one time only one nostril breathes. ....Additional explanation i wouldn't furnish since this is a sensitive topic and a misuse or incorrect understanding may be emotionally/socially/mentally harmful.

    All such exercises requires a Guru. And hence In the very beginning 2nd post on this book (blog), in the disclaimer I ahd mentioned that very clearly....So, please don't practice any of these yogic stuff without the supervision of a Guru. Thx!

  3. Hello,

    Kindly help me in understanding what swami said above.Can we observe the same for ourselves and calculate the number of years of life left?

    Aswini Kumar

    1. Hi, these kind of sadhana require a guru's guidance. And even though I might know theoretically to some extent, I am not the right person to elaborate on these. A Guru is needed to explain these concepts. A guru who has been there, done that!