Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 9- Divine experiences with Veerambotlayya

That night after having dinner, Veera Bhojayacharya and his wife went to Sage Atri with folded hands and informed him that very early in the morning they would step out of the hermitage for their travel. They wanted to seek his blessings by informing him about their travel plans.

Sage Atri found them to be very pious filled with all the Satva Gunas (good qualities). He asked them to stay in the ashram till the time he says. He told them that he wanted to teach some things to them. Veera Bhojayacharya and his wife agreed for this and they remained there. Sage Atri blessed the couple saying, “Sheeghrameva Santana Prapti Rastu (May you be blessed with a child)”.

Sage Atri found Veera Bhojayacharya to be very sharp in spiritual texts and found him to be a filled with divine wisdom. Within no time he learnt many Yogic secrets from sage Atri. Seeing this, Atri became very happy. One day he called them and said, “It’s already been six months now. Now you people may travel back to your hometown. But wait for a moment! …” Saying thus, Sage Atri went inside his hermitage and brought a divine looking child with him.

Seeing that child Veera Papamamba got filled with motherly love, took that baby in her hands and addressing Sage Atri she asked, “Swami! You are a Sage. Where did you get this child from?” Hearing her question Sage Atri narrated her the past of that child and about his parents.

After that sage Atri revealed some divine experiences with the infant to the couple. He said, “This baby ‘Veerambotlayya’ is not any ordinary child. His face oozes divinity. We have observed that flies, mosquitoes, or ants never touch this baby’s body. Even if he is put in sunlight he doesn’t cast a shadow. One day when we left this child under sunlight a Cobra came and casted shadow on him to protect him from the sun’s heat.

Likewise he has exhibited many such miracles in this childhood stage itself. It’s easily understood that when he grows up he would rule the world by enlightening them with his divinity. So, neither should you ever scold him, nor you should ever talk badly about this child. Rear him with utmost devotion and love”. Having listened to Sage’s words, that couple took leave of him and went back to their hometown Nandikonda village.

They narrated all the experiences of their pilgrimage to their pupils and experienced bliss in taking care of that child.


Sage Atri indirectly revealed many divine acts and qualities of that child but tactfully didn’t tell them that they held that great Lord, ‘Vishnu’ in their hands.

This was a very correct decision taken by him otherwise parents wouldn’t have been able to behave motherly and fatherly towards that infant. They would’ve started behaving like a devotee instead; which wouldn’t have been the preferred way. Moreover, since Hinduism puts parents above the God’s status, so ideally parents should behave like parents even if their child turns out to be an incarnation!

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