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Chapter 90- Swami preaches Kalagyana in his Mutt to the Nawab of Kurnool

Swami said, “Listen to the Kalagyana carefully!

1. In the year named ‘Krodhi’; in the month of ‘Margasira masam’ (December) on the ‘Suddha Panchami Somavaram’ (fifth day after new moon day which falls on Monday) in the ‘Karkataka Lagna’ during Punarvasu 'Nakshatra’ (rising sign=cancer and star=Punarvasu) when I would walk as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’, some calamities would rise in south. This would be indicated by a new star in the sky (new star means comet?)

2. Calamities and danger would be caused to ‘Cuddappa’ from the direction of ‘Rangapuram’

3. Seven types of winds would emerge and within seven days would become devastating tornadoes

4. In ‘Alampur’ and ‘Chundi’ regions many calamities would be seen

5. To someone by name ‘Vidyaranya Swami’, ‘Pratibimbasukayogi’would be born. ‘Sri Veereswara Swami’ would hand over the Indian subcontinent to me (Veerabhoga Vasantaraya) and I would rule the country

6. From all the four directions many heavy stars would fall on the surface of the earth causing damage to lot of lives (meteor showers?)

7. Many would become ‘Nirvamsam’ (their lineage would end). But my devotees wouldn’t be harmed

8. Evil minded people would attack the country. (Terrorist attacks?)

9. Due to a sudden and strange epidemic burst out; people would die in masses due to painful boils in anus, and wounds on heads. (Aftermath of nuclear bombing?-Hiroshima, Nagasaki?)

10. On the ‘Amavasya’ day (new moon day) people would see a full moon in the sky and all those who sighted that incident would fall dead then and there

11. In ‘Kartika’ month (November) people would believe me and worship me as ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’. On the ‘Kartika Suddha Dwadasi’ day (twelfth day after new moon day in November) people would recognize me as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and would develop devotion towards Vishnu. People would pray me with verses from sacred book ‘Sama Veda’. Ignorant people wouldn’t be able to know me

12. A huge black comet of twenty miles would be born in western sky. After thirty days of its birth it would be visible to the people

13. After that to the virtuous people sun god ‘Surya’ would show his divine human like form

14. Sky would become red. Cows would lift their heads and would cry aloud looking at the sky. A loud and strange thunder would be heard from the sky as if sky would break into pieces

15. Pious souls only would remain alive

16. I would rule over the entire earth

17. The way ‘Dharmaraja’ and ‘Sri Rama’ ruled over the country with righteousness I would rule over this world with the same integrity and righteousness for one hundred and ninety five years. That’s true!”

Swami stopped at that point and informed Nawab about his decision of entering into Samadhi, and said, “By the name of ‘Sri Veerabrahmedra’ I’ve stayed on this earth for 175 years as of now. In this ‘Kaliyuga’ (Iron Age) I would not remain on this earth now. I would do penance for some hundreds of years being inside a Samadhi and would come back as ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ and then I would rule the world after eliminating the sinners”.

Nawab requested him to send an information letter to him in advance so that he could be present there on the day of entering ‘Samadhi. Swami replied with acceptance of his request. Nawab stayed in Swami’s Mutt that night as per Swami’s order and the next morning paid his humble salutations to Swami and Siddhaiyya, and then left for his palace. After reaching Kurnool he told about Swami’s miracles to everyone in his place.

Everyone in Kurnool remained in everlasting bliss by worshiping Swami thereafter.

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