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Chapter 91- Govindayyacharya’s Corronation and Enclosure of Kalagyana Booklet with Invitation Letter

After few days Swami finds a good day for his Eldest son Govindayyacharya’s coronation ceremony as the next priest of the Mutt replacing Swami. Swami prepares a traditional invitation letter to invite all those people whom he met during his visit to other places. Along with his invitation letter, he includes few pages of Kalagyana also so that people who wouldn’t be able to make it to the coronation ceremony for some reason; they would have the privilege of reading the Kalagyana for themselves.

The Kalagyana booklet what Swami had enclosed with his invitation card read the below verses where he explicitly mentioned he would come as ‘Kalki’.

1. From ‘Swetadweepa’ (White Island) white people would come. They would rule the ‘Hindudesam (India)’ (British rule on India?). Muslim kings would also rule our country

2. In temples of ‘Hari’ and ‘Hara’, worship would decrease; the powers of the temple idols would come out and create havoc in the villages

3. People would insult saintly men due to pride of wealth & power

4. Cultivated seeds would not turn into crops and produce regularly. Rains wouldn’t fall in time

5. Sinners would die with explosion of their skulls and heart attacks

6. In the year called ‘Bahudhana’ Kanaka Durga kind of ferocious Shaktis would start destruction of the evil ones. Goddess Kali would go to Karnataka. Goddess Durga would be sent to all Muslim countries. Bharata would be sent to ‘Mahanandi’. Lord Nagendra would step on ‘Kandanooru’ place. Chakri would be sent to ‘Morasa’ state. Lord ‘Arkhasoma’ would be sent to northern countries. Goddess Kamakshi would be sent to western countries. These Gods and Goddesses would annihilate sinners on an astronomical range in their respective areas wherever they go

7. In the year named 'Vishwavasu' I would be born carrying a name 'Sri Veerabhogavasantaraya', and would later become famous by the name 'Kalki'. I would learn many Vidyas (arts/subjects) from Ashwatthama, Lord Dattaatreya, Sri Sanaree Vishveshwara Swami, Sri Achaarya Nagarjuna, Sri Swarna Amaralingeshwara Swami, and many other saints.

8. In the year named ‘Parabhava’ I as Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ would gain some boons from Lord ‘Mallikarjuna’ and would go to ‘Vindhya’ mountains to visit some ‘Rishis’ (saints). After accumulating the required boons and blessings, then finally I would be called as ‘Kalki’

9. As ‘Kalki’ in the year named, ‘Pramadicha’ I would become eight years old boy

10. In the year named ‘Ananda’ on ‘Margasira Bahula Astami Guruvaram’ (eighth day after full moon day in the month of December which falls on Thursday), Lord Mallikarjuna and goddess Bhramarambika of ‘Sri Sailam’ would reach ‘Vindhya’ Mountain

11. In the 5047th year of Kaliyuga (not to be confused with the English calendar number) which would be called by name ‘Pingali’ a fierce war would start and would continue in the northern countries till the year named ‘Kalayukti’

12. Northwards to the ‘Sri Kala Hasti’ area fierce war would happen

13. In the year named ‘Raudri’ in the month of November fierce wars would happen

14. In the year named ‘Durmati’ by the ‘Kartika Suddha Pournami’ day (full moon day of November) I would become sixteen years old youngster and would be hailed by the name, ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ and would become famous by name – ‘Kalki’. I would protect the virtuous people and take care of them as my children. I would punish the sinners for their evils

15. In the year named ‘Raktakshi’ I would get married

16. From the year named 'Virodhi', I would start my mission of 'Dushta Sikshana Shishta Rakshana'. From this year onwards Stars, Planets and Fate would work under my control. Destiny written by Brahma would no more remain functional; people would have to face the fruits of their Karmas accordingly as per my desire. I would decide pleasures and pains of individuals based on their past deeds.

17. In the year named ‘Nandana’ I would visit ‘Sri Sailam’, I would worship Lord ‘Mallikarjuna’ by following 'Pasupata Diksha' (also called as Viraja Diksha). From Lord Shiva I would get a horse by name 'Devadatta', a parrot by name 'Shuka', a mighty sword named 'Ratnamaru', a celestial bow by name 'Karmukam', 'Akshaya Tooniram' (inexhaustible quiver), as boons from him. Again I would sit for penance in ‘Sri Sailam’. But before I sit for my penance, there would be some calamities on Earth which would indicate about my presence to you. In the year named ‘Nandana’ innumerable stars would fall on the earth erasing many lives from the surface. (Meteor-showers)

18. In the year named ‘Durmukhi’ starting from the ‘Kartika Suddha Chaturdasi’ day (fourth day after new moon in the month of November) I would start eliminating all the sinners and that year onwards there would be many ‘Mahapralayam’ (cataclysms).

19. In the year named, ‘Subhakruti’ in the month of November a ‘Dhumaketu’ (comet) would be sighted in the southern region, due to which innumerable lives would get destroyed

20. Earth would fiercely shiver and annihilate innumerable lives (massive earthquakes?)

21. By the time I came as ‘Veera Brahmendra Swami’ it was 4094th year of Kaliyuga. From this point onwards after sixteen times the year named ‘Ananda’ passes, all the aforementioned things would happen. Hence all of you should always keep chanting my divine ‘Beeja Samputi Mantra’ (mantra of seed letters) “Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Namah Shivaya Sri veera Bhrahmendra Swamine Namah”. Whatever calamities or dangers this world would face, my devotees would remain untouched by any such danger. My devotee who chants this Mantra without even thinking of appropriateness of time, place, cleanliness, rituals etc. kind of trifles, he would always be dearer to me. Due to my protection, even if my devotees happen to stand amidst the ferocious calamities, I would ensure that they would not even get a scratch on their body. I would protect them, believe me! These are the words of this ‘Veera Guru’ which can never go untrue!

Swami enclosed that ‘Kalagyana’ extract with the invitation letter and sent to the invitee list for one more reason. He said whosoever keeps that booklet of ‘Kalagyana’ in their ‘Puja’ room and worships it, they would get wisdom, and remain away from sins by his grace. Also they would remain protected from all calamities of ‘Kalagyana’.

On the day of coronation which was the seventh day after the new moon day in the month of April which happened to fall on Thursday (‘Vaisakha Suddha Saptami Guru Varam’), Swami celebrated the function very grandly in front of all the invitees from various parts of the country.


In the point no. 21 above, there is a great mapping sheet which Swami has provided for us. If we analyze that point we can easily map the approximate time of arrival of Kalki. In point no. 21 Swami says he came as ‘Veera Brahmendra’ after 4094 years of the Iron Age (Kali Yuga). And the arrival of him as Kalki would happen after the year named ‘Ananda’ passes 16 times. In Indian calendar there are 60 names for the years. Every year name repeats after 60 years. So when Swami says the arrival of Kalki and related prophecies would happen after the year ‘Ananada’ passes sixteen times; arrival year of kalki can be roughly estimated as:-

1. 16 (Ananda) * 60 (no. of years) = 960

2. Swami present as Veera Brahmendra in 4094th year of Kaliyuga

3. So, adding points 1 and 2 we arrive at the approximate year of kaliyuga (4094+960) = 5054th year

Comparing the results with the year name given in point 11 above (5047th year, ‘Pingali’) we find that the statement of Swami and the calculations of the events are correctly matching since 5054th year maps to ‘Ananda’.

Secondly, Swami’s predictions in Hindu calendar year names fit exactly with his words. In point no. 7, he said he would be born in the year ‘Vishwavasu’ as Kalki.

In point no. 9, he said he would be eight years old boy. In point no. 14 he mentioned that he would attain sixteen years of age in ‘Durmati’. These calculations translate correctly when mapped with Hindu calendar years. ‘Pramadicha’ year comes exactly after eight years from year called ‘Viswavasu’. Also ‘Durmati’ comes after sixteen years from ‘Viswavasu’.

A good Indian astrologer would be able to exactly map these year numbers with the current Christian calendar numbers and then one can estimate in which year Lord Kalki would come.


  1. U have done a really excellent job.
    Swami visits Sri Kalahasti temple from 09/09/09 everyday and when he stops doing that Kalhasti will collapse. Check the link below for that prediction.

    Kalhasthi temple Gopuram collapsed on 26th May 2010.

    Many of the predictions describing hindu year and day after new moon coincide taking into consideration that Swami was born in 1965.
    As I started researching I found many of the predictions have already taken place. But a lot many destructive ones have not.

  2. Thanks for the link, sir!

    I read your posts. That link is nice. Posts and realistic year numbers are interesting. It's hilarious to know that you could map the predictions to exact year/dates. If the dates you mentioned become true then i would be the happiest person since in my life time itself i might get the chance of seeing Lord kalki :)

  3. In fact I m very much thankful to you that I came across your exceptional blog.I will be happy if you clarify one doubt, the mantra which you said as Om hreem kleem shreem namah sivaaya shree veera Brahmendra swamine namahais is this one correct or this one Om hreem kleem shreem sivaaya shree veera Brahmendra swamyne namaha(without namah b4 shivaya).
    Id like to share some which have already occurred.
    1 Pig gives Birth to an elephant.
    2 I have heard some sounds in the city about 7-8 yrs ago which had come in newspaper as they couldn't be explained what is causing them.
    3 Tsunamis
    4 destruction from 2009 to 2011 and then 2011 to 2013. From 2009 we have seen Hurricanes floods, tsunami etc bcoz of weather all over the world.
    5 Destruction in Muslim countries from 1999 or so( there are so many examples).
    6 As you said fragrant smoke from neem tree. Which was truly unbelievable.

  4. One more thing have you gone through the prophecies in your blog about his birth day and other such kalagynam where the hindu year days after newmoon,fullmoon and the weekday on which it occurs. You will come to know all of them match if Lord took birth in 1965 Vishvavasu.
    You can check it with the help of these links
    I m waiting for one prophecy which is due on 26.12.2011 in afternoon he will be crowned as ordinary ruler. If you get any info please let me know also I will be very thankful.

  5. Yes, Sir. truely those predictions becoming reality thrills me. Thanks for liking this blog. It's all the grace of Brahmamgaru I am just an isntrument in his hands.

    Some books write without "namah" and some books write with "namah". But i guess with "namah" seems to be logically correct since:
    1. Om hreem kleem shreem namah sivaaya shree veeraBrahmendra swami ne namaha - This contains Dwadasha words. if you remove "namah" it becomes Ekadasha worded string.
    2. This mantra is a combination of salutations to Shiva and Veerabrahmendra Swami both. So, with namah makes it logical. Without namah before "Shivaya", doesn't seem to be logical. Other beejaksharas like Kleem, Shreem etc are bestowers of prosperity, victory etc. but those words are nothing to do with salutations to god. Salutations are done to Shiva and Vrahmamgaru (who is Guru), here hence i feel "naham" fits logically there.

    but as i said, many authors have mentioned without namah mantra also in Telugu books. But the old lady from whom i learnt about Brahmamgaru's life she ahd an old book where with "namah" was there. So, assuming Old books are less corrupted than new versions, I go with namah option even at home while doing japa.

    Also, Brahmamgaru preaches "om hreem kleem sreem Sivaya Brahmane Namah" to Annajayya (If i recollect it properly). Here this mantra is not dwadasakshari but it is purely lord shiva's mantra it means "salutations to Shiva who is Brahman" (added with beejaksharas). So, seeing all these variants i think all these variants might be correct and have special meaning. So, whatever you have heard or have been following kindly follow that only. All paths lead to same goal (God).

    Thanks & regards!
    God bless!

  6. I think there is a misunderstanding that link I gave in the first comment is not mine. But that and ur blog made me come to a conclusion and also from a numerologist i got some predictions which all map to same years like world wars calamities etc. Can you post a comment if you come to know of God emotionless to an extent. I am really curios and waiting to see if i have the fortune of having even a glimpse of God.

    1. If you meditate, you can see God in the form of Guru or Ishta devata ( for ex as Siva, Krishna, etc). They not just appear, they walk and even talk to you. They appear in their vital body, like a hologram. This is true, it happened to many meditating people. Sadhana ( meditation or Kundalini yoga ) is important. One more thing, just seeing wont fetch you enlightenment. Only Sadhana makes you fit ( your physical, astral, and causal bodies; meaning pancha koshas ), then you will be bestowed with Samadhi, which leads to enlightenment, by REAL SADHGURU.

  7. Hi i searched like this in GOOGLE "kaliyuga started"
    Many of the Websites Given
    The Kaliyuga has started 3102 BC

    IF we combine this Year (2011) Ad with 3102 BC
    then the result is 5113 as of now


    it stated that Sri Veera Bhoga Vasantaraaya has taken birth in the Year 1955-1956

    again i got a doubt i substract 5113-60 = 5053

    5053 which is 1 year less than 5054
    if we substact these 60 years from now (2011)

    then it will become 1951

    I am not sure how much they are True

  8. Sir,
    I have two doubts if you can clarify:
    1)You said (in footnotes section) if 5047 corresponds to 'pingali', then 5054 corresponds to 'Ananda'. But it should be 'Raktakshi' right?(if we use the hindu year order)

    2)YOu said in the comments that longer mantra(including namah) is actually dwadasakshari mantra and shorter version(om hreem kleem sreem sivaya brahmane namah) is not. But dwadasakshari means 12(dwadasa) letters(akshari)(and not words). If you count the number of letters in shorter version we find that there are 12. Hence the shorter version is actually the dwadasakshari mantra right?


  9. Dear Sai,

    1) Sorry, these days i'm running short fo time to analyze the comments and respond. So, pasting here a calendar of 60 years. Pls copy them serially in excel sheet, and map them with english calendar names. That's how i did that while writing. I think i doubly checked the mappings but still to err is human so ur observation might also be true who knows. U pls check ur findings w.r.t the below calendar link and comment back. If ur point is correct i would request all readers to consider that as correction to my post.

    2) hmmmm....ur point is valid. but in all the varieties of telugu books u will find these two versions of mantras given. That being said, I accept that all books are susceptible to human errors and hence they are! Yes, if the original mantra used to contain 12 words then the longer one is correct and if it used to contain 12 syllables then shorter one is correct....if the originally given name was "dwadasakshari" then ur point is logically correct and if that name was coined by later time people, then i am not sure if that was ever called as "dwadasha shabda mantra" or something.....u have a point!! Good job!!

    Dear readers,

    I'm not updating my articles with any corrections. Therefore u all are requested to read all the commnds posted by the visitors and then frame a refined conclusion, These visitors are high intellectuals and are giving great and valid comments. But due to various reasons I can't modify the posts. So, the comments are EQUALLY valuable and are complimentary to the article. Please go thru every comment post reading the article!

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  11. Year and significances are conflicting

    Kaliyuga English Hindu Significance

    4999 1869 A.D 2. Vibhava Gandhi Born

    4094 964 A.D 58.Raktākshi Veerabrahmam Born

    5044 1914 A.D 48.Ananda Prophecies will start commencing
    (This is the 16th Ananda)

    But Veerabrahmam said that prophecies will start commencing after 1914 A.D ............but by then Gandh was already born
    Something is missing .......prophecies are correct but some dates are written wrongly I think.that why 2 conflicting verses

    Well Kalyuga started in 3130 B.C calculated as per given verses/dates

    1. The FOOTNOTES section have been writen by me and hence is you think that is erroneous, then all those mistakes are purely mind. Brahmamgaru's words can never fall, he is perfect!

  12. You misunderstood me ..........I pointed towards the book ....not Brahmamgaru's words which will never fail

  13. According to kalagnana point 17 above, we should see a meteor shower in this year (before April 11, as Ugadi is on April 11 and new year starts after that) on earth killing millions of lives.

    Is it going to be 2012 DA14 (coming close to earth on Friday 12:30 pm PT but collision strongly ruled out by NASA) or some thing else?

    If the meteor shower doesn't happen (before Apr 11), then we can assume we are off by at least 60 years or its multiple to the events mentioned above.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong...

    1. Effects of a meteorite impacts are such that they can cause a huge effect to the environment and believed to have caused a mass extinction in the past. Possibly the impact may have heated the environment and even while the meteor was on its way down it may have heated the env. It can cause huge disturbances in the already unstable environment thereby erasing numerous lives. We know his predictions are true and are to happen in the present times but we don't know how they are fulfilled as God is most intelligent. Possibly innumerable stars also may refer to meteoroids entering earths atmosphere which cause the phenomenon of shooting stars which are seen by many and are are not mentioned by people as they are not significant.

    2. We know almost nothing about how everything works. Whatever we know is definite where as knowledge may be indefinite. We don't even know and cant say anything about if the recent earthquake in china and Delhi can be caused by the meteor impact last year. God may know what actually happened then. It is like while riding a scooter if we have the entire knowledge about what goes on inside the scooter mechanically, we feel gr8 and we can be to a lot of extent sure about what is happening inside it but in this case we don't know anything behind it. Science has a lot of limitations , also some explanations given in terms of adhyatmic knowledge(even that we don't have much knowledge) may be hard to digest but we know everything is mithya , so almost anything is possible. There is a story about Swami Vivekananda and his Guru Ramkrishna Paramahamsa . Once they were seated below a tree and suddenly they saw an elephant marching towards them , so they got up and started running. Later Vivekananda said to his guru that the elephant is supposed to be mithya so why are we running away from it. His guru replied it is cheating if you don't consider that just like the elephant is mithya, the incident of us running away from it is also mithya :). So everything that is prophesied is may not fall in place the way we assume it would. May be later when after some incidents you can be sure or even God himself may clarify what actually took place :) .

    3. First of all, we need to understand that, point 17 above might happen exactly the same way it is mentioned in the next Nandana or the ones after that. Secondly there could be an error gradually building up in the translations that took place from the original kalagnana to the ones in this chapter.

      Assuming that both the above ones are false (i.e., point 17 is as per original kalagnana & the original kalagnana refers to the current Nandana w.r.t. point 17) :

      I understand your point of view and appreciate it. From your reply one thing is clear that we should not expect events to be happening exactly the same way they are mentioned in the kalagnana. That is the events mentioned in kalagnana can happen in an indirect way though the kalagnana statement is direct & very clear.
      In that case, my advice would be to just keep faith in the Swamy & don't get much excited about/attached to the events mentioned in the kalagnana. They may or may not happen the same way they are mentioned.

    4. I have checked another Telugu book and found that the statement was only about meteor showers there was no mention of deaths. however after the fullstop there started prophecy related to mass deaths . Probably it was a.mistake in the book which I referred for kalagyana. That book missed a fullstop and two prophecies got joined in a running sentence.

      I'm sorry for not having taken care of such cross reviews before publishing. Sorry to have troubled all of you. But now I am happy that swamy predicted about the showers and it happened. :-)

    5. Thank you Santosh for your valuable comment. This clears up everything :)
      Om hreem kleem sreem sivAya brahmanE namaha!
      Om hreem kleem sreem namah sivAya sree veerabrahmEndra swAminE namaha!

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  16. Hi Chidanand,

    It is some what surprising for me also that a day after I posted my above comment, meteor shower happened, but according to Kalagnana, many people should die and not just get injured. In the recent meteor shower over Russia, around 1000 people got hurt due to broken glasses hitting them. The window glasses broke due to the shock waves produced as a result of meteor explosion. So probably there will be another meteor shower before April 11 with an effect mentioned in the kalagnana.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. If Swami changed the impact as per His wish, then we can't be sure of Kalagnanam also, as the same thing could happen with the events mentioned in it. As far as I know, once certain words are uttered by Swami, they are bound to be true (just like curses in our mythology which can't be taken back, but extra conditions could be added to reduce the severity). Let us see till April 11.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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