Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 92- Swami Intentionally Tricks Siddhaiyya

After the coronation ceremony of Govindayya was completed, Swami called his wife Govindamamba and said, “Devi! Tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 I would enter into Samadhi. But tonight itself you should ask Siddhaiyya to go to ‘Banagana Palle’ village and get flowers for the Samadhi worship”. Govindamma followed Swami’s orders and called Siddhaiyya and told him what Swami had instructed. Siddhaiyya replied, “Mother! I’ll surely do as per your orders, will be back before noon tomorrow with the flowers as desired by Swami”. Then Siddhaiyya touched mother’s feet and took her blessings. He went inside to take blessings from Swami, but he found Swami in deep sleep. Siddhaiyya thought, “Without taking blessings from my Guru I can’t do anything, but to wake someone up from sleep is a great sin”. Finding no other way, Siddhaiyya slightly touched Swami’s feet and carefully placed his forehead on them. Then he got up and saluted him in his mind and went out.

Govindamamba couldn’t understand why Swami would want flowers from a distant village. And she was also aware of the fact that the distance between those two villages was so large that by the next afternoon it was impossible for anyone to come back. She couldn’t understand for a minute why Swami wanted Siddhaiyya not to see him entering Samadhi. But then she reconciled and thought, “Swami doesn’t do anything which is meaningless. Siddhaiyya is dearer than his own children to him. There must be some great purpose behind his act. Might be he wants to expose Siddhaiyya’s unparalleled devotion levels to the entire universe!” Carrying such thoughts in her mind, she went inside and slept.

Siddhaiyya who was an epitome of true and selfless devotion, who was a role model of a true disciple, set out for his journey to ‘Banagana Palle’ village on foot the very same night. Only vehicle which carried him was his ‘Guru Bhakti’ (Devotion for his preceptor), and the only fuel it consumed was the constant chants of Guru’s name!

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