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Chapter 93- Swami Tells About Eswaramma

From the day of his son’s coronation, Swami started remaining in deep silence. Swami called his son Govindayya and asked him to sit near him. Swami said, “Son! Today afternoon at 2:30 I would enter into Samadhi. I have stayed on this earth for 175 years and erased the ignorance of people by visiting various states of this country; made them focus their minds on the ‘Para Brahman’ (Supreme Lord) and brought them on the path of righteousness. Now the responsibility is on your shoulders which you have to carry further. In my absence you have to take care of your siblings and mother also. Hope you would also work towards uplifting the ignorant souls and would show them the path which leads to salvation! You too should traverse the path of righteousness and attain liberation.”

Govindayyacharya felt sad and replied, “father! I feel I’m not competent enough to handle the responsibility of this huge Mutt. I am not sure if I would be as good as you in driving the people towards the path of salvation. You made me the chief of this Mutt and put such a huge responsibility on my shoulders. Only God knows how successful I would be in balancing all these activities with perfection”.

Swami consoled him and said, “Son! Don’t worry much on this front. For some days you need to carry on the activities. Let me tell you one ‘Deva rahasyam’ (divine secret). As your daughters, four great mothers would take birth viz. ‘Eswaramma’, ‘Parvatamma’, ‘Sankaramma’, and ‘Govindamma’. All of them would be great ‘Yoginis’ (saints) and would make ignorant people traverse on the path of salvation. Among them ‘Eswaramma’ would be a divine incarnation of none other than the great goddess ‘Parameswari’ herself. Right from the childhood she would be a ‘Brahma Gyani’ (knower of the supreme truth) and would have the vision of seeing past, present and future. She would do many miraculous deeds. Her words would be infallible, sure shot to happen! Like me, she would also enter Samadhi and she would also have a famous Mutt like that of mine. People would worship her. Since that great goddess herself would incarnate as your daughter, you wouldn’t have to fear. She would take care of everything. Call her ‘Eswaramma’. She would even clarify your spiritual queries and would assist you in everything”.

Swami explained about Siddhaiyya to his son and said, “Don’t mistake Siddhaiyya to be a common man. He is an incarnation of that great lord ‘Maheshwara’ himself who incarnated to assist me in my mission. In his previous birth he was born as the prince of the city of Kasi. But once while trying to protect a cow from a tiger when he shot his arrow, it accidentally missed its aim and killed the cow instead. Due to that great sin of killing a cow he abandoned his body and took birth as a Muslim. To expiate himself of that sin he became my disciple - He is Siddhaiyya! You and your brothers never understood his devotion levels truly. To tell you the truth; in today’s date on this earth, there is none who is superior than Siddhaiyya! He is sinless, he is the devotee of the highest order, he is a self realized soul, he is a ‘Brahma Gyani’ (knower of the supreme truth). Hence abandon all your hatred towards him. Hereafter he is like your preceptor, friend, brother, and advisor. With large heartedness accept him as one among your siblings. Also as my last pieces of advice; I would like to tell that; have a large heart for all the animate and inanimate creatures. Consider everyone with equality. Have no partiality for any caste or creed. Serve your mother with devotion and become a pious soul”.

Swami addressed the people who came to see him for the last time and instructed, “Dear people! If you have any queries, quickly put them forward now itself, otherwise you wouldn’t have a second chance later”. All the people unanimously requested him to preach them Kalagyana for the last time for which Swami agreed.

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