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Chapter 94- Swami’s Vision for the Last Time

Swami started preaching few more secrets of his Kalagyana to the devotees who assembled there to see him for the last time. Swami said, “Children listen to some more secrets about my arrival in Kaliyuga,

1. I would reach ‘Vijayawada’ after sixteen times the year named ‘Ananda’ passes by from now

2. The event which would indicate the aforesaid event is: - seven villages would merge into one

3. Many stars would fall and take away life in multitude from earth (meteor showers)

4. ‘Dhumaketu’ (comet) would be seen. Animals would die. Their owners (caretakers) would also die

5. In ‘Badarikashrama’ place, I would reveal my true form to the great sages of that place for their long awaited desire. Then I would come to ‘Nandikonda’ village where I would teach the warrior skills

6. In the year named ‘Virodhi’ I would create a ‘Shakti’ in ‘Lingalapeta’ area. That ‘Shakti’ would be named ‘Ankamma’ and would come back to ‘Nandikonda’ after demolishing the southern regions

7. In the year named ‘Pingali’ wars would start in the northern countries

8. In the year named ‘Kalayukti’ a ‘dhoomaketu’ (comet) would be born which would be seen in ‘Nandikonda’ place and would vanish. From that place many ‘Shaktis’ would emerge. Many people would fall dead

9. Great and famous temples would get demolished

10. People of smith caste (‘Panchananam’ people) would become jobless

11. In the year named ‘Siddhardi’ massive earthquake would occur in ‘Addanki’ village. Mountains would collapse (may be due to landslides?)

12. In the year named ‘Prabhava’ massive earthquakes would occur in America killing thousands of lives and huge loss to property (Happened exactly in 1906 (Prabhava) – the earthquake of San Francisco killing over 3000 lives.)

13. In the year named ‘Raudri’ stars (meteors) would fall on earth making terrible sounds.People would drink water in the caves of hills & mountains. (Perhaps due to huge meteors striking the surface of earth normal water bodies might get evaporate. Perennial water sources – mountains might become the final refuge!)

14. In ‘Bangaladesh’ goddess Kali would appear in her true form and would drink the blood of humans (drinking blood perhaps indicates large scale mass destruction by her)

15. Goddess ‘Matangi’ would go to western countries, and would dance fiercely after breaking the necks of innumerable people

16. Vijayawada would become as big as Golkonda

17. In front of Kanakadurga temple seven feet high heap of dead beetles would fall (Beetles are small insects (bed bugs), and a heap of beetles which is seven feet high would comprise of trillions of beetles. Hence here this looks like just a metaphor to compare large scale annihilation of humans which is uncountable. Hence it seems that the heap of beetles represents uncountable dead bodies)

18. Sun would shiver in the sky

19. ‘Kondaveeti Kota’ place would get incinerated

20. ‘Shakti’ called as ‘Rangamma’ would dance over the dead

21. Crocodile would enter into the temple of ‘Sri Bhramaramba’ of Sri Saila Mountain

22. ‘Pataala Ganga’ of Sri Sailam would vanish and also Lord Mallikarjuna would disappear

23. King ‘Chandragupta’ (not the one of Magadha state) who had been cursed by his daughter (whom he tried to ravish not knowing that she was his daughter) to become a stone is living as a stone in ‘Pataala Ganga’. He would be freed from that curse by the touch of the feet of Lord ‘Kalki’

24. Thousands of people would be killed instantly due to blast of poisonous gases from Esana and many more would die due to resulting diseases (Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 3rd Dec 1984 which killed about 20000 people and about 5-7 lakhs became injured)

25. Foreigners would rule our country and a woman would rule for sixteen years (British rulers and Indira Gandhi!)

26. Traditional method of ruling country (monarchy) would be replaced by a new system where citizens would become rulers (Democracy! This happened correctly in India after independence!)

27. Crocodiles would enter Tirupati temple. Hence the temple would be closed for three days without worship because of that reason

28. ‘Omkara’ sound would emerge from the ‘Garuda Dhwajam’ (flag carrying the eagle symbol which is present in front of Tirupati temple)”

He instructed, “Children! Remember my Mantra which is the ‘Beeja Samputi’ (seed letters); this would bestow you all with alls sorts of happiness and would protect you like an armor from any kind of calamity. ‘Om, Hreem, Kleem, Shreem, Namah Shivaya, Sri VeeraBrahmendra Swamine, Namah’. Chant this Mantra regularly and remain happy in while you live and when you leave, you would get liberation for sure. There are no restrictions for anyone. Women, men, people from all caste and creeds, can chant this Mantra of mine. There are no restrictions like – appropriate time, day, cleanliness etc.”

Then Swami called his wife ‘Govindamamba’ and said, “Devi! It’s almost the time for me to enter into the Samadhi. So listen to what I tell you carefully! You should not remove your ‘Mangala Sootram’, bangles, saffron mark on forehead, and other items of a ‘Sumangali’ (married woman). The way you used to decorate yourself till date, you should continue the same in my absence also. Remember that those who consider you as a window and hate you for not having abandoned the aforesaid items which are worn only if husband is alive, then such people would become destroyed. The way you were worshipped before, same way you would remain venerable by everyone in future as well. Remember that I am alive, I would remain alive. I’m not an ordinary human to die sitting in Samadhi; I’m entering Samadhi for penance and would still remain alive for next hundreds of years till I come back as Kalki”.

Swami gave a broad smile and comforted his wife saying, “Devi! Shed all your fears and sorrow. Do not shed tears in feelings of separation. We both are indistinct. I’m always there with you, and within you. Remember that I’m entering into Samadhi for a purpose. This is not the End; infact, this marks the beginning of my future manifestation called ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’, otherwise known as – KALKI”

Then Swami glanced at everyone, and addressed his children & spectators saying, “Dear sons and devotees! It’s time for me to enter the Samadhi. My suggestions for you all are, remain calm natured, remember me always, remain devoted to the divinity, and follow the path of righteousness. Till the time Sun and Moon exist in sky, in this ‘Kandimallayya Palle’ Mutt of mine, regular worship would continue.Children! Let me tell you one more secret. Our lineage would not continue. You would not beget sons to continue the race. Only my daughter ‘Veeranarayanamma’ would bear sons and their lineage would own this Mutt”.

Swami said, “Soon you all would see a divine lady ‘Eswaramma’ guiding you in spiritual path. But I am running short of time to detail about her. Siddhaiyya might come soon, before he comes I should enter the Samadhi. Purposely I made him not see me entering Samadhi. His name and fame would remain inerasable till the time sun and moon would last”.

Swami’s sons asked Swami to give his hand stick, ‘Paduka’ (wooden slippers), and ‘Sikha Mudrika’ (an ornament worn on the matted hair lock) to them but Swami refused and said, “These are the property of that pious disciple who had served his Guru for twelve years continuously with full focus and devotion. These are for my dearest son – Siddhaiyya!”

Then Swami sat in ‘Padmasana’ (a yogic posture for sitting) inside the Samadhi and lit an ‘Akhanda Jyoti’ (everlasting flame) inside the Samadhi and then asked the devotees to seal the four walls from all sides completely. Devotees closed the doors and sealed the walls from all sides.

That was the ‘Vaisakha Suddha Dasami’ day (tenth day after the new moon day in the month of April) of the 4094th year of Kaliyuga when that Lord of the Lords Vishnu who incarnated as ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’ to uphold the declining righteousness, sat in Samadhi; to prepare ground for his appearance in the future as Kalki.


  1. Sir,
    Year 1906 is parabhava, but in point 12 you mentioned it as prabhava

  2. Dear Sai,

    While interpretting the calendar year names I used the calendar year names given in the following link under the section "year names":

    Every year repeats itself after 60 years since its a 60 year cycle calendar. So, in an excel sheet i had mapped the year names side by side to the years and then wrote.

    Well, if your calculation is correct, then i think somewhere I might have gone wrong in mapping.

    Please consider whatever is correct name as the right mapping.

  3. gratitude to you for this divine work. May the Lord shine his blessings on you always. stay blessed..

    1. Dear Love,

      Thanks for your kind words and wishes. All glories to the lord; I'm just a speck of sand of his feet.

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    1. I am not sure about the english century. I am not much aware of eswaramma's charitra. May be in her charitra it would be found in detail.