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Chapter 97- Swami Teaches Siddhaiyya about Maya and Realization

Swami replied, “Siddha! The things which I’m going to discourse you, was preached by Sri Krishna to Uddhava in Dwapara. Listen to me with focused mind!

Lord Sri Dattatreya said, ‘इन्द्रजालं इदं सर्वं यथा मरु-मरीचिका | अखण्डितं अनाकार वर्तते केवलः शिवः || ’.

This entire universe is illusion. The way in deserts water appears to be present at a distance but when you go nearby you find only desert. This entire world is a mirage, an illusion! Beyond all differences, beyond all forms, truly, there is only Shiva alone. Thinking of destroying the illusion is known as ‘Sankalpam’ (decision). All these fourteen worlds are Maya, Human beings, flora & fauna are all Maya. Demigods & demons are Maya. Good appearance or ugly looks both are Maya. names, forms, happiness, sorrow, fame, feelings, experience, pleasure everything is Maya. Kshetra-Kshetragya (body and dweller) are Maya. ‘Prakriti-Purusha’ seem to be different, but that’s also Maya. There is only one existence which shows itself as multiple forms again through Maya only. As like as lightening strike stays for a second in the sky and disappears, the same way this Maya quickly transforms herself into various forms and gives pleasures and pains. Maya creates ‘Bhranti’ (confusion) by showing ‘Prakriti’ and ‘Purusha’ as different but infact they are one and the same. The power which helps us in distinguishing the difference between ‘Vidya’ (knowledge) and ‘Avidya’ (ignorance) is what is called as - realization”.

Swami continued, “To remain unaffected with pleasures and pains is called ‘Nischala Paripoornam’. To realize that truth which is genderless, which is formless, which is spread everywhere without even leaving a place as small as the needle’s point, which is unborn, which does everything but doesn’t do any work, which neither has any birth nor has any death, which neither has any beginning, nor middle nor has any end, To realize such a reality which is the infallible truth, to see its existence everywhere, to dwell in that is what is called as attaining the ‘Paripoornam’ (completeness). That reality is called as Supreme Brahman. To understand the supreme reality as the ‘Shiva’ gives the unending supreme consciousness and permanent peace to the soul. People who realize it, they understand very well that all the changeable feelings are due to the influence of ‘Prakriti’ and abandoning ‘Prakriti’ (which is Maya), leads an individual towards the supreme bliss which is unchanging, and eternal. This is what is called as ‘realization’. Once this changeless state is attained, the cycle of births and rebirths would cease, pleasures & pains would not torment, and the individual experiences the supreme bliss”.

Swami said, “Siddha! I would show you now what that supreme paramjyoti looks like”. Swami spelled ‘Panchakshari’ mantra (NaMahSiVaYa) in Siddhaiyya’s ears and Siddhaiyya being a quick learner grasped it. Then Swami showed Siddhaiyya in his own mind’s eye the ‘Brahma Jyoti’ of the Para Brahman and said, ”Siddha! That is the ‘Param Jyoti’, that is your true form, that is the state which is termed as liberation or Salvation or Kaivalya. Only that is the truth, everything else is Maya. Prakriti creates through Illusion all the things which appear. World, religion, caste, life, death, presence, absence; everything is just an illusion and as ephemeral as a water bubble on the surface of water. Hence remaining above all worldly temptations, pleasures and pains is what the state of realization is”.

Swami initiated him with ‘Shadakshari Mantram’ (Mantra of six syllables) i.e., ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and said, “Leave your attachments with the body. Know that soul is eternal. Leave all attachments with my body which is not your Guru, it’s all an Illusion. There isn’t any difference between souls. You’re yourself the supreme truth; you’re yourself the Supreme Brahman. Realize that fact! Know the supreme existence of the soul as truth”.

He continued, “Siddha! Keep chanting my ‘Dwadasakshari’ (Mantra of twelve letters), that would give you happiness and would take you towards realization. That’s true! That’s the words of your Guru!”.

Swami kept his palm on Siddhaiyya’s head and blessed him.

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