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Chapter 98- Swami Shows his Universal Form to Siddhaiyya

Swami said, “Siddha! I’m giving you ‘Divya Drishti’ (Divine Vision). See the form of ‘Prakriti’. This ‘Prakriti’ is entangled with Maya. To separate Maya out of Prakriti and to see Prakriti as only a pure consciousness is not even possible for Brahma kind of gods. Failing to see the supreme ‘Para Shiva’ saints keep taking my refuge asking me to help them in realization. I’m giving you that divine vision now. With full devotion towards your Guru try to separate out Maya and then you would see that pure consciousness!”

By Swami’s grace Siddhaiyya could see his divine cosmic form showing various deities, worlds and creatures in it. And then he could separate out the Maya from the cosmic form and could see through the Maya and find the real supreme nature of the Prakriti i.e. the supreme consciousness which is called as ‘Brahma Jyoti’. Also ‘Param Jyoti’, ‘Apo Jyoti’ are all interchangeably used terminologies referring to the same Supreme Shivam. On seeing that divine light of Paramashiva, Siddhaiyya became totally involved in the blissfulness of that ‘Satchitananda’ Brahma Jyoti. Swami withdrew his divine vision and Siddhaiyya abruptly came into the practical world again.

Siddhaiyya thanked, “Swami! By your grace I could experience the supreme bliss of witnessing the ‘Satchidananda’ form of supreme consciousness. The same is you, the same is everything. You have made me come out of bondages and agonies. I am incapable of giving thanks to you Swami!” Siddhaiyya asked a question, “Gurudev! I have one more question. What is meant by ‘Kaala Pravartanam? Could you please explain that to me?

Swami replied,”Son! I have preached Kalagyana to you many times. ‘Kaala Pravartanam’ is nothing but ‘Kalagyanam’ itself. I wouldn’t discuss that in detail again, but let me tell you some important highlights now.

1. After 4999th year of Kaliyuga a great soul called ‘Gandhi’ would be born, he would become famous as ‘Mahatma’; He would bring freedom to the nation. He would establish certain number of ‘Dharma’ (righteousness) in the country

2. ‘Bandaru’ city would get submerged under the sea

3. Fair faced (Sweta Mukhi) people would rule this country (British rulers)

4. Non living vehicles would come (automobiles which do not need any bullocks, horses, or elephants to pull them)

5. In the entire world lamps would be lit with water (hydroelectric power)

6. In ‘Palnatiseema’ region men would live by eating leaves (does it indicate some famine?)

7. ‘Mogalai’ region would be swept out by floods

8. Entire ‘Nelluru’ region would be washed away by terrific floods and millions of lives would be put off

9. Prostitution would decline and Prostitutes would marry

10. Self realized Gurus would become rare, fraudulent Gurus would become innumerable

11. Some pious and true devotees would exist, I would come to meet them

12. Few of my devotees would establish ‘Dharma’ (righteousness) within the limits of their capabilities and make pavement for me to carry that further. I would rule the countries and establish ‘Dharma’. Subsequently, the entire world would once again walk on the path of righteousness, truthfulness, love and spirituality.

And many more divine secrets exist, but there is no time with me to discuss. I’ve one more thing to tell you. Siddha! You go back to your home, and follow your parents’ words dutifully. Whichever girl they select for you, get married and become a ‘Raja Yogi’ and live peacefully”.

Siddhaiyya replied, “Swami! By your grace this body which was a ‘Mamsapindam’ (lump of flesh), it got transformed into a ‘Mantrapindam’ (realized soul). Why do you want to push me into the world of infatuations and bondages by throwing me into marital relationships? I’m not going to marry. That’s it!”

Swami said, “Siddha! Among the four kinds of Yoga viz. ‘Mantra’, ‘Laya’, ‘Hatha’ and ‘Rajayogam’; being a Rajayogi is the best for Kaliyuga. Am I not a Rajayogi? Janaka kind of great men, weren’t they Rajayogis? In the same way you too follow my advice, marry a girl, be a ‘Rajayogi’ like me and become greater than me. Siddha! It’s predestined that my lineage would stop. My children won’t bear any son to continue my race further. But your lineage would multiply greatly. You would have a son named ‘Peddda Peeraiyya’ who would become a great yogi like you. Hence follow my suggestion and bear sons and grandsons. One who remaining in ‘Samsaara’ (world) makes ‘Samsaara’ to be false, he is the one who understands ‘HamSaHam’ (Hamsa, represents the state of ignorance, Soham means ‘Sah Aham’ which makes a person the supreme reality-‘Shivoham’). Become a Rajayogi of that kind”.

Siddhaiyya accepted Swami’s orders and then expressed his desire of getting Swami’s ‘Paduka’ (wooden sandals) and said that he wished to worship his Guru’s sandals daily. Swami became pleased and gave him ‘Paduka’ (wooden Sandals), ‘Yogadandam’ (Yoga staff made of wood), ‘Shikhamudrika’ (a hair clip worn on the matted hair), and ‘Bettam’ (a hand stick). Swami whispered a divine mantra in Siddhaiyya’s ears and blessed him saying, “Son! May you always shine like the ‘Satchidananda Murty’ (blissful supreme reality)”.

After that finally Swami warned Siddhaiyya saying, “Siddha! In this world, many fake Gurus would be seen, who don’t qualify, but still call themselves ‘Gurus’. As the saying in sanskrit goes, ‘Udaraposhanardham Bahukruta Veshaha’ (which means for the sake of stomach people would do anything), there would be many such false spiritual masters sen in this Kaliyuga. You should never respect them. Stay away from them. May your greatness be known to everyone! Live a Yogic life and finally enter a ‘Jeeva Samadhi’ like me”.

Swami then went inside the Samadhi and asked Siddhaiyya to close the doors and seal them. Siddhaiyya closed the doors and covered it with the huge rock what he moved aside earlier. Then he went straight inside Swami’s home and touched the feet of mother ‘Govindamamba’. She blessed him. Then he saluted Swami’s children, took permission from all of them to leave. For the last time he looked back and gazed at the entire vicinity to capture the old memories in his eyes, looked at Govindamamba’s feet closed his eyes for a second and then that great disciple stepped out of the Mutt premises heading towards his village ‘Mudumoola’.

As usual he didn’t have outer consciousness while walking. His mind remained totally focused on his Guru’s feet and his lips remained chanting his Guru’s Mantra. Meanwhile Govindayya who actually had an eye on the items which Swami gave to Siddhaiyya; he went to a nearby area where two famous thieves used to live. He hired them asking them to snatch the items of religious authority from Siddhaiyya and bring them for him.

As per the agreement they followed Siddhaiyya secretly. In a deserted forest area finding no one sighting them they came running from the backside of Siddhaiyya and lifted their hand sticks to break Siddhaiyya’s head. Suddenly they heard a scary roar of a tiger. Within a fraction of a second they found that tiger pouncing at them. Their sticks fell down and they ran away to save their lives. Siddhaiyya didn’t have his outer consciousness till this happened. With tiger’s roars his focus got diverted and he found thieves running away and tiger chasing them.

He understood that tiger as his own Guru who came to protect him when he saw the tiger vanishing right in front of his eyes. Siddhaiyya saluted his Guru in his own mind and then again set himself moving on the road.

Finally he reached his village ‘Mudumoola’ and went inside his home. His parents overwhelmed with joy on seeing their son after twelve lengthy years. His mother hugged him and kissed on his forehead. In a few days they selected a girl for him and Siddhaiyya got married.


There is a great hidden truth in this chapter which we can understand if we read it in depth. Here we get one great revealation about Siddhaiyya’s skills and devotion. Swami preaches that whatever forms we see all are due to (or made up of) Maya (Illusion). That’s true indeed. Sri Adishankaracharya said, “जगत मिथ्या ब्राह्मं सत्यं (Jagat Mithya Brahmam Satyam)” means, the universe with all forms and figures is all illusion, and is prone to destruction. But only thing which is true, indestructible, and eternal, is ‘Brahman’

In Chapter-16 of this book we read that Swami in his childhood showed his Cosmic form (Viswaroopa) to his mother. Here in this chapter he shows his cosmic form one more time; this time to Siddhaiyya!

Swami in Dwapara Yuga as Lord Sri Krishna had shown his Vishwaroopa (cosmic form) to Arjuna. Now by studying all these three instances we get one striking revelation. Arjuna and Swami’s mother both of them could see only various deities and creatures in Lord’s cosmic form. They could see Lord having multiple heads, hands etc. Even Siddhaiyya saw the same initially, but later he could cut through that Maya and could only see the brilliantly shining ‘Brahma Jyoti’ of Lord Sadashiva. This shows that only Siddhaiyya could understand the concept of Maya completely, and could break through the same, and realized the actual Supreme Being.

Another point which we need to understand here is, Siddhaiyya didn't get scared to see the terrific cosmic form. He could understand that, all the terribly looking forms and figures are all due to Maya, and he could dam-age the fabric of Maya and could drill through it to find the actual supreme conciousness. Hinduism's essence is 'Sat', 'Chit' and 'Ananda'. And Ananda is the stage where finally a seeker of Kaivalya Moksha lands in. That Ananda (bliss) is nothing but the pleasure derived from witnessing the supreme Param Jyoti of Sadashiva. That's the reason why Yogis always sit for endless time in Samadhi experiencing the nectar of bliss derived from witnessing that Param Jyoti.

Bhakti Marga followers reach salvations of types, Salokya, Saroopya, and Sameepya. But salvation called Kaivalya (Sayujya) can only be obtained through Gyana. That is the total liberation which takes a soul to the supreme Param Jyoti. One who reaches this Kaivalya doesn't return again to the material world, hence scriptures hail Kaivalya above all other types of Moksha. Gyana Marga followers achieve this. But this is the toughest state to attain.

As Swami rightly said, all names, genders, forms are Maya, Supreme Brahman appears in such forms at his will for some purpose, but not even Brahma kind of Lords could ever get through the illusion and realize the Supreme Being’s actual form (Jyoti).

This shows how great Siddhaiyya’s discipline was while learning Yoga from his Guru. This proves his devotional, Spiritual, and Yogic capabilities.

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  1. Hey in the First Point Swami stated that in the Year of 4999 kaliyuga a great soul will be born

    It means 1869 october 2nd is Gandhiji's birthday

    Swami Says i will be come as Sri Veera Bhoga Vasanta raaya after in 5054th year of Kaliyuga

    According to this She should have born on 1924 of English Calender