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Chapter 99- Govindamamba Curses People of Smith Caste of Two Villages

Swami’s second son ‘Potulurayacharya’ (the younger brother of Govindayyacharya who was the chief of the ‘Kandimallayya Palle’ mutt), along with his disciples went to a nearby village named ‘Panipenti’ for spiritual discourses. He sent a messenger to the villagers informing about his arrival. But the egoistic people of that village refused to come and send a response saying, “As per the customs of Hinduism, a widow should remove her bangles, ‘Mangalasutram’ (a sacred locket worn as a symbol of marriage), shouldn’t apply turmeric and ‘Kumkum’ (saffron mark on the forehead), and should wear white saree (garment). Swami’s wife has not followed any of these rules and still decorates herself as though her husband is alive. Only when she discards all those items, we would think of even talking to them. Otherwise taking ‘Teertham’ (holy water) and ‘Prasadam (holy food) from their hands is sinful for us”.

When Potulurayacharya heard the return message sent by them he got infuriated but again making himself calm went to another village named ‘Munimadugu’. Unfortunately here also he wasn’t respected. The villagers said, “Some of us were present in Swami’s Samadhi day in your home. We heard him asking your mother not to discard the marital sacred items. But had it been for few days, it would have been logical. It’s ten months now since your father went into Samadhi. How can he still remain alive inside the earth? Is it not foolishness to consider him still as alive? Only when Govindamamba rationally accepts this fact and discards all marital sacred items then only we would even see your face”.

Hearing the harsh words from the people of two villages, Potulurayya became agitated and returned home angrily. One of the servants rushed in and informed Govindamamba that her son was coming with an angry face. Govindamamba being a mother became worried and rushed towards the main gate. As soon as her son entered the gate she stopped him and enquired what the reason behind his unhappiness was. Potulurayacharya immediately took a nearby knife and putting it his own neck, described everything he faced in those villages and then said, “Mother! They were correct to a large extent. Practically it is foolishness to consider father as alive even after ten months have got elapsed. You are a widow. Why don’t you accept the reality and throw away all these marital signs? I feel I should cut my own throat and die!”.

Govindamma stopped him, snatched the knife and said, “Son! What is this craziness? You still behave like a kid!” Her tears rushed out of her eyes and she wept silently for few seconds. Like an enraged tigress she looked up and cursed, “Those villagers are idiots who didn’t understand Swami’s divinity. May all the smiths of ‘Panipenta’ and ‘Munimadugu’ villages go to doom!” Then she slowly calmed down and said, “Son! Don’t talk foolishly. You should understand that your father’s words never erred. When he himself told that he wouldn’t die, then you shouldn’t raise doubts on the words of that divine Lord. Don’t get carried away by the words of those villagers. Their doomsday was near hence they discarded Swami’s words and acted wrongly”.

Due to the curse of Govindamamba, all the smiths of those two villages reduced to poverty and their clan declined to zero. It is believed that till date in those two villages smith families do not live. It’s also believed that even if by mistake someone stays there, they incur heavy losses in business, and life.

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