Sunday, March 7, 2010


1. After 5000 years of the ‘Kaliyuga’ (Iron age) passes, righteousness would drastically decline

2. Atheists would be in great numbers

3. True devotees would be rare, fake Gurus, false disciples and devotees would be seen everywhere

4. Without thinking of right and wrong, for the sake of wealth & possessions siblings would kill each other

5. Full moon would be sighted on the ‘Amavasya day’ (new moon day). People who become eye witness that, would lose their sight

6. Sunrise would be sighted in midnight

7. Lightening strikes would dry up rivers

8. All races would become intermixed due to intercaste love marriages and would lose their ancestral identities

9. ‘Varna Vyavastha’ would totally get spoiled.

10. Principles of relations would remain only for the name sake. In the morning people would call each other ‘Brother & sister’ and at night would bed with each other

11. People would not live in one place and would keep moving from one place to another (How truly said! Be it givt. Or private jobs, transfers have become so common that staying in one place for more than 3 years has become a matter of luck)

12. Three new stars would be sighted in the sky, immediately following that there would be thunder & lightening which would be followed by a massive earthquake killing many people

13. In the daytime itself start would be sighted, and people sighting them would fall dead like dry leaves

14. Elephant would give birth to pig, pigs would give birth to monkeys

15. Wild animals would come down to villages and would drink their blood

16. Cock would speak in language of humans

17. India would be ruled by other country people

18. Without the help of bullocks and horses, vehicles would run (automobiles)

19. With the power of water lamps would be lit everywhere in the world (electricity)

20. Tiger and goat would remain in friendly terms (circus? Or zoo?)

21. Due to severe headaches and heart attacks people would die

22. Dwarfs of very little heights would be born who would require a ladder for climbing a chilly plant (indicates liliputs kind of short heighted people. Nowadays we can see very well that younger generations are short heighted than their forefathers. May be in future strangely shortheighted ones would come)

23. Right shoulder of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati would shake

24. Debates, quarrels and fights would occur within Vaishnavas sect itself

25. Dogs would kill horses

26. People of other religions would rob our country of her riches (True! Our Vedas have been taken away by Germans, priceless Kohinoor diamond is In Britain)

27. Vijayanagar kingdom would lose its richness

28. Kasi city would get spoiled for 40 days

29. In the Kurukshetra area massacre would happen

30. In ‘Malayala’ state (Kerala) ‘Mandapala’ would talk to humans

31. Goddess Kamakshi of ‘Kanchi’ city would rotate at same place continuoysly for 3 hours

32. River Ganga would disappear from Kasi

33. All the routes to Tirupati would get blocked

34. In the temple of Lord ‘Sri Venkateswara’ a huge snake having seven hoods would enter and would take the form of a Brahmin and recite Vedas

35. Sky would become red. Blood would fall like rain

36. Newly born babies would talk to their mothers

37. Pig would give birth to Elephant, crane would give birth to monkey, and dog would give birth to hen

38. Virtuous people would become poor and beg for making from hand to mouth. Evil minded people would live lavishly

39. Idols in temples would dance on their own

40. Wealth and riches of Lord Venkateswara would be stolen by six thieves

41. Many fake Swamis would come and make money by fooling the innocent people

42. Towards the southern direction of Sri Sailam, tremendously heavy storms would occur which would even take away big rocks and stones by its force

43. Blood and pus would ooze out from rocks

44. From the bottom of Krishna river a golden chariot would emerge, whosoever would sight that, they would become blind

45. Inside the temple of goddess Bhramarambika of Sri Sailam, two headed crocodile would enter and the it would merge into the goddess

46. Lord Mallikarjuna of Sri Sailam would talk with humans

47. A child aged 5 years would learn 5 vedas

48. Sri Kumaraswami’s temple would be closed for one week

49. A ‘Maha Shakti’ (super power goddess) would appear in ‘Lingalapuram’

50. Kali would be sent to Karnataka, Durga to Islamic countries, and Veerabhadra to Kerala. There they would chop many sinners to death

51. Seated people would die in the same seated position, people walking or running would die on the same spot, sleeping people’s sleep would become permanent, people standing and watching would fall dead at the same instant. (Perhaps it indicates at the Hiroshima-Nagasaki nuclear explosion. This would be the same case in any nuclear holocaust. If World War-3 happens then same case might repeat)

52. Aquatic animals would come out to shore and commit suicide

53. Day and night vultures would scream. Every hour dogs would cry

54. Lord Shiva’s eyes would vomit sparks of fires

55. Goddess Sri Gouri would weep

56. Nandi would jump crazily

57. Goddess Lakshmi would feel sorrowful

58. Blood would shower like rains

59. Brahmins would become slaves. Virtueless people would recite Vedic hymns

60. Such an evil children would be seen who wouldn’t even care to give food and water to their living parents and would torment them with starvation

61. Unknown to Vedas and Puranas, such new gods and goddesses would be born. Devotees would get confused analyzing who all are real deities among them, whom to worship and whom to not

62. All items would get adulterated (Very well happening today! Food items, jwellery, fuel, furniture, cement and what’s not? Everything is adulterated. Nothing is pure nowadays!))

63. Wives would abuse husbands, sons would beat their mothers, and daughters-in-law would murder their mothers-in-law (Very true! This is happening in many families!)

64. Ladies would sell children born to them in markets and they would sleep with multiple men (This is also happening. In a news channel of Andhra Pradesh it was shown that a mother killed her infant by washing him dead in a washing machine just because he was a disturbing element in her sexual life with his secret lover. Another case was telecasted where a lady had beaten up & burnt her 6-8 years daughter since her secret lover found her as a disturbing element of his privacy. When such brutal murders were done by the mothers themselves, then it looks practical to read mothers selling their children in markets to become free for another sex venture!)

65. Cruel husbands would be born who would treat their wives as their servants (Very much happening!)

66. Quarrels and enemity would take place among various countries

67. Quarrels on the name of religion would destroy the humanity from the hearts of the mankind

68. Human form would get distorted due to many kinds of disabilities and disasters (could be pointing towards the nuclear holocausts and famine)

69. Large number of orphaned children would be found in every country

70. Images on the screen would rule countries (Cinema actors would become political leaders. It is happening already. Chiranjeevi, Rajni Kant, Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, and many more examples can be cited)

71. People would sell off their fields, property, and houses for false studies. Even after learning many subjects, people would remain unsatisfied because of lack of wealth

72. If an evil ruler resigns, another cruel ruler would rise to position (What a true statement! One bad political leader coems down, another worse leader ascends.)

73. Widows would be treated like married women for rituals and sacred functions. Men would become so extinct that for seven women one man would be available. (Man to woman ratio would decrease, may be due to wars, quarrels etc. So, finding no married lady available, people might honour widows for their rituals and functions)

74. Country would remain rich in people who insult God, Brahmin, and Guru without mercy or fear

75. A human would be born to a cow having three legs, he would debate with scholars

76. Quarrels would rise near the banks of Kaveri River (Already happening between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. May be these Luke warm debates would turn into quarrels and fights one day soon)

77. Goddess Meenakshi of ‘Madurai’ city would come in human form and would talk to the people of that place

78. Lord Basaveswara of “lepakshi’ place would get up and jump crazily

79. One owl would screen and as a result ‘Gutti Kota’ place would get demolished all of a sudden

80. Lord Hanuman of ‘Sirivella’ place would appear in his true form, would protect the devotees and teach a lesson to the sinners

81. In the eastern direction a huge comet would be sighted having a size of nine feet (nine feet with human sight means actual size could be in hundreds of miles perhaps). One foreigner who would sight it, would die

82. Nelluru would get submerged under water

83. In between the years named ‘Prabhava’ and ‘Pardhiva’ there would be ‘Pralaya’ (cataclysms)

84. Occeans would rise up and would swallow cities inside them

85. Ruling by Kings would be replaced by democracy (Very true! Already happened)

86. In the year named ‘Bhava’ all rivers would get flooded

87. In a village named ‘Palnadu’ tamarind fruits would emerge from bitter gourd plant

88. Vijayawada Indrakeeladri would split into two due to quarrels, and then goddess ‘Kanaka Durga’ would reach ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’ mutt of mine

89. In the year named ‘Raktakshi’ near the city ‘Chinna Puri (now Chennai) a seven years old girl would give birth to an infant. That infant would have four legs, three eyes and horns on head

90. Poisonous gases would get leaked killing people in great number (Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984?)

91. Tirupati would become a big city and Lord Venkateswara would become very popular among people (Already happened. Isn’t it?)

92. Goddess Lakshmi would take birth in the family of‘Vaishya’ caste in Benguluru

93. Lord Hanuman of ‘Hampi’ temple would screem at the top of his voice. With that sound many people would die

94. A temple priest would find gold in ‘Swarnamukhi’ river which he would donate to the Lord ‘Sri Kalahastiswara’ thereby he would gain a good name. Kalahasti temple would be robbed after that incident

95. Cobras having ‘Shiva Linga’ in their necks would be seen dancing in that temple

96. Idol of ‘Veera Raghava Swami’ of ‘Tiruvalluru’ village would sweat

97. From ‘Kondaveti Kola’ place fire sparks would emerge. From those fire sparks a Shakti named ‘Rangamma’ would be born

98. Lord Mallikarjuna would leave Sri Sailam and go to Vindhya Mountain

99. One tree would be seen standing in day time and sleeping on the ground at night

100. In ‘Rayadurgam’ place a parrot would teach words of righteousness to people

101. In ‘Tadipatri’ village a goat would speak to people

102. The temple doors of ‘Sri Kumaraswami’ would automatically get closed on their own

103. Patala Ganga would become dry

104. A new disease named ‘Korangi’ would spread like an epidemic and more than ten million people would die

105. Cultivation wouldn’t result in good produce, cows wouldn’t yield much milk

106. People would remain infected with lust heavily. Thereby visiting brothel houses would become common. Especially women would become highly lustful and would corrupt every race. Men would encourage and promote them in their activities

107. India would be ruled by foreigners

108. Sinenrs would insult and hate me, virtuous devotees would understand the truth of my words and would keep their faith in me

109. Wealth accumulated by Hindus of India would be stolen away by Muslims

110. Tirupati deity – Sri Venkatewara would be worshipped by priests belonging to other religions

111. In ‘Banagana Palle’ village a He-goat would lactate like a She-goat

112. Days would come when rice would be sold in the packets of the size of an egg

113. Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi would get angry and due to that southern people would fall dead

114. In north India a person named ‘Gandhi’ would be born who would bring independence to India and would establish Satyaahinsa (truth and non-violence) and many ‘Dharma’ (rules of righteousness). But he would be killed by an evil person

115. ‘Musi’ river would swallow up many villages inside her and after that a new city would be discovered

116. River ‘Krishna’ in Vijayawada would rise so high that it would scale the heights of Indra Keeladri Mountain and would touch the nose of ‘Kanaka Durga’ idol situated on that mountain (It indicates a great cataclysm).

एतत् सर्वं श्री वीरब्रःमेन्द्रार्पणमस्तु

I offer all this to Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami


  1. Hi,

    your blog is very good. I am in midway through kalagnana. I have a question.

    when Lord kalki will come down to earth. will it be in near future (like next few years) or still there is a long time to go?

    1. He has descended on earth and things will happen very professionally it will be on headlines sooner than later.

    2. he is coming on vijayanama samvatsaram 2016

  2. Dear Anonymous friend,

    That's a tough question to give an exact answer. Our Hindu calendar works on 60 Year cycle. Every year name repeats itself after every 60 years. Since Swami had predicted his arrival as Kalki as per Hindu calendar names, it could be in near future or in far future. THis can be estimated by people who have good knowledge on Astrology. They can probably stimate based on the events of Kalagyana already happened and pending to happen and can come up with "possible" dates of Kalki arrival.

    1. It may be around 100000 years after probably...till then no harm to earth..

  3. Red Rain in Kerala has occurred.

  4. Hello all this mentioned in Sri Veerabrahmam gari Charitra,you have added littile bit spicy in that,anyway be happy in your way of preechings,one thing why don't you tell us what is your near and far future???????God Bless all of US.

  5. Dear Anonymous Friend (Above one),

    I haven't understood your point at all. What do you want to say, kindly elaborate your point. What spice did i add, can you please be more specific?

    Regarding my near and far future, you need not worry. My Lord Shiva and Guru Brahmamgaru are there to take care of that.

  6. Gold coins found in swarnamukhi river Kalahasti.
    :) So many prophecies coming true :)

  7. I feel you should update your 1st chapter now. To let people know about various prophecies taking place.


  9. Tears falling from idol of Guru Brahmamgaru.
    We saw Sri Kalahasti Gopuram collapse now one more
    Chennakesava Swamy temple Gopuram as mentioned in Kalagyanam.

  10. Chandragupta 2 got a curse from Shivji and is supposed to be liberated by the touch of Vishnu bhagwans feet at Patal ganga. Nandana being the year when Kalki Bhagwan will pray to Shivji for boons. May be this is the time when that great ruler will be liberated who is also praised by the name of the earlier one of the greatest kings Vikramaditya. May be god was pleased seeing how powerful he was so he will be brought back to life when his need will be maximum. :)

  11. Hi Santosh,

    You have done a great job.
    Thanks for providing the Kalagnana.

  12. Hi Santhosh, I must thank you for this wonderful blog. I wish you all the best and the god's blessings in everything you do.

  13. Dear anonymous friend,

    Thank you so much for the blessings. May god always keep you happy.

  14. sir

    it gives me immense pleasure by the way reading your book and the hard work you have shown is simply amazing.

    may sri sri.verrbrahmendra bless you 100 years

  15. I ve read a prophecy saying exotic horses will drink water from the banks of Tungabhadra river and after three years Kalki bhagwan will be Crowned on 26th Dec 2011. So I searched for Tungabhadra 2009 and we can see on Youtube so many videos of floods in Tungabhadra river in 2009 and many vehicles drinking water :)

  16. Dear Akshay,

    I have no idea on that prophecy. Actually the Kalagyana grandha has lot many verses and since my blog /book covers mainly his life history with Kalagyaa entire kalagyana is not covered. May be what you said is one of the prophecy and may be u r right.

  17. Hi Santhosh,

    Many Thanks for your wonderful blog. Are you planning to blog Kalagyanam as well? I searched for kalagyanam all over the web, but I'm not able to find it. It will be good if you blog it as well..

    Best regards,

  18. Dear gangadhar,

    This blog contains Kalagyana in individual chapters wherever Swami ahd recited them to some nawab or some other devotee. Complete Kalagyana is not available with i am not sure if i can get that. If i can then I might think of doing that.

    Thanks for liking this blog...All glories to Swami!

  19. I have a book of Eswaramma Jeevan Charita. But it is written in telugu. I dont understand it. If there is some blog on the internet or some book in English please share the information.

  20. Dear Akshay,

    Unfortunately there is no website/blog which brings the story of Eswaramma to the limelight. If you are Telugu then you may get that book read by your elders who know Telugu and can enjoy the greatness of that great amma.

  21. Why do we have to wait for him to come and help us. Why dont we create a group which will be ready when the appropriate time comes to help him even if it may not happen now and may happen later why not be ready in case it happens now?

  22. Dear Akshay,

    That's a good thought. And that's what Anna Hazare kind of people are doing. We should encourage the good and condemn the bad and help the mankind purge the filth from the society.

    Every small drop counts.

  23. Dhulia had some events recently in which some unknown mysterious noises from the ground and hills were heard and they were so strong that because of those noises cracks developed in many buildings and houses without any sign of earthquake.
    From yesterday cities like Delhi Ahmedabad Mumbai have faced the same situation that of dust through out the city.
    The first one is truly a Kalagnanam prophecy and the second one might also be one in verses which are presently not available. :)
    The whole Khara nama samvastra we saw destruction in so many muslim countries and many other events like floods in China,Bihar,Thailand,Hurricanes in US,Tsunami and Cyclone in Japan.
    Nandana year starts from Day after tomorrow and it will be interesting to see all events happening . I am sure they will.

  24. Take a look at these videos
    Wisconsin is also affected by it and these sound have been found in Italy Japan and Belgium as said by a US seismologist.
    Other predictions taking place are fishes dead(or may be they committed suicide according to prediction)in many Indian rivers and across the globe and even in the oceans and seas. Birds dying.
    Based on all this we can conclude that this year lord Kalki will get his Ratnamaru sword and shuka all such gifts from lord Shiva and he might have already met lord Parshurama who is currently on Mahendragiri ranges in Orissa to learn war skills and then he received vijara diksha to please lord Shiva. And this year lord Malikarjuna will give darshan to deserving devotees in Sri Sailam. and Before all this we will be able to see meteor showers. I will be happy if this happens and I believe it will :)

  25. Happy New Year , Gudhi Padwa, Ugadi :)

  26. sorry for flooding comments but last year(nandana) Khara nama Samvatsara there were strange similar sounds all over the world in the sky as well as from the ground
    this shows a video of sounds in north battleford and similar sounds across the globe but this video sounds more credible.
    Sounds from the ground include Virginia, Michigan , Wisconsin(latest), Dhulia(India), Belgium, Japan, Italy. and I am sure there might be many more.
    Heard and saw the atrocities done in Srilanka against Tamilians in 2008-2009(that was really sad) and this is what continued involving innocent civilians of different places through out the world in libya,egypt,Syria,Afganistan,Pakistan,Somalia.

  27. Thanks for the great treasure of info, dear Akshay!

    Happy Ugadi to you and your family too. Yes, Kalagyanam always functions on time and doubtlessly would always work. Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami is infallible in his works!

  28. A must read about Bhramam Garu part1 part2 part3

    1. Read that. It doesn't seem to be in sync with either the Charitra of Brahmamgaru's life or also with Kalki Purana.

      I guess that's a hybrid story..but appreciate the efforts. Thanks!

    2. Kalki puran is about kalki bhagwan, and is clearly stated in kalagnam as different from happenings now. Kalki avatar is 4.35lakhs years away.

  29. The work done by u is very good. keep it up. Is thiruvananthapuram wealth is mentioned in kalagyanam pls let us know santhosh

    1. Dear Friend,

      Thanks you for visiting.

      Well, there are mention of wealth findings from some rivers,a nd some places, but i am not aware if thee was an expliit mention of Tiruvanantapuram temple wealth. Having said, that, we should also remember that Kalagyanam is very vast (around 14000 verses are available to us and rest are still buried under a tree there); and in this book i could cover only few verses not all verses.

  30. Very very good work. Appreciate your hard work. I searched many places to get ALL predictions(not selected or modified versions of predictions) as it is, but unable to find those. Could you please post or direct me to the link or books.


    1. Complete works are not available online. You may search in Andhra Pradesh book stores for books and CDs. Also, if you happen to go to Swami's Mutt, there one may even get a chance to see the real palm leaves scripture.

  31. An elephant in korea is talking in human language. It reminded me of kalagnanam. :)

  32. Dear Santosh,
    I read that Sri Veerabhoga Vasantharaya is born in 1965-1966(Viswavasu year)and from 09-09-2009 all the planets will be under his control. Is that true? Is swamy with us in human form? Are there any indications of where swamy would be at present.
    Thanks for your efforts in spreading swamy's message to the world

    1. There are people who deduced these years, but i am not sure if Swami is moving among us in human form today.

  33. Just got a chance to take a dip in the holy Patala Ganga last month. And as per 103rd prophecy on this page Patala Ganga is dry other than the part of it which is before the Dam.

  34. Veer Bhga Vasantharaaya is born in 1965 even in Sau Sakhi (Sikhism) it is written about Kulgee Avtaar it says when he is to be born there will be war in Kashmir and there was second war of Kashmir(1965) :)

  35. Go through the website specially through the blue lines and specially read the lines about lord Kalki actually visiting the temple of Vishwakarma Produturu (i.e claims of actually seeing him) and I completely believe in it.

    1. mother shipton also said about end of world .comet will strike upon the earth which causes some countries will sink and it will rend a new earth which is free from man dust and on this land man will begin a new race and after that only golden era will begin

    2. Also check the Hopi prophecies and Edgar Cayce prophecies . Read the Kalki Purana its on scribd (translated by Bhumi pati Das). Also check Sau Sakhi ( Clearly gives indications of everything to occur during current times) . Kalagnanam gives the best descriptions about him among us in present world . The photo of the orange stripe in the sky. The Sri Kalahasti Priest finding gold coins, the Navratna Mandapam being built, and so many others.

  36. DwajaStamba Installed Papagni Mutt where swamy lived during his childhood. Its uploaded (Video and Photo) here

  37. .This is something similar to what I had seen last year in the same week in which I maybe saw three Kalagnanam occurring. In my dream I saw a meteorite exploding in an environment similar to the one in the video where a wooden house a lot far away exploded and a man who started running and probably died due to explosion. Another dream where I saw Overflowing(floods) of river Bhagirathi and people drowning in it(I dont know how but In my dream I knew the river was Bhagirathi though I didn't know about that river earlier.) Another dream which took me into a state of bliss was when I think I saw in my dream Ganpati Bhagwan where he had a face of an elephant and one arm pointing forward as if he was teaching someone while speaking something. Then after a while I saw one more face appearing from side slowly but it was as if I was dazed and seeing two at a time. The other face seemed to be somewhat translucent(ie. a bit less than opaque and I could see behind him aswell). I don't know If I actually saw kalagnanam (but I believe in that way). I felt like sharing

    1. Dear Akshay,

      The cosmic forces might be trying to send some coded information to you via your dreams. There is a person by name Ashok Ghai, he and his team of researchers are said to be doing research on Kalki for the past 30 years. They named their organization as "Kalki Vichar manch". He sent me a mail once where he mentioned that he gets some cosmic signals and those signals directed him to discover many hidden secrets about future. He authored two books based on his psychic observations about Kalki. He claims to have seen a vision of veerabrahmendra Swami also.
      You also seem to be getting such cosmic messages. If interested you may contact Sri Ashok Ghai ( to see if both of you together with his team can decode greatest secrets of cosmic messages!!

    2. Thank you . I ll contact him. :)

    3. I actually saw more similar dreams not related to Kalagnanam though . One was in which I saw Sri Swami Samarth (Dattatreya Avatar) . Then once I saw a dream in which an Earthquake was occuring either in Africa or South India somewhere( I saw all Indians and there were no foreigners but during the dream I felt like it was Africa.) One more dream was an earthquake in Pune city. Some more dreams I have seen since my childhood which mostly involved events actually occurring in my life. I am just an average person whatever I foresee is maybe just for really good people with whom I share my dream.

  38. I got the same metiorite strike dream few days before it happened and had firm belief that it wont cause significant damage

  39. hai santoshji,
    i got several dreams about kalagnana after readind your makes me very enthusiased to know things which are happening as said in kalagnana.
    this year, monday falls on the fifth day after new moon day,and the year matches vth the year mentioned in chap 91,verse 1,and also a massive asteroid is heading towards newyork within 3 weeks,i.e., it collides the earthbefore APRIL 15,as said by nasa prez,he says,pray!!!!!
    so if it collides the earth before april 15,the lord would take his birth on april 15 as said in kalagnana.
    and im impressed with the principle of adwaita
    god bless you and lead a peaceful life
    Manish jogi.

    1. I think you are referring to point 17 and not point 1, right?
      As per my comment on that page ( a few days back, I mentioned the same thing - some asteroid/meteor hitting earth surface and erasing many lives from Earth's surface (unlike the recent Russian Meteor shower where no one has been killed but only injured) before April 11 2013. April 11 is important because it is when Telugu New Year (Ugadi) starts and the year changes from Nandana to Vijaya. We know the event is supposed to happen in Nandana.

  40. Its good to see total pageviews increasing to so many. I started when it was probably around thousand. You have made so many devotees of Bhramam Garu by the means of this blog :)

  41. It would be nice if new comments made on the blog could be viewed easily :)

    1. I'm currently using Google reader to view new comments on this blog. I open it atleast twice a day to check for new comments. But the sad thing is that Google reader will no longer be available after May/June. So we have to explore for other options. Currenty I'm also using live bookmarks (which only notifies of new comments)

    2. I tried it earlier but it gives only the comments of the page I've added to reader. But never occurred to me I can add all the pages :D

  42. I saw today on DD Bharati that in Solapur there is a veda pathshala . A four year old boy Pranav was saying vedas. He had it all in his mind and there were children of his same age who were also reciting Vedas. it reminded me of one prophecy of Kalagnanam. :)

    1. Are you referring to point 47 in this chapter?

    2. May be if he reads all 4 vedas by his age 5 . Its mentioned 5 vedas in pt 47 but I've heard of only 4 .

    3. The fifth veda (panchama veda) refers to itihasas and puranas like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavatam, etc.

  43. .

  44. I am ardent follower of Kalagnanam, it seems like Vijaya year will be full or turmoil, our humble prayers to Veerbhogaya swami to lessen the effect of evil this year.

  45. Hey , I had written about floods in Bhaghirathi , meteorite and the dream of Ganapathi in around Jan 2012 all these dreams had occurred to me in the same week also on Feb 16th 2013 I worte a comment on this same page. Well the 2012 comment was somehow removed but I will tell you once again how the dream was . The place was elevated on two sides and between them a river flowed. The elevation was gradual and there were people stranded on one side who wanted to go to the other. A central character who I thought wasn't me in my dream ( who was a nice man) had come across a person who was telling him that he thinks he could cross the river , the area filled with water was a lot even the flow was too much and so the central character tried to tell him even if you think the flow is not much it is actually a lot and you wont be able to cross it and somehow the man who was desperate to cross was convinced but all people were still near the banks of the river when the flow increased rapidly and the central character somehow managed to escape but the other few people were caught in the floods including the man who was trying to cross , it was a very sad scene and I could feel how sad the central character was feeling. Also back then I didn't know names of the distributaries of Ganga and so I didn't know about Bhaghirathi but without anyone telling me in my dream I knew it was Bhaghirathi and when I woke up I saw on the net about Bhaghirathi to know it existed. Also the meteorite dream which was very clear it was just like the meteorite falling in Russia. The best of those dreams was of God Ganpati teaching probably somewhere in Srisailam Forests or Ahobilam or maybe in Maharashtra or Karnataka. Its a place with rock structures or caves but not in a hill or mountain, its on ground(possibly a temple). This is one video I am showing you now

  46. Also the images shown of flooding everywhere are very much similar to what I saw in my dream and Russia incident was very much similar as the glowing meteor was very much the same size as it appeared in my dreams and very much the same kind of environment. Now I don't know if we will come to know of Ganpati Bhagwan teaching people. I had searched over the net in 2012 and the closest I found was Bhairav Kona in Ahobilam. Later in 2012 I had been on trips to many great temples all across South India in Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka and Maharashtra. Also before the dreams in 2011 I had been to many temples in Andhra Pradesh around Srisailam and Ahobilam and also visited Eswari Devi temple and Siddhaya Math and Veer Bhramendra swami Math and guha and Eswari devi's meditation cave on top of hill.

    1. Hey, it's great to hear that Akshay!
      I remember reading on this blog itself in one of the kalagnanam discourses mentioning about Lord Ganapati teaching something to someone. I don't remember which chapter it is or what is taught to whom.


  48. I saw a person in my dream today which I was watching on video who was talking about future and an animated map was shown. The strange thing about the map was that it was the eastern side on the left and the west on the right side of the map. India was somewhere in the west on the map. I don't know if my interpretation of the map being flipped is correct because I did't see Africa in the map. As he was speaking the actual footage of a meteor approaching some place to the right of India was seen but it exploding on earth was not shown in the video . Fire at multiple places where the meteor strike took place was seen. Some corrupted politician probably from India was on a flight which would reach that place and a video of him in flight (tensed) while being seated in the cockpit(I don't know if it was him or the pilot) approaching to land was seen. Along with the video the ma spoke about the politicians ashtam sthan in Kundali which was terrible at that time and it was probable that he will die. After that video of the meteor crash the place where India was supposed to be was shown it was changed into an irregular but rectangular or squarish shape. I don't remember clearly but a small part of my dream also had something showing horizontal tornado type things which were shown on a map and not actually(i.e a map was shown on which these horizontal tornadoes formed and ended) one starting from between Bhubhaneshwar and Vishakhapatnam and extending to the lowermost part of India and the other from Mumbai to the lowermost point. And these things swiped the land like a viper on the shield of the car and finally swiped a portion of land till MP but not MP entirely it only reached to a middle part below Ujjain. It was as if these horizontal swipes signified destruction. I also remember probably from Kalagnanam that Ujjain is a very safe place to live and people there would not be affected from any Kalagnanam. I remember in my dream somewhere after the meteor strike part that there were earthquakes in multiple parts in India and the guy was saying something of magnitude 13 and 12. The thing here is that this person was an Indian Brahmin or pandit and he might have different interpretations of magnitudes of earthquakes. May be the tornadoes were nothing but Seismic waves from earthquakes. The entire dream was a video which me and my family were watching on TV and wasn't a big dream ,it was quite short where the guy just prophesied about the future along with videos.

    1. The dream was not much vivid, I couldn't recollect much of it either but whatever I've posted whatever I was able to recollect .Strangely I can't remember if the man spoke any particular language, it was as if there was no language and just thoughts .Well the part of the comment where the meteor crash is first mentioned seems to be garbled in the above comment. Actually what I saw was a meteor crash near the place where the pilot of a plane was about to land which was shown by the seer in a video. And just after that the next I remember from my dream was seeing fire around that place. The next part of the dream I remember was that India was changed into a rectangular or box type shape. I remembered the location of India in this strange map because it was seen as our original map just during the start of the dream. (There was a confusion in interpretation for me during this part of the dream as it was a bit confusing to me as well because I don't know whether the seer who was telling the future was specifying that the pilot of the plane to be the politician or was he metioning another person who was a good man. Because after the strike nothing was shown of him and I suppose he died there at the same place where he was approaching to land and there was some sort of sadness when the fire was seen. The man who was being talked about was shown in the pilot's seat during the flight and just before that in the dream I think the seer was telling about a bad politician. I just don't recollect these parts of the dream clearly.)

    2. There is some typing mistake . The meteor didn't crash in India it crashed where the plane landed. The next part after that which was shown was that of fire around the place and immediately next India being rectangular. This part got interleaved in the comment.

    3. I haven't interpreted the above vision correctly. May be writing about it was a bigger challenge. I could draw the map of it and it would look like a continuous mass of land where I cannot distinguish Africa and America. But it seemed as if America had shrinked , Africa didn't exist or had shrinked as well which I didn't notice. It was a land mass as if a line is drawn below Asia and Europe and extending westwards towards America and we could see new land between America and Europe to appear and America had sunk. And I think the map may or may not have been flipped. But surely there was a meteor strike somewhere around the middle centre (north hemisphere) of the map . (Well the above interpretation was being clarified a bit more based on the recent stuff I read from Edgar Cayce's prophecies. It was certainly the same thing which I saw that a new land mass had emerged.) The portion I said earlier may not have been a correct Interpretation by me about the map being flipped. The part about India is somewhat the same as I recollect. It was much like a dream which after we wake up certain parts of it is what we remember clearly and some of it is gone but it is certainly the kind of dreams which I've had since long time which seem to me are going to happen.

  49. I am sorry about posting my dreams here. If you feel I shouldn't I will stop posting.

    1. No issues. I was busy and hence couldn't publish the comments on time.

  50. Another dream was sometime around a year ago which was an earthquake and during the dream I thought it was Africa but all I saw were dark skinned Indian people. I could only see one building which was devastated. I think the building was under construction but was almost finished (It was painted from outside ) but had no inhabitants but there were people working inside on finishing the work of the building. There a few rich people in good clothes standing in front of the building who were Indian and then the earth started trembling and the the building collapsed after some time. There were very long yellow and black colored and yellow gold colored cobras around the place either they were before the earthquake or after it is what I don't remember.

  51. This is a link where dreams and their results are given. I went through recollecting many of my dreams and my life after it some of them resemble the predictions mentioned.

    Yesterday I had a dream which was somewhere seemed to be a place in Maharashtra in some village where at first I saw one person with a height of 11 or 12 feet with dirty white clothes, hairy face and arms, and then another person of equal height and similar dress but looking different by face , (they were probably speaking marathi) . I was some school boy in the dream , and he was not myself. The giant approached the school , everyone started running in panic. The giant was talking like a mad man and from another path in front of the school another such person joined him. They had intentions of terrorizing people . The school boy entered the school building without being seen but then the giants also entered the building unfortunately. This dream ended there and I didn't see anything about this dream later but then I had a dream which was confusing as I didn't have a body in my dream but I could view things as viewed by a soul or spirit I saw few friends playing card games in a what appeared to be an Isolated tin shed-ed brick walled single room surrounded by trees and greenery. I was beneath the table when they played cards. The friends walked out of the room and I went out as well but stayed near the room as I felt he presence of a monster like creature. The creature was also very high . It was around the same or more height than those two giants . It was a human like figure with long arms and legs but dark and greenish and irregular skin . Skin was with a texture of green and black. I think it had a horn or some other exterior organs as well. Strange thing was that as I was a spirit I could become small as well. I looked at this creature became scared and went behind a boulder . It was able to sense me and it roamed around near the room. Soon as it went away I came out but this creature could run very fast and I didn't have time as it returned and clawed me which went through me. (It had sharp pointed nail's). I thought in the dream as if the man had been born out of a tree. And yesterday evening I remembered this was mentioned in Kalagnanam .

  52. I had a dream of a few meteors approaching earth as seen from a city with a few huge buildings along the coast. I thought it was Mumbai but possibly may be some other city as well. The dream occurred to me some time around a month or two earlier. I had also tried posting it here earlier.

  53. It is said in the above that wealth of Hindus will be looted by Muslims? India will be ruled by Foreigners? what is the year and whether it is happen or will going to happen again? as Wealth and temples destroyed by non Hindus/Muslims and India ruled by Foreigners last 100 years back. require details. Whether Hindus will be targeting by Muslims to kill Hindus n Non Muslims?

    1. In my humble opinion this perhaps refers to the already happened prophecy. However I am not sure though.

  54. a pig will be found in mecca and people chasing it will trace to vijayawada durga temple...
    and my dear, the person who killed Gandhi is not an evil person....

  55. I'm really great full to you santosh for publishing Veera Bramendra swamy chaitra and kalagnanam. I have gone through many versions on kalagnanam. As guru Veera bramendra swamy suggested a split in Andhra Pradesh as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and Amaravathi will become capital and shrine which is happening now. As mentioned by Veera brahmendra swamy in his versus that Godavari river will be flooded and reach krishna river which will touch Durga amavaru Indrakaledri. Also, all the rivers from Godhavari till Krishna is joined now which might emerge into flood in future. There are lot of predictions happening soon. There will be great changes going to happen in 2017 and 2024. Most of the kalagnanam versions refer to these years. It looks like Time is running fast for everyone.
    Santosh, As your 'Prescor of Kalki' is amazing and touching everyone heart and people all over our country are slowing getting to know about Sadguru Veera Bramendra Swamy. It is time for everyone to start chanting Veera Bramendra Swamy Beeja Mantra 'OM HREEM KLEEM SHREEM SHIVAYA BRAMANENA NAMAH'.

  56. Thanks so much sharing us this post...