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The vision behind this book is just a simple & humble attempt to bring the glories of a great saint to the forefront and give a stage for it to flourish. In my childhood I read the life history of Potuluri Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami which inspired me a lot towards the divinity. A year back, in a social networking site –, in a forum I happened to discuss few things about this Saint where I found an overwhelming interest from the audience. Most of them were non-Telugu speaking people. They wanted me to tell more about this saint where I failed since I didn't have any e-book or website link in English. When I expressed my inability to provide complete life history in the language they could have understood, one of them gave me an idea saying, "I understand that it's a time consuming effort but why don't you come up with your write up in a language known to all?”

Probably that was the turning point for me, and I decided to bring his complete Life History in English so that everyone could get benefited out of it since ‘English’ is a universal language! So, on March 7th 2010 I started this project and completed it in a period of nine months.

Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami was a great Saint, a ‘Sadguru’ (true spiritual master) and a very influential personality. He is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

My only aim is to spread awareness about him and his teachings among the larger audience through the medium of ‘English’, erasing the restrictions or barriers created by local languages. This is a humble attempt to bring the hidden works to forefront of that great saint who walked on the earth 700+ years ago teaching the path of righteousness and rationalism.

Yes it’s sad and bad on our part that not everyone knows about the great Indian saint - Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami. So through this book I would try to tell Indians (and the world) about the ‘Nostradamus of India’.

Hope the readers would enjoy reading this book!


  1. Hats off to you Santosh for translating it into English, great job! I always used to think it should have been translated, and very delighted to see it in english, so that many people will get to know about Brahmendra swamy who is of the greatest saint that i ever heard of.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks a million, venkat!!
    These words of encouragement actually fills me with more energy and focus to proceed in my goal with more interest and firm dedication. Thanks again!!

  3. Hi Santosh,

    You have done a very good job by translating Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami charitra.

    Thanks and Regards,


    i thought ppl might like to listen to kalagnanam audio

    Thanks a lot santosh.


    an e-book for u all..


  6. Thanks, Mohan!! Really that e-book (telugu) would help many people.

  7. thank u very much santosh may god bless u i am going to print this out. i know telugu but dont know to read properly and this in english has helped me a lot thank u OM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM NAMO NARAAYANAYA NAMAH OM HREEM KLEEM SREEM NAMAH SIVAYA SRI VEERABRAHMENDRA SWAMINE NAMAH

    thank u
    sandeep ( )

  8. Thanks, Sandeep for the blessings.

    You may print it for yourself, (personal reading), but kindly don't distribute it in any form. You may refer this blog URL to your friends or anyone who wants to read this life history.

  9. Thank you very much for publishing it, i heard about Veerabrahmendra Swami as little girl, my neighbor use to talk about the predictions, i very glad i was born in India, i considered my mohter as Godess Parvathy, she passed away on Jan 2,2011,i miss her lot, when i went to my village for my Mohters funeral, my Neighbor,Rathnamma, gave me Kannada Translations of Veerabrahmendra Swamy book, so i have been reading this book gives me chils, now i am going to read this e-book, thank you very much Santosh,may god shower you with his blessings, to do his seva, May all your wishes come true.

    thank you
    Renu Reddy

    1. Hello Renu,

      Where you get the kannada version of books, if you know the shop please let me know

  10. Dear Renu,

    Thank you so much for the cnouragement, wishes,a dn blessings. May you succeed in your spiritual journey and may you and your family always remain happy.

  11. Hey you are really driving people from the path of ignorance (doing wrong things) to spiritual journey (doing things for others. Continue this work. We are there to help you. I have an important thing to discuss with you. If you are interested, please contact me

  12. Dear Mr.Santosh
    You have done a great job by publishing this book on the great saint Sri Brahmam garu. We should all be proud that he was born in our state, but at the same time we should also be ashamed that we could not project him to the level he deserves till now. All credit goes to you for bringing our Nostradamus to the notice of the whole world.


  13. Dear Ratna garu,

    It's all the garce of God. I'm just an instrument in his hands.

    Yes, it's sad that he is not known to all.

    Thanks for liking it.

  14. Sree Veerabhoga Vasantaraya is none other than Lord Lakshman. Kindly read my Facebook page of ravi sankar, visakhapatnam.

  15. Kalki would appear by 2040 to participate in the Third World War which would commence with a few nuclear missiles supplied by Pakistan to the Mahdi(Blue Turban) from Saudi Arabia. He would be 43 Years in 2037 with the White Turban (his assistant) be 34 Years. Moreover the nuclear strikes will be on London and Washington. The war would have lasted 27 Years but thanks to Osama getting killed in 2011 it will last for 22 Years. Read my Facebook page of ravi sankar.

  16. Ravi Sankar

    In the year named 'Vishwavasu' I would be born carrying a name 'Sri Veerabhogavasantaraya',

    Lord Kalki was born in the Year 1965.

    In the year named ‘Parabhava’ I as Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ would gain some boons from Lord ‘Mallikarjuna’ and would go to ‘Vindhya’ mountains to visit some ‘Rishis’ (saints). After accumulating the required boons and blessings, then finally I would be called as ‘Kalki’

    This would be the Year 2025. Kalki would be 60 Years of age.
    As ‘Kalki’ in the year named, ‘Pramadicha’ I would become eight years old boy. [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 9]”. That means, probably education, blessings acquired etc. would happen in his childhood before eight years of age.
    Lord Kalki will be 8 Years old by the Year 1973.
    In the year named ‘Durmati’ by the ‘Kartika Suddha Pournami’ day (full moon day of November) I would become sixteen years old youngster and would be hailed by the name, ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ and would become famous by name – ‘KALKI’. I would protect the virtuous people and take care of them as my children. I would punish the sinners for their evils [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 14]”. Here Swami mentions the various names by which he would be known as. Also he clearly states that the name Kalki would be the most famous name.
    In this Lord Kalki clearly mentions himself to be 16 Years old by the Year 1981.
    In the year named ‘Raktakshi’ I would get married [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 15]”. Kalki Purana states that Kalki would marry ‘Padmavati’ from the region called, ‘Simhala’.
    Lord Kalki mentions the Year as Raktashi. He would be 19 Years old in the Year 1984 when he marries Padmavathi.
    From the year named 'Virodhi', I would start my mission of 'Dushta Sikshana Shishta Rakshana'. From that year onwards stars, planets, and fate would work under my control. Destiny written by Brahma would no more remain functional; people would have to face the fruits of their Karmas accordingly as per my desire. I would decide pleasures and pains of individuals based on their past deeds [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 16]”.
    This would indicate the Year 2009 when Lord Kalki would be 44 Years of age. It’s as if astrologers would be proved wrong in their predictions as Lord Kalki has taken over the world spiritually.

  17. Contd:
    In the year named ‘Nandana’ I would visit ‘Sri Sailam’, I would worship Lord ‘Mallikarjuna’ by following 'Pasupata Diksha' (also called as Viraja Diksha). From Lord Shiva I would get a horse by name 'Devadatta', a parrot by name 'Shuka', a mighty sword named 'Ratnamaru', a celestial bow by name 'Karmukam', 'Akshaya Tooniram' (inexhaustible quiver), as boons from him. Again I would sit for penance in ‘Sri Sailam’. But before I sit for my penance, there would be some calamities on Earth which would indicate about my presence to you. In the year named ‘Nandana’ innumerable stars would fall on the earth erasing many lives from the surface
    The Year named Nandana occurs in the Year 2012-13 where Lord Kalki would be blessed by Lord Shiva. It also indicates many people dying when the stars would fall on the earth. Lord Kalki would be 47 Years of age.
    In the year named ‘Durmukhi’ starting from the ‘Kartika Suddha Chaturdasi’ day (fourth day after new moon in the month of November) I would start eliminating the sinners and that year onwards there would be many ‘Mahapralayam (cataclysms)’ [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 18]”.
    This refers to the Year 2016-17 when Lord Kalki would be 51 Years of age.
    In the year named ‘Raudri’ in the month of November fierce wars would happen [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 13]”. As per some sources there would be World War-3 somewhere after 2037 and would last till 2064. If we translate this Hindu calendar year ‘Raudri’ into Christian calendar it maps to 2041.
    “The way ‘Dharmaraja’ and ‘Sri Rama’ ruled over the country with righteousness I would rule over this world with the same integrity and righteousness for one hundred and ninety five years. That’s true! [Refer to Ch. 90 – Verse 17]”. Kalki Purana also states that Lord Kalki would rule over the entire world righteously and that time all religions would merge into one. This verse spoken by saint Veerabrahmam in his Kalagyana is in close match with the Kalki Purana.

    1. Thanks Ravi Shankar, for analyzing the corresponding dates.

  18. Namste,

    You have given reference for this shloka ऊँ त्वामिन्द्रग्निभुरसि त्वम अन्गु: सुर्योमरिचय:
    विश्वकर्म विश्वदेवो महादेवो महान् आसी:

    as Samaveda chapter 33 verse 22.

    I have downloaded two different copies of Samaveda but I cannot find Chapter 33 in them :/
    Plz reply me ASAP

    1. namaste,
      may be some vedic scholar may be able to answer your query.