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Chapter 82- Kalagyana Discourse to Panchananam Tribe

After teaching ‘Drukkatma’ and the ‘ideal qualities of a devotee to Siddhaiyya, Swami and his team continued their journey towards their destination. Before the sunset they all reached the Mutt of Swami in ‘Kandimallayya Palle’ village. Thereafter, as usual Swami used to preach his divine knowledge to the devotees whosoever used to visit his home. Like that some days passed when one day, few people of ‘Panchananam’ caste (smiths) came to visit Swami. Swami welcomed them inside with all kinds of hospitality. After everyone had their lunch at Swami’s place, they expressed their purpose of visit. They said, “Hey Swami! We all were desirous of listening to your Kalagyana, hence to listen it directly from your divine voice we’ve come to your place. Kindly accept our request and make us blessed by discoursing us the divine prophecies of the future”.

Their request was readily accepted by Swami who assured them saying, “Sure! I would discourse that book of future predictions to you all and fulfill you desire, listen to me carefully!

1. Children! Between the years named, ‘Nandana’ and ‘Srimukha’ I would rule the earth to keep up the righteousness and would eliminate all the evils

2. After 5000 years of the age of Kali, Brahmins would become hybrid due to intercaste marriages

3. Krishna river water levels would rise to the level of goddess Kanaka Durga and touch her nose (One can imagine what a dangerous deluge that would be. Goddess Kanaka Durga is located on top of the Indrakeeladri hill in Vijayawada, and Krishna River flows on the ground, if it touches Durga’s nose, that indicates a heavy cataclysmic situation)

4. All the rulers would lose their power

5. All differences of castes and creeds would get erased

6. Goddess Mahalskshmi would come dancing and would play with some monkeys made of illusion

7. In the place called Maanaru, Lord Ramalingaswami’s qualities and his aura would decrease

8. Village deity ‘Jwalamma’ would debate with people

9. In the northern region of Mahanandi village some divine monks would descend down to earth and would do many miraculous activities

10. White cloth would become common in the country (Indirectly he wants to say widows would become more, may be due to wars and killing?)

11. Some white crows would be seen and they would cry near the outskirts of villages, due to which many people would die. My devotees would not be harmed and at this time only I would appear before my devotees and bless them

12. Those men who aren’t ‘Jitendriya’ (one who is a winner of his senses), such people would fall dead in multitude. Unchaste men would get wiped off from the surface of the earth in millions, thereby reducing the burden of sins from the shoulders of the mother earth

13. Earth would get wet under the blood shower of the sinners. Entire earth would become red with bloodshed (world wars?)

14. All women would remain obcessed with ill and obscene thoughts

15. In the place called ‘Kandunooru Konda’ sexual acts would be at the peak

16. Gadak, Lakshmipuram, Chandragiri, Rayachooru, Adaveni, Arava rajyam, Veligodu, Morasa rajyamu, Annenagaram, Punnali, Orugallubange and Golkonda places would become highly developed places

17. My Mutt would be robbed seven times

18. Entire ‘Kshatriya’ dynasty (kings) would decline

19. Many people would lose their limbs in wars and many would die

20. In North West India a man by name ‘Gandhi’ would be born in the family of ‘Vaishya’ caste. He would gain respect by people from all the countries. He would establish few modes of righteousness. He would fight for the country’s freedom and would chase the white people out of India

21. ‘Kandanooru’ area would get submerged under water

22. Muslims would die in masses due to wars

23. In Eluru, many buildings would collapse which would take the lives of many people

24. All atheists would die due to the heavy and torrential rains. My devotees would remain alive. Devotees who remain with firm faith in me would be protected by me in such a way that even if they’re amidst the waters of deluge, they would be sailed safely to the bank”.

Swami stopped there and said, “Children! I would stop this here, since I want to teach you some points about righteousness. Listen! To give food to someone before you actually consume is the ‘Uttama Dharmam’ (best virtue). To give food to someone after you having filled your stomach is ‘Madhyama Dharmam’ (mediocre virtue). To feed food to someone by thinking of getting some favor in return is ‘Adhama Dharmam’ (bad thing), and to make someone’s hunger half satisfied by feeding him little amount of food is the ‘Adhamadhama Dharmam’ (worst thing). Among all the virtues the virtue of satisfying the hunger of the starving person is the best virtue”.

“Dear children! Always give food to the needy and fill his stomach to his satisfaction. Always keep chanting my ‘Dwadasakshari Mantram’ and remain devoted to me always. Always follow the path of righteousness and truth. I’ll ensure all sorts of happiness for you on this earth and would bless you with the fruit of liberation finally. I’m going to stay on this earth for some more days, after that I’ll sit for penance in a Samadhi. Sitting in the Samadhi I would keep doing the destruction of the sinners and protection of the virtuous. I would rule the earth from the Samadhi itself till the time I come as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ at the end of the Iron Age. So, be good natured and do well to the humanity”.

On listening to Swami’s decision of entering a Samadhi, the people of smith caste requested Swami to let them know the date in advance so that they could come and have the glimpses of Swami for the last time. To their request, Swami happily agreed and assured them to be informed of the day of going into samadhi. Everyone touched Swami’s feet with devotion, and everyone went inside the Mutt following Swami for worshiping Lord Shiva.


  1. did
    swami mentioned , that after 5000 years of Kali age , dharma
    would decline , to keep up righteousness ,i will come after
    5000 years of Kali age ?