Saturday, January 1, 2011


कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियेर्वा
बुध्यात्मनावा प्रकृते स्वभावात्
करोमि यद्यत सकलं परस्मै
सदाशिवयेति समर्पयामि
ॐ तत् सत्

Whatever I do with my Body, Whatever I do with my Speech, Whatever I do with my Mind, Whatever I do with my Sense-Organs, Whatever I do with my Wisdom, Whatever I do with my Soul, And whatever I do with my Nature!

I dedicate all that I do, To Lord Sadashiva.

Om! That is the truth!


  1. Hi Santosh,

    Can you please send me a copy of your book in pdf form. I'm a great devotee of Shree VBS. I would be very grateful to you. I've posted one more earlier request but it seems that you didn't get a chance to see it. I'm unable to download it from scribd as it has become a paid site now.



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  3. Sir can you send me a copy of your book in PDF form.
    I will be grateful to you.

    1. Please download it from the following link:

  4. have a look at this page sir.:
    This supplies a far link to kalgyana. It says of a new world order.If what they say is true they have said of "one world religion" as in kalagyana "five religions will merge into one"
    and they have also suggested control of the world by totalitarian regime as said in kalagyana "the world would be controlled bya single ruler"
    If this is true it seems these people are helping swamy or that they are actually the one swamy is going to destroy along with other sinners as veerabhoga vasantharaya

    1. We should ignore all their claims/fantasies. What ahs to happen would happen by the god's will.

  5. Can anyone tell me is this book published available in Hindi...if yes, kindly tell me the name and from where i can buy this book in hindi.

    If this is not available in hindi, kindly give me the link from where i can download english version of this book in PDF

    1. It is not available in Hindi. English PDF could be downloaded from the following link:

  6. can any one tell me , this copy available in telugu with original poems.
    thankyou..... in advance